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  1. What are Good Boat shows to Attend?
  2. Storm in Italy, marina Rapallo devestated
  3. Notice of a Rally - Panama Posse 2018-2019
  4. Sailboat Night at FLIBS November 3rd 4 to 7 PM
  5. POP Yachts
  6. Good spot to leave our boat in Northern Florida
  7. Cargo ships runs into anchored ship
  8. Fort Lauderdale Sailboat Show (October 31- November 4, 2018)
  9. Red Tide
  10. Super Typhoon Mangkhut
  11. Boat Show Specials or Sales
  12. Viking Ship Draken Harald Harfagre 2018 USA Tour
  13. Philippines Palawan on Alert for Kidnappings AUG 2018
  14. Blue Water Brokerage Show - Annapolis - Oct 4-8
  15. Demasting/ engine failure Arafura Sea
  16. Information about Cannes Boat Show
  17. Warning! Boat seizures reported in Mexico
  18. The GGR race, discussion and news
  19. Family of three rescued from sinking sailboat near Haiti
  20. 79 year old sailing 15k miles in a really small boat...
  21. Umanned research saildrones
  22. Ahoy ATLANTIC aka America schooner rebuilt
  23. West palm to bahamas
  24. sailors need your help / how NOT to deliver a yacht
  25. Missing sailor Cape Horn.
  26. Hallo everybody.We plan to go to Panama.Want to join us?
  28. Catamaran overdue - Caribbean
  29. WARNING--Shipping Containers Adrift off N. Carolina Coast
  30. Bahamas
  31. Current state of the boat rental market
  32. Bahamas Rookie
  33. Article on post-hurricane salvage operations in the US Virgin Islands
  34. Sea Nymph Spotted Adrift
  35. WA Cruising Guide now free online
  36. Pirate attacks at two-decade low: Maritime watchdog
  37. 2017 Rolex Sydney Hobart Yacht Race
  38. And if that wasn't enough.........
  39. Americas Cup AC75 fully foiling mono unveiled ...
  40. Naughty Catamaran Owners
  41. Bundaberg Storm 7/11/17
  42. Where do all the boats go?
  43. HI->Tahiti Dingbats found after 5 months
  44. Mystery Capsized Hull Floating Off Florida Keys
  45. Man Tried to Steal Sailboat, Called Owner in Process
  46. Anyone heard about visa issues with Turkey?
  47. Annapolis power boat show
  48. NY Canal System closing early
  49. Guess not all boat people are nice!
  50. Puerto Rico Marina survival
  51. Autonomous boats
  52. Annapolis Boat show First timer questions
  53. Annapolis Sailboat Show - Need crew?
  54. Superyacht "Serene" Aground in Red Sea
  55. Sailboat holds up bike race...
  56. Edward Allcard Obituary
  57. Email from Belgian Customs re Red Fuel
  58. Dismal Swamp Canal scheduled to reopen in September
  59. Annapolis Sailboat show ?
  60. French taxes keeping visiting boats away..
  61. Greenline exploded
  62. Belgian customs at it again
  63. Why no USA Boats in 470 World Championships
  64. 3 Yachts set on fire - Panama City
  65. Hokule'a
  66. USVI safe anchoring locations
  67. Launching the hull of what is to be the biggest square rigged sailship to sail the se
  68. Round Bute Race
  69. Boat Explosion/Fire
  70. Cruising WA to San Diego Calif. 41' CHB 81
  71. Our Experience No Name Harbor to Bimini
  72. Boat Plumbing Class Tomorrow in SF Bay Area!
  73. Americas Cup 2017 Educate me!
  74. Cruising to the Azores?
  75. Boat on reef, Hauhine island
  76. Missing Boater off Hatteras: boat found, no one on board
  77. Sail Boston 2017
  78. Rally to Bahamas in June
  79. USCG Documented Vessels Beware
  80. Crew departure in foreign lands
  81. GPS - pay $120p.a. or be 100 metres out !
  82. Fake USCG Registration site robbing $75 from Cruisers
  83. Sad news - Bethany Smith
  84. The Interview With A Cruiser Project
  85. Leo Wardrup Memorial Cape Charles Cup
  86. Gulf Stream Crossing
  87. Hostage Jurgen Kantner
  88. La longue route 2018
  89. Unbelievable CG helicopter rescue video
  90. Loss of Dephni
  91. Cruising to the Bahamas
  92. New despacho dispositions in Dominican Republic
  93. Jim Van Cleve attacked in Suva
  94. Abandoned catamaran "Be Good Too" found 3 years later
  95. Energy observer boat
  96. 26 Tons of Cocaine Interdicted by USCG since Oct 1
  97. Man and Six yo Daughter do Tasman Sea n 21 ft cat
  98. USCG Rescues Sailors Off Bahamas VIDEO
  99. USCG Rescues 7 from Sailboat "Journey" off Haiti
  100. Light on Exhibitors? Miami In Water Boat Show Feb 16-20
  101. Largest Iceberg soon to Calf
  102. Watching the Sydney to Hobart start on my tv in the U.S.
  103. 22 Sailors Rescued from 15 Overturned Boats in Race Near Annapolis
  104. Australian Sailor Missing Boat Adrift Malaysia
  105. ARC Boat Swan 76 Fire Gutted Rodney Bay Photos
  106. Bound for the Bahamas soon?
  107. Dinghy Security in the Exumas
  108. USCG claws back rescue costs
  109. Dateline Alaska: This poor dude!
  110. Castro dead at 90
  111. Monohull in ARC sinks, everyone safe!
  112. Green Cove Springs Boat Fire
  113. San Diego to Christmas Is. ??
  114. St.Augustine Cruisers' Net 4th Annual Thanksgiving Potluck
  115. Vendee Globe Starts Today, Facts, Video, Discussion
  116. FWC Derelict Enforcement Marathon
  117. Charges in Cheeki Rafiki Loss
  118. Abandoned Westsail 32 Free for Taking (Fiji, Pacific)
  119. Hurricane Damage
  120. Pacific Cruiser Murder Saga
  121. Hurricane Matthew Videos
  122. Catamarans at Boat Show
  123. Coast Gaurd rescues 2 off sailboat near Aleutians
  124. AICW CLOSED SOUTH OF NORFOLK Due to high water
  125. Still need info about our boat in San Carlos
  126. Saildrone NOAA Saildrone Videos Purpose Stats
  127. Hurricane Newton Hits Baja California (Cabo San Lucas) Sept 6 2016
  128. The Drones are here and ignoring regs
  129. Davao Philippines Explosion Kills 10 Injures 60
  130. Is this better or worse for cruisers visiting the Philippines?
  131. Hurricanes from Space - August 30 2016
  132. On the Big Island?
  133. Newport Boat Show
  134. Sea legs
  135. Zika and adult brain damage
  136. Heading to Mexico
  137. Bombings in Thailand
  138. Draken Harald Hafagre Viking Longship photos-Chicago 2016
  139. Tall Ships Rally
  140. Disney scraps cruise port plan for island near Spanish Wells, Bahamas
  141. Woman on "learn to sail vacation" raped. St Lucia seriously needs a wake-up call.
  142. Impact of President Duterte on tourism
  143. Unbridled Stupidity and the Viking Longship
  145. Legendary Sail maker Passes
  146. Three Sailors Rescued by USCG off Oregon
  147. America’s Cup. New Venue confirmed.
  148. North Korea detained Russain boat Elfin
  149. Savusavu, Fiji
  150. Why didn't Gilligan think of this?
  151. Hit and Run in St Maarten
  152. Bob Burns of yacht Roamer: anyone seen him?
  153. Not sure this is the best place for this question
  154. documented vessels cleared for Cuba?
  155. Man Overboard off Puerto Rico -- 7-Hour Swim to Shore
  156. Mugging in Cartagena
  157. Polish sailor completes circumnavigation in a 22ft sailboat
  158. FL Anchor Ban Passes House & Senate
  159. German killed this morning, St Vincent
  160. Strictly Sail Pacific--Free Beer--SSCA Booth Volunteers Needed.
  161. FL is voting to ban anchoring today
  162. Fire at Dozier's Marina, Urbanna, Virginia
  163. Panama Canal Transit
  164. Miami
  165. Megayacht "Serena III" Sunk off Ft. Lauderdale
  166. 7' bronze cannon found
  167. Cata sank in the Caribbean on Sunday 24/01
  168. Looking for company for Summer trips from Boston, have Carver 325
  169. Libya And Surrounding Med Waters Invasion
  170. NSRI finds inverted cat South Africa
  171. USCG rescue 2 off Key west
  172. January hurricane? Yup..
  173. New cat
  174. U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service seeks to clarify Clean Vessel Act
  175. Reports of Piracy in the Caribbean
  176. Here we go again…a new Florida House bill would eliminate several popular anchorages
  177. Join the BPO to sail to South Africa and on to the Caribbean
  178. Vessel boarded and robbed between Trinidad and Grenada
  179. Laying on ones boom
  180. New Procedures for [non US] Small Boat Reporting [Blaine, WA, US] Beginning 2016
  181. San Blass to Cartagena
  182. Ghost Ships in Sea of Japan
  183. Richest Shipwreck Treasure Ever?
  184. Do we need to be preparing for Arctic cruising strategies because of Global Cooling
  185. It has started - France announces stricter border controls
  186. Madeira Beach, FL
  187. Trinidad
  188. Outfitting for Transpacific
  190. Pensacola a la Habana Rally - Underway
  191. Australian travel advisory for Philippines
  192. Whale Sightseeing Boat Sinks off west coast of Vancouver Island.
  193. Missing sailboat
  194. Free Seminar - Boat Prep for Cat 1 Offshore racing
  195. Leap of Faith--Alaska Rescue at Sea
  196. Rum ship aground!
  197. Options other than Panama Canal
  198. Yacht runs aground at Noosa
  199. Quincy, MA Marina Fire
  200. Woman dies from box jellyfish sting
  201. Carolina ICW Hazards Due TO Recent Flooding
  202. Canadian sailboat tried to sneak out Colombia with illegal inmigrants
  203. Dutch tourist murdered on sailing boat off Colombia coast
  204. FL boaters get ready to fight again.....
  205. Defender warehouse workers on strike
  206. DUI While at Anchor?
  207. Bahamian New Years Eve Celebration
  208. Is Their a Market for Video Security
  209. Not sure where to post this...
  210. Two Singlehanders Cross Pacific Japan to SF
  211. Oyster Problems?
  212. New Flag For New Zealand?
  213. Going Out Doing What You Love
  214. Sydney boat show today
  215. Volcano Alert!: Grenada and Environs
  216. catalina 34
  217. Mangroves Manhandled by a Yacht Show
  218. New photos released about temple complex discovery
  219. Woman missing - near Durban
  220. BOLO: Missing/Stolen Ericson 39 flush deck, south florida/bahamas
  221. Havana Challenge
  222. USS Constitution, aka “OLD IRONSIDES, ” in Dry Dock
  223. ARC Europe-Bermuda to Azores news?
  224. Oil Spill in Santa Barbara
  225. Renting your house while cruising…….
  226. Piracy In Gulf of Aden
  227. Mexico/Sea Shepherd align to protect rare Sea of Cortez porpoise
  228. Le Grande Motte Multihull Show
  229. British sailor shot to death on New Providence ...
  230. Puerto Vallarta
  231. Boarded in Nassau
  232. Dauphin Island Regatta- One confirmed dead
  233. Distributed Computing to help in search operations
  234. URGENT: Cruiser's Boat Kid missing from boardwalk/marina in Kemah Texas.
  235. The Power of Persistence
  236. Dauntless Crosses the North Atlantic - The Post Mortem
  237. I got to thinking.....
  238. Annapolis Boat Show
  239. USA issues new travel warning for Mexico
  240. Piracy Honduras
  242. Open warfare in Puerto Vallarta
  243. Survival at Sea
  244. Liana's Ransom Abandoned at Sea
  245. Crew taken off 85-foot schooner "Liana's Ransom"
  246. 2016 Miami Boat Show to move
  247. Are the Seas getting more Violent?
  248. More problems in Mexico
  249. Whale incident in Cabo
  250. Any cruisers in Vanuatu?