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  1. Anyone have to re-download Aquamaps charts?
  2. Alice town , North Bimini entrance
  3. Pittsburgh to the Gulf
  4. Navionics Boating Apps now include Active Captain data
  5. Raymarine Axiom
  6. LED bulb for sextant .... anyone found a good one?
  7. Somali pirates
  8. Help needed autohelm st 7000
  9. Slef-driving boats: the future of navigation
  10. OpenCPN routes
  11. Lowrance Structure Scan 3D
  12. Navionics and NOAA charts
  13. Celestial correction for Great Lakes?
  14. Seaclear II chart updates
  15. Chester, PA to Long Island Sound - Winter
  16. ISailor charts now charging annual subscription
  17. Position reporting map - Yotreps died
  18. Sextants
  19. Thoughts on best time to sail Ensenada north to Long Beach, CA
  20. Mobile nav / location setup
  21. Advisory: GPS jamming - Eastern Mediterranean and Red Seas
  22. UK to report ships with AIS turned off
  23. kos -santorini-crete-rodhos-kos
  24. SSB, sat phone or nothing for East Coast Australia
  25. KNM "Helge Ingstad" and the COLREGS
  26. ocean passage to Bahamas?
  27. Best Cruising Guides Guadeloupe, Dominica, Martinique, St Lucia, St Vin & Grenadines?
  28. Donít forget how to use paper charts...
  29. OK Navigators, what are these for?
  30. Insight charts symbology
  31. 'Cape Naval' HF weatherfax?
  32. The AICW
  33. Sharing Navionics tracks
  34. Blue versus red light for preserving night vision
  35. Ft. Myers to Marathon: recent updates?
  36. Map for Garmin 60Csx handheld
  37. Best Charting Software
  38. Waterway View
  39. Government cut (Sikes) Apalachicola
  40. Crossing Strait Gibraltar - when to go?
  41. AIS GME Transmitting not receiving
  42. St George Inlet and ICW Apalac to Destin
  43. Bahamas Charts
  44. Help to sort lat/long into closest first from present location
  45. Canada to Miami every year?
  46. IPad Pro 12.9 For Navigation Reviews
  47. Rose Point Coastal Explorer vs Nobeltec TZ
  48. Roanoke sound channel with 7 ft draft
  49. New Zealand over Hawaii to Canada?
  50. A $20 Autopilot
  51. Coral heads North and west of ship channel NE Exuma cays
  52. course test
  53. Are paper charts as a backup still necessary?
  54. C-Map on B&G Zeus (older model) question
  55. Wind Indicator Display
  56. Electronic Charts for Exumas and Eleuthera
  57. Antigua to Ft Lauderdale
  58. Nautical Charts
  59. Chart Updates? What do you get?
  60. South of Brazil to Fort Lauderdale
  61. Are C-Map NT+ charts chips still in demand?
  62. Lake Champlain_Great Loop_Minneapolis
  63. Recommendation for laptop software with Explorer charts
  64. Marinas in Sporades, Greece
  65. Great Loop Height Restrictions
  66. NYC to Bahamas and back 4-5 weeks
  67. Sextants for Dummies
  68. MX Mariner and AC
  69. Finding Solar Noon While Sailing
  70. Can the use of a Sextant cause eye damage?
  71. 1st time cape cod canal
  72. Navigation needs
  73. Anyone Else Suddenly Get Active Captain Back on Garmin BlueChart?
  74. Any Android Tablet nav apps with AC support?
  75. Canada's Arctic Marine Atlas
  76. RDF worth having aboard?
  77. Space Port Camden impede Georgia ICW?
  78. USA NOAA US Coast Pilot 4 Atlantic Coast Published Sept 16 2018 Edition
  79. Scenarios for losing GPS/GLONASS/Galileo constallations: are they plausible?
  80. OXCO precision clock
  81. Help finding Navionics chip of Caribean for Raymarine RC425
  82. Considering these ideas of navigation.. What is your opnion on it?
  83. NZ west coast
  84. Abacos to Nassau
  85. GPS III readies for launch
  86. Contributing to crowdsourced datasets
  87. Tall mast ports east coast usa
  88. Tide times the same = no current ?
  89. Making AT5 Satellite Charts for Navico Chartplotters
  90. Which Reeds Almanac And Why?
  91. Download GRIB to iSatPhone Free, cheapest way
  92. mayday: taking on water at celebrations.fried.blackouts
  93. New Jersey South for the First Time - Recommendations?
  94. GPS Coordinates of Channel Markers
  95. Shoals 20 miles south east of San Clement Island
  96. AIS CPA and TCPA for Solo Sailors
  97. converting GPX to .rwf
  98. downloading charts
  99. downloaded NOAA charts unzipped as txt?
  100. Solomon's to St Michaels
  101. Help decipher Navionics wind display
  102. Nav station-sized chart book for Texas Gulf Coast?
  103. looking for buddy boats to Bermuda in Oct. from NY area
  104. Tampa bay to Charlotte advice
  105. Kiribati Time Travels
  106. What Should NOT Use?
  107. Launch of Aeolus wind speed satellite
  108. Garmin BluChart App to Navionics for Ipad Problems
  109. NOAA Chart Website Down?
  110. WWV / WWVH Petition
  111. passage Hong Kong to Singapore in September: has anyone done this?
  112. SEA iq - pulling hair out!
  113. Navionics in S Pacific - beware!
  114. storm navigation
  115. Heading north from Trinidad? What would you do?
  116. No updates in Active Captain?
  117. Little Help reading a chart - please
  118. Nav Challenge: trimaran from Georgian Bay to Penobscot Bay
  119. 2017 Bowditch- American Practical Navigator
  120. Marina & anchorage information combined with Navionics
  121. Your preferred chart vendors
  122. Neah Bay to San Fran, solo
  123. Current app
  124. Autohelm ST 7000
  126. Rio Dulce to Roatan
  127. Updating Navionics chart cards
  128. MMSI issue... right thread?
  129. Active Captain
  130. Masthead camera for confirming clearances
  131. High-dollar sports fishing boat crashes into shrimping boat, sinks
  132. How high is that wire... REALLY?
  133. Cape May Channel
  134. Northwest Passage navigation charts
  135. Garmin GPSMAP 741 xs Depth Problem
  136. Gps and Opencpn.Org
  137. Modern Garmin (GPSMAP 526s) with Date problem
  138. iNavX (Android) - Navionics charts - need a little help :)
  139. Between Greenport, NY and Port Washington
  140. Benodet France
  141. Point Judith to Fishers Island sound
  142. Navionics charts, is it worth an update?
  143. Delaware Bay: going west of Reedy Island Bar?
  144. Planets
  145. Horizontal sextant angles with beam converter?
  146. Chart recommendations
  147. GPS signal problem with OpenCPN & Mac
  148. Learning to navigate
  149. Wanted - Cruising Guides for East Atlantic, Spain, Portugal
  150. GPS and Raymarine E180 plotter
  151. Ocean Currents on the East Coast
  152. French Polynesia Maps
  153. help! lake Okeechobee and St Lucie canal w 5 1/2 draft
  154. Coast Guard warns of inaccurate AIS data
  155. Ice Charts via SailDocs Or Other Low-Res Source?
  156. osENC O-charts vs Navionics for the UK/Ireland?
  157. An Integrated Navigation System using iPad and Macbook
  158. Celestial Navigation
  159. ISailor Support no help when charts wonít restore
  160. Irma depth changes?
  161. I need a new GPS at my Helm Station
  162. Are Canadian Charts required in Georgian Bay/North Channel upper Lake Huron/Ontario?
  163. Computer navigation and tablet advice for idiot please!
  164. Creating charts from bounding boxes and scale
  165. Raymarine ACU-100 as upgrade w/ ST7001 head & ZG100 compass
  166. toms river to atlantic city inside NJ ICW with 5 1/2 draw
  167. Lars Thrane Heading Sensor, Thoughts?
  168. URGENT UPDATE! Lake Tashmoo Martha's Vineyard
  169. Help replacing compass
  170. Menensha Pond Channel
  171. BAK marine tablet
  172. Lost Dongle
  173. West Coast Tides and Currents
  174. Gulf stream north to Savannah
  175. Do the rocks at Martin Ledge uncover at low tide?
  176. Raymarine GPS battery
  177. Unlit dry dock sections floating near Bermuda
  178. Boot key
  179. Can't find the %$#@! Compass
  180. ICW Virginia and Chesapeake
  181. All charts Open CPN
  182. Why are commercial charts often so much better detailed than government charts?
  183. route planning -- where to find a decent primer?
  184. The Rule of Twelfths for Tide Estimation and Navigation
  185. chart differences
  186. Hampton, VA to NYC
  187. GPS-Hdg Sensor Shoot-Out
  188. plotter with Explorer Charts and Active captain?
  189. Charts for West Coast of Yucatan
  190. Pacific Crossing
  191. iPad Navigation Using SEAiq App (User Reviews)
  192. Water depths in ICW Daytona area USA
  193. Falmouth UK anchorages
  194. Navionics card duplicate
  195. Travel Time To Manteo
  196. Offshore Navigation Weather Forecast Aids
  197. Aqua Map
  198. Longest STRAIGHT LINE Sailing Route
  199. Simrad Recommendations
  200. Ovitalmaps a terrific solution to Offline Google Earth
  201. Current Speed Graphs
  202. Miami to Azores passage.
  203. Swedish oeSENC charts with OpenCPN
  204. inavx siitec AIS only showing MMSI
  205. Sandy Hook or East River on July 4
  206. Routing / Waypoints from FL Keys to Panama Canal
  207. MaxSea TZ 2.1.2 CPU Usage
  208. Cruising Guide to the East Coast
  209. Suitable Anchorages in the St. Lawrence River
  210. Southern Ocean Movement - Towards the South!!!
  211. Thorny subject: Sextant and GPS era
  212. 1210TR (training chart) exercises - or
  213. Current in marina
  214. Avoid Santa Marta?
  215. Star Finder 2102-D vs Sextant
  216. Sailing the Wando River
  217. Big Sarasota Pass conditions
  218. Navigation software tool
  219. Swiss yacht looking for mooring in South Alaska
  220. Passage planning: Sydney to New Zealand
  221. Android or Apple tablet?
  222. Corpus Christi to Miami, Florida 46 Bertram
  223. OpenCPN, Route & Waypoint Transfer and Raymarine MFD
  224. SQUID - Weather forecast now also 100% Mac OS native !
  225. Faroe Islands to Vancouver Canada VIA Panama
  226. passage from Chubb Island to Bimini
  227. Most hazardous area for navigation in continental US?
  228. dinghy dock at Mayaguez, Puerto Rico
  229. Escaping Lake Erie
  230. Navionics on I-pad
  231. Masthead & Deck Nav Lights
  232. Voice Recognition Log
  233. Following the US Marines
  234. John's Pass Dangers
  235. Surveying Anchorages in Uncharted Waters from the Dinghy
  236. Where is Waldo?
  237. Marine info for Newfoundland & Southern Labrador
  238. Chart Sticker Shock 2018
  239. Need charts
  240. Gulf Stream distance off fl keys
  241. Lake Ponchetrain from the Mississippi River
  242. Request to mods. Consolidate the Active Captain threads. Please.
  243. Chart needed
  244. ActiveCaptain discontinued?
  245. Possible to download Navionics
  246. Sailing the ditch - Annapolis to Beaufort
  247. Bluechart - does it still provide GRIB downloads?
  248. Selecting new GPS/radar package
  249. Cleaning in at Mayaguana??
  250. Opecpn Gps for Mac