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  1. Maine to NH cruise question
  2. Seeing at Night
  3. Compas ajusting
  4. Maretron N2K Server / Viewer Thoughts?
  5. Polar files collection
  6. Raymarine SL72 radar: wireless broadcast to tablet?
  7. Capt. Cooks Pacific Map ‘Unlocked’
  8. Mac vs. PC
  9. Davis Mark 15 sextant - is this normal?
  10. Where is the best place to cross from Maine to Nova Scotia?
  11. ICW Beaufort NC to Norfolk, 7.5ft Draft?
  12. Nexus Server 0183 to Wifi to iPad
  13. What are some general safety guidelines regarding "Spoil Areas"
  14. AIS data sentences are scrambled
  15. Measuring temp in the Gulf Stream
  16. Do you keep a log?
  17. Polynesian Voyaging Society
  18. CMAP Online Chart Update
  19. Nautical Miles for Common Passages
  20. charts for Nova Scotia
  21. Does Navionics work in Tahiti?
  22. Route information
  23. Raymarine ST1000+ issue discovered
  24. Nassau bad charts / Green Cay-Sandy Cay
  25. He did it again / Webb Chiles
  26. Anchoring in Puerto Rico.....
  27. Raymarine E 120 wide system failure of navigate to cursor function
  28. Does any chart software show depth versus tide?
  29. Navionics iPhone ap
  30. upgrade of navagation system
  31. Delaware City to Cape May
  32. Another Navionics Victim in Georgetown
  33. Offshore South Carolina to Florida
  34. Navionics Data Doesn't Fit on the Card
  35. Cradle plans for Cabot 35
  36. Raymarine Axiom - advanced sailing features, finally.
  37. NDFD Grib Data Updates?
  38. Sailing no from Fiji to Hawaii
  39. Screwing with GPS-bogus navigation data sent to thousands of ships
  40. Paper Charts Wanted for Panama to Florida
  41. Transferring A Route From PredictWind onto my CP?
  42. SIMRAD NSS post GPS rollover update - wrong file?
  43. Galveston to Biloxi, ICW or around?
  44. Crossing from the Keys to Bimini
  45. Burnt Store Marina to Port Canaveral
  46. Sailing Instruction
  47. USCG Safety Alert - Navigation Lights Suitability of Vertical Arc of Visibility
  48. New Android Sailing App : SailFreeGPS
  49. GPS Epoch Heads Up - April 6
  50. Russian meddling with SatNav system
  51. Can I convert C-Map 93 to C-Map Max?
  52. Mystic to Greenport and Greenport to Mystic
  53. AC/Navionics Chart Symbols
  54. Raster or Vector charts or BOTH?
  55. Global Positioning System Rollover week—06 April 2019
  56. discontinued Garmin chart-plotter
  57. Weather cameras at Lord Howe Island
  58. West coast Canada cruising, navionics? Or chartplotter.
  59. Using a laptop on board on DC power
  60. Are those up to date charts really up to date?
  61. Canadian Hydrographic Service (CHS) charts
  62. CHS Charts on Mobile Devices
  63. RAYMARINE ST6000 remote compatibility
  64. Offline 3D Globe Diary app?
  65. Navionics charts on PC with Bluestacks 4 !
  66. Mac ENC-Raster Charts + w/Mojave OS
  67. Tall mast stretches of the Intracoastal?
  69. Wachapreague Inlet in Sailboat
  70. Celestial Navigation Qs. Simulated sights, long term almanac
  71. Refueling Sunda Straits
  72. Ipad navigation (google earth and navigation)
  73. Fry Pan Shoals
  74. Forward scan sonar revolution is coming
  75. Canada Maritime charts
  76. Recommended cruising guide to Central America
  77. New Jersey ICW v. Going Outside?
  78. Raymarine route waypoint change confirmation requirement
  79. Wind instrument as help to inexperienced crew?
  80. Florida Keys (Marathon) to Bonaire
  81. Voice Recognition for Log?
  82. NYC to Toronto with Sailboat
  83. Chart Reader Software
  84. Parallel Indices -- Still Relevant?
  85. ENC viewer using web server
  86. What reference books do you have on board?
  87. Any recommendations on cruising guides for the Med?
  88. Bygrave position-line slide rule
  89. Panama
  90. The world's Watersheds, Mapped in Gorgeous Detail
  91. Navionics confusion
  92. Garmin to Discontinue Bahamas Explorer Data
  93. GPS Jamming Feb 2019
  94. Hillsboro inlet advice
  95. Northwest Channel/Northest Channel Light
  96. You Can Sail In A Straight Line From The UK To New Zealand
  97. SoCal: Moving boat from Marina Del Rey to Oxnard
  98. Brain hurts - Working out course to steer
  99. Navionics: How to show extra info about next waypoint?
  100. Ovitalmap Sd card storage
  101. Updating old charts.
  102. GPS Interference Testing??
  103. B&G Zeus 3 Charts for Mexico
  104. Washburn to Sault Ste Marie then on to Georgian Bay
  105. Timing for Cali to Hawaii?
  106. Good paper (waterproof/resistant) charts
  107. Weird sky yesterday in the PNW
  108. Bahamas Navionics track issue
  109. Aqua Map Marine troubles?
  110. What chip for Cuba charts?
  111. Charts of the Dominican Republic
  112. Crooked Island - Saint Andrew Sound after Michael
  113. Tamara Jupiter light bulb?
  114. Anchorages List
  115. What are your favorite sailing related apps?
  116. Mistake in Bowditch!
  117. Best cruising guides for FL to Aus
  118. Pacific Land Storage in Panama or Costa Rica
  119. Celestial navigation book?
  120. Emergency Navigation
  121. Magnetic Pole Shift causing Armageddon!
  122. best way from baltimore to manila
  123. Potomac to Washington DC
  124. Crossing the Great Bahama Bank with a deepish draft
  125. Best route from Puerto Rico to Charleston
  126. AICW charts
  127. Can the charts keep up?
  128. Long Island to Bermuda in April, May-What is best time
  129. NZ to South Africa in one season?
  130. Help Showing GPS lat/long in Google Earth
  131. Steel Motorsailer Seeking Binnacle Compass That Would Work
  132. iPad Helm Mount
  133. Onwa K-Chart vs Navionics vs C-Map vs CM93
  134. Metworks Weather Forecasting Services
  135. Zulu Waterways - Free Charts and Cruising App
  136. help on weather books
  137. Will My B & G Auto Pilot Talk To My Raymarine Chart Plotter?
  138. GNSS: BeiDou declared operational world-wide
  139. Armed Escort Gulf of Aden?
  140. Navigation with downloadable satellite images on iPhone?
  141. singlehanding
  142. Belize to the Keys ...and back
  143. abc islands to colombia and panama
  144. Miami to Bimini Alice Town
  145. A Theoretical Voyage for the Future (that may have never been done before?)
  146. Eastward from PEN to Tampa
  147. Raymarine RL70C with A75 problem
  148. Circumnavigation Completed
  149. Ft. Lauderdale to Tampa Route?
  150. Anyone been to Dollar Harbor, Long Island recently?
  151. New GPS Satellites
  152. Anyone have to re-download Aquamaps charts?
  153. Alice town , North Bimini entrance
  154. Pittsburgh to the Gulf
  155. Navionics Boating Apps now include Active Captain data
  156. Raymarine Axiom
  157. LED bulb for sextant .... anyone found a good one?
  158. Somali pirates
  159. Help needed autohelm st 7000
  160. Slef-driving boats: the future of navigation
  161. OpenCPN routes
  162. Lowrance Structure Scan 3D
  163. Navionics and NOAA charts
  164. Celestial correction for Great Lakes?
  165. Seaclear II chart updates
  166. Chester, PA to Long Island Sound - Winter
  167. ISailor charts now charging annual subscription
  168. Position reporting map - Yotreps died
  169. Sextants
  170. Thoughts on best time to sail Ensenada north to Long Beach, CA
  171. Mobile nav / location setup
  172. Advisory: GPS jamming - Eastern Mediterranean and Red Seas
  173. UK to report ships with AIS turned off
  174. kos -santorini-crete-rodhos-kos
  175. SSB, sat phone or nothing for East Coast Australia
  176. KNM "Helge Ingstad" and the COLREGS
  177. ocean passage to Bahamas?
  178. Best Cruising Guides Guadeloupe, Dominica, Martinique, St Lucia, St Vin & Grenadines?
  179. Don’t forget how to use paper charts...
  180. OK Navigators, what are these for?
  181. Insight charts symbology
  182. 'Cape Naval' HF weatherfax?
  183. The AICW
  184. Sharing Navionics tracks
  185. Blue versus red light for preserving night vision
  186. Ft. Myers to Marathon: recent updates?
  187. Map for Garmin 60Csx handheld
  188. Best Charting Software
  189. Waterway View
  190. Government cut (Sikes) Apalachicola
  191. Crossing Strait Gibraltar - when to go?
  192. AIS GME Transmitting not receiving
  193. St George Inlet and ICW Apalac to Destin
  194. Bahamas Charts
  195. Help to sort lat/long into closest first from present location
  196. Canada to Miami every year?
  197. IPad Pro 12.9 For Navigation Reviews
  198. Rose Point Coastal Explorer vs Nobeltec TZ
  199. Roanoke sound channel with 7 ft draft
  200. New Zealand over Hawaii to Canada?
  201. A $20 Autopilot
  202. Coral heads North and west of ship channel NE Exuma cays
  203. course test
  204. Are paper charts as a backup still necessary?
  205. C-Map on B&G Zeus (older model) question
  206. Wind Indicator Display
  207. Electronic Charts for Exumas and Eleuthera
  208. Antigua to Ft Lauderdale
  209. Nautical Charts
  210. Chart Updates? What do you get?
  211. South of Brazil to Fort Lauderdale
  212. Are C-Map NT+ charts chips still in demand?
  213. Lake Champlain_Great Loop_Minneapolis
  214. Recommendation for laptop software with Explorer charts
  215. Marinas in Sporades, Greece
  216. Great Loop Height Restrictions
  217. NYC to Bahamas and back 4-5 weeks
  218. Sextants for Dummies
  219. MX Mariner and AC
  220. Finding Solar Noon While Sailing
  221. Can the use of a Sextant cause eye damage?
  222. 1st time cape cod canal
  223. Navigation needs
  224. Anyone Else Suddenly Get Active Captain Back on Garmin BlueChart?
  225. Any Android Tablet nav apps with AC support?
  226. Canada's Arctic Marine Atlas
  227. RDF worth having aboard?
  228. Space Port Camden impede Georgia ICW?
  229. USA NOAA US Coast Pilot 4 Atlantic Coast Published Sept 16 2018 Edition
  230. Scenarios for losing GPS/GLONASS/Galileo constallations: are they plausible?
  231. OXCO precision clock
  232. Help finding Navionics chip of Caribean for Raymarine RC425
  233. Considering these ideas of navigation.. What is your opnion on it?
  234. NZ west coast
  235. Abacos to Nassau
  236. GPS III readies for launch
  237. Contributing to crowdsourced datasets
  238. Tall mast ports east coast usa
  239. Tide times the same = no current ?
  240. Making AT5 Satellite Charts for Navico Chartplotters
  241. Which Reeds Almanac And Why?
  242. Download GRIB to iSatPhone Free, cheapest way
  243. mayday: taking on water at celebrations.fried.blackouts
  244. New Jersey South for the First Time - Recommendations?
  245. GPS Coordinates of Channel Markers
  246. Shoals 20 miles south east of San Clement Island
  247. AIS CPA and TCPA for Solo Sailors
  248. converting GPX to .rwf
  249. downloading charts
  250. downloaded NOAA charts unzipped as txt?