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LewDel 29-10-2012 08:09

Freezes when using vector charts
Hello All

I just started using OpenCPN. It works perfectly on Windows 7. However when I installed it on Windows XP SP3 (Lenovo G530 laptop) the program goes "not responding" if I use vector charts. Raster charts, for example NOAA Puerto Rico, work fine. The NOAA vector version of this chart causes a freeze as does CM93 charts. Once this happens you are stuck because when you close and then reopen the program it starts with a vector chart and goes non responding immediately. I have to do a reinstallation to get it working again to try something else.

I have tried using the latest version and the older version 2.5. I read in the forum to try a manual installation of 2008 redistributables (?? can't recall the exact name). It didn't make any difference.

Anyone have any ideas?


JesperWe 29-10-2012 13:59

Re: Freezes when using vector charts
While I can't really think of a reason for this to happen, I can make your debugging a bit easier: Just remove your opencpn.ini file instead of reinstalling, the program will start with default settings then. (On XP I think it should be located under C:\Documents and Settings\All User\Application Data\opencpn)

JesperWe 29-10-2012 14:02

Re: Freezes when using vector charts
Also please post here the content of your logfile for the last run where the program freezes.

(See for more info)

LewDel 30-10-2012 11:54

Re: Freezes when using vector charts
I finally got it to work. It seemed to be a problem with the CM93 charts. My original CM93 charts are on a flash drive. Both the Windows 7 and XP computers will not recognize the charts on this drive. I copied the flash drive to the XP hard disk. Didn't work. I then copied the charts on the Windows 7 hard drive (which originally came from the flash drive) on to a DVD. The XP computer wouldn't recognize the charts, more freeze ups. I copied the DVD to the hard drive and success. It works! Does OpenCPN like to have the charts on the same drive as the program?

So, everything is working.


JesperWe 31-10-2012 04:13

Re: Freezes when using vector charts

Originally Posted by LewDel (Post 1072197)
Does OpenCPN like to have the charts on the same drive as the program?

Shouldn't make any difference unless you have problems with the drive. Intermittent read error problems with one drive can sometimes be solved by copying to another one as you did.

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