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  1. Never sea sick but always land sickness
  2. whoops... there goes the chain!
  3. Note to self, always start dinghy engine before casting off.
  4. So Just how bad did I screw up.
  5. why didn't this happen???...
  6. boat history
  7. Who Thinks the Earth is Flat?
  8. How often do yachts require rescue on crossings?
  9. Going to Sea and Scared!
  10. Leaving Dock in a Breeze - How to Attract Attention
  11. Oil Change Stupidity
  12. Not all boat parts are expensive
  13. RV, boat, trailer go into the lake
  14. Bought a....Sunfish
  15. Crushing, literally and figuratively
  16. Break a boat, get a beer
  18. Things I wish I knew about boats.
  19. The day the diesel died ...
  20. Top 10 points of failure?
  21. Nightmare
  22. Discovered this while boat shopping
  23. What's wrong with this picture?
  24. Again (?) about your dressing habits and etiquette as Long-Term sailors
  25. My first "catastrophic failure" (exhaust elbow)
  26. Spectacular Med Mooring Screwup
  27. Fun day sail with seasickness
  28. Some things that can go south in a second when sailing singlehanded
  29. Frankly! Your most sucking work onboard??
  30. Bottom Cleaning
  31. How NOT to fuel up your boat
  32. Boat and pride were hurt this weekend
  33. Starboard red ..... Port green
  34. Mistaken name for the bung
  35. Your Backstory......expectations vs reality
  36. Ethics of protecting your vessel at anchor.
  37. Learning quick like.
  38. Rust...and it's my fault!
  39. Should have lost my mast today, I am so stupid
  40. A compilation of real life mistakes made by sailors
  41. Pride Goeth Before the Fall
  42. How not to "save a buck"
  43. D.I.Y or Hire a Professional?
  44. Doh!
  45. Run Over by a Fishing Boat!
  46. Precautionary Tale
  47. Rudder damaged in grounding
  48. Arrow thru the head
  49. Funny Incident On Anchor In Grenada
  50. Doubting myself
  51. Round the world that didn't happen
  52. I ran aground, here's a pic.
  53. Tips & Lessons Learned 2016
  54. Dating sites for sailors looking for companionship and love
  55. Loggerhead Marina Stuart Matthew?
  56. Operator Error, Diagnostic Procedure, Cascade of Failures.
  57. Chasing Bubbles
  58. Insurance for cruisers
  59. The right boat
  60. How Much Abuse do you Tolerate on Your Boat
  61. Canary sail school experience
  62. My mishaps are often public
  63. How we almost sank our boat in Papua New Guinea: video
  64. Lesson learned
  65. Love boat and Lee Shore
  66. dink leap, bad wx, wayward auto pilot
  67. I forgot it was a "sail" boat
  68. How to be a hood ornament on a Newport 30
  69. runaway dink at Marina Cay...plus
  70. DIY tip of the day thread...
  71. floating bomb...close to extinction
  72. My boat nearly sank
  73. Company's Coming
  74. Down Mexico way
  75. The day I joined the Turtle Club
  76. Last days of a Cal 40
  77. The Hex of the Ex?
  78. Somtimes it's Better not to Rescue a Boat
  79. Airborne, 35 ft drop
  80. Land sailing, water sailing, and taxes
  81. Dont tell anyone, but I think the earth is flat.
  82. Van de Stadt 44
  83. We Have A New Member At SCS
  84. Second Chance Sailing Story So Far
  85. The tale of Sweet Allie
  86. licences for boats in mexico
  87. Boarding Neighbors in a Storm
  88. Sailing From Sydney to Mexico
  89. Ever give up Booze?
  90. Why do you do it?
  91. Dear Santa...
  92. Amazing luck you've observed
  93. Do you DECORATE your boat, and HOW?
  94. Apoligy to ErikFinn
  95. Patience
  96. There's a blow happening.
  97. What Scary Nautical Stories do you have from this Halloween weekend?
  98. How do you answer the question "Where are you from?"
  99. Most embarrassing DIY maintenance moment
  100. Big Dog Snaps
  101. "WTF" moment
  102. Belliure 50
  103. What have you heard?
  104. Bad alternator? NOT!
  105. Holy Proboscis Batman We Have Weevils
  106. Removing Rust Stains on Deck
  107. What is this Diesel Fuel contamination thing?
  108. Should I be ashamed?
  109. WE break all the rules, but some how we survive
  110. Wind Generator, Fishing Pole and Rogue Gust Debacle
  111. We Sailed To Cuba from USA
  112. Why we stopped cruising... for now
  113. A great blog
  114. Poll: What initially brought you cruisers net?
  115. When we shouldn't encourage people to "just go"
  116. Quarrel with a charter company over the boat damages
  117. Docking like a boss :)
  118. Could you pull your own tooth out when sailing?
  119. First Cruise of summer
  120. Cleat failure who is responsible?
  121. What's your worst guest/crew experience?
  122. I confess to violating child labor laws...
  123. Does a canoe make a sailor?
  124. I confess to be in the water...!
  125. What happens after a bad survey?
  126. How do you deal with a bad captain?
  127. Getting the kinks out
  128. Remove equipment prior to selling the boat?
  129. How Do You Let Go?
  130. HELP!!! Can you help us re-float?
  131. Warning 'rant' - Don't you just love looking for crew!!
  132. French Fuel Dock Fandango
  133. Well, Key West is a dump... moving on
  134. Visitors & too much booze!
  135. My misguided faith
  136. Trying to complete my dreams and make memories
  137. This Is Driving Me Crazy!
  138. A Big Blue Burrito in Mexico
  139. Did It Yet Again :Banghead:
  140. Dumbest thing you ever did?
  141. Sailing around Malta
  142. A fool and his money
  143. Black Holes Everywhere!
  144. Poll. Serious Injuries at Sea
  145. Lost My Baltic Virginity
  146. My Worst Anchoring Experience....
  147. What's wrong with me
  148. Cake Walk gone wrong?
  149. Silly Season
  150. I can't stop the leaks!
  151. Fear
  152. I Think I Saw MH370
  153. Abandon Living Aboard
  154. Moitessier Syndrome
  155. My worst sailing injury...so far
  156. Collisions and bumps... how are the settled?
  157. First Ocean Crossing In A Few Days
  158. Refresh Main page
  159. Paravanes Installation
  160. Day of Horrors- Traveling Overseas
  161. I give up!
  162. Photo story of my Atlantic crossing
  163. Polishing the stainless steel and chrome
  164. Anyone Else Tired of Winter?
  165. Oddball Loner Behavior
  166. Mayday
  167. Shy Cruising or don't invite me to the Potluck :)
  168. My new blogs
  169. Getting Our Feet Wet.
  170. Tremendously tempted to blow kitty on The (?) boat. Help.
  171. Trying my luck at a better knot
  172. Trial By Fire
  173. Crossing the Strait of Gibraltar
  174. Sailing or Cheating/Motorsailing?
  175. Where the wind comes sweeping down the plain…
  176. Sailing Instead of Working On the Boat
  177. What do you enjoy most about cruising?
  178. The school of hard knocks - anti siphon edition
  179. It was messy but we finally did it! Almost anyway.
  180. Still A Newbie?
  181. A counterpoint.
  182. "the first twenty-four hours..."
  183. Does a first sail ever go as planned?
  184. The Adventure Excitement vs Fear
  185. Docking In The Current At Newburyport
  186. Am I The Only Guy Mad When I See A Mooring?
  187. analog meters vs compass
  188. I Never Sleep Well Before A Storm
  189. It Started as a Great Day
  190. slipper power
  191. Not Exactly what I had in Mind
  192. Nothing is ever easy
  193. Wisdom of the Seas
  194. Caught Some Lobster
  195. I'm an Idiot and Lair
  196. OK, come clean! :-)
  197. Let the celebration begin and anchor techique
  198. Bilge alarms
  199. Why Did I Ever....
  200. Leaving Your Boat at Anchor on a Windy Day
  201. Things I have learned while and about fiberglassing
  202. Sweating the Small Stuff
  203. Wana be a sailor!!
  204. What Is Your Most Memorable Mishap On A Boat?
  205. things you've tossed off the boat that others think are necessary
  206. Any New Developments In The Bounty Saga?
  207. Electrical issues
  208. I bought a stolen dinghy
  209. Master and Commander Gets Lost in Harbor
  210. We bought the boat - NOW WHAT
  211. Brain failure
  212. Finding a Phantom Load
  213. Stupid Newbie F**k Up #1: Jib/Halyard
  214. SSB RAdio in a Marina Environment
  215. How Did Your Plan Compare To Eventual Reality?
  216. Shakedown of the trimaran Zephyr
  217. Why Would Someone Collect Hull Numbers?
  218. Four Walls
  219. How Many Of You Want To Be Buried At Sea?
  220. I Can't Sleep -- Reaching Rebel Heart Status
  221. One Mans Ceiling
  222. Don't quit yet, but here some advice...
  223. Lessons learned in Self-suffiency. Sandy and Katrina
  224. Wife Floated Away
  225. Attempted Trip to Bermuda
  226. Middle of the Atlantic- Emergency Breakaway
  227. check out this bolt
  228. I have heard of people going back and forth from USA to MX and back and no a Passport
  229. Cruiser's Forum - thank you!
  230. Does anyone know the model of trimaran
  231. The Fear of Fiberglassing
  232. My First Sailing Experience
  233. sailboats can injure and kill
  234. Beached Az!
  235. i'm spending so much money it hurts
  236. Full Moon,the Crazies Are Coming Out
  237. I've heard a saying....
  238. It Was The Beer's Fault
  239. Some Jerkface Snapped My Oar In Two
  240. Running Aground In The Harbour On Ebb Tide
  241. RANT: The " Danger " of Sailing
  242. things I do & think that are wrong
  243. I'm Honestly Not Sure Which Forum To Put This In, So Here Goes ...
  244. Overboard -- Again :(
  245. Caught swimming in a strong current
  246. Gobal Warming Complaints - or Is it Hot Outside
  247. Rescuing the Rescuer.
  248. Is Being A Dock Queen So Bad?
  249. Lost my Grounding Virginity :(
  250. launching a boat rule #1: DON'T FORGET THE PLUGS!!!