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svstrider 19-12-2012 19:17

Tacktick wind speed not working.
I have a T120 anaenometer and recently the wind speed cups are very slow to turn. This gives incorrect wind speed recordings. It seems to be a sealed unit. Is there any way to fix the problem, myself. The unit is 3 years old.

Seems like the bearing has gone.

Jim Cate 19-12-2012 21:02

Re: Tacktick wind speed not working.
I can't speak to the TAcktic unit specifically, but I have successfully revived several other anemometers by inverting them and spraying the shaft area with Inox or other VERY low viscosity lubricant. A bit of manual spinning in the inverted position then restores lubrecation to the tiny ball bearings inside and all is well for a while. Repeat as required.



svstrider 07-01-2013 06:30

Re: Tacktick wind speed not working.
Thanks Jim

I took your advice and brought down the anaenometer from the top of the mast. I discovered that unlike a previous defunct model I had replaced this 2010 model is able to be disassembled. There is a bleed hole in the bottom to let moisture out.

I was able to oil with lanoline and now it works again.


bigpuff 07-01-2013 07:04

Re: Tacktick wind speed not working.
just like the sun riseing there will be another one(problem)

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