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Pleun 22-08-2007 17:40

Plenty of miles but not a clue
Hallo, my experience includes plenty of racing incl. 2 circumnavigations (solo non-stop as well as whitbread race) but that is a long time ago (81-86) and now I intend to go cruising. I am presently researching the question: what is the best liveaboard [COLOR=orange ! important][COLOR=orange ! important]offshore[/color][/color] cruiser for a middle aged couple? So far I hear that it might be the Hallberg Rassy 40, but she seems a bit sedate to me and quite frankly a boat I can't afford. My budget would probably dictate a second hand boat. Any suggestions are most welcome.

Pblais 22-08-2007 17:51


What is the best liveaboard cruiser for a couple? So far I hear that it might be the Hallberg Rassy 40, but she seems a bit sedate to me and quite frankly a boat I can't afford.
Seriously, I would say it's more about showing up than what boat you ride? Cruising has almost nothing to do with racing.

Given this is your first post here it's also easy to think you have other purposes here as your experience seems to indicate you are not what you claim only based on your question alone. Sorry, but it happens often.

I suppose this is both an invitation and a warning.

Ex-Calif 22-08-2007 18:57

To steal a line - How long is a piece of string...

Intended lattitudes and lifestyle are probably pretty good things to know.

SkiprJohn 22-08-2007 19:57

Aloha Pleun,
I don't have your racing experience and no round the world whitbred, etc.. but have lived aboard and cruised and never stopped sailing either big boats or dinghies since the early 70s.
My experience is that the best are monohull, fiberglass, diesel powered, cutter rigged and aft cockpit boats from 32 to 36 feet. Others will disagree but that's what makes this forum fun. You get lots of opinions. If you think the HR 40 is not to your liking then you may never find anything that will suit you. Boats built for speed are not boats built for crossing oceans safely with family members.
Kind Regards,

Pleun 22-08-2007 20:20

length of piece of string
We probably will gravitate towards milder climates, but as my partner's experience increases, we may want to venture beyond and therefore we don't want to exclude any oceans (like southern) at this point. Overload a slender racer with cruising gear and you have the worst of all worlds. I am aware of that and will gladly accept more wetted service area, bigger D/L ratios (maybe up to 260) and I will reluctantly sacrifice windward performance (as long as she can still claw away from a leeward shore in a gale). I have considered the question of size and I think she should not be bigger than we need (for passages of let's say up to 2 months) but not much smaller than 39/40. We are not looking for luxury but for functionality. No need for electric winches or electric toilets, but a simple heater of some sort would be nice. Short-handed ability (like self-steering) is an issue, but that is probably the case for every cruiser. My solo experience was with an Aries hydro vane system that worked OK on most courses but needed a lot of TLC and plenty of overboard repairs (brrrrr...) to keep her going. Hope this gives some measurement to the piece of string. Keep it coming PLEASE.

Charlie 22-08-2007 22:22

Sceptre 41 is the boat I choose. Though I don't have near the race experince that you do I've done Transpac, Mexican Races, Big Baot Series. 36' of waterline is pretty good for a 41' baot. Sails well in light air and heavy air. Has a low aspect fin keel with a skeg rudder. Cost for a well equipped boat is the low $200. (more than three times the cost of my first house).

Pleun 23-08-2007 17:38

you gave me a few clues
Thank you all for your advice so far. I also researched some older threads on similar topic. The boats that keep coming back are: Tartan (37 and 40), Bristol 41, Endeavour 40, Cal 40, Morgan 41, Morgan 384 and Spectre 41.
I would love to add a few more possibles to this list. Your suggestions are much appreciated.
Kind regards,

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