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Andy R 19-06-2007 19:58

Forum slow down...
I appologize for the server errors. I am in the process of moving servers to another data center and tried to squeeze to many sites on one server (so it is crashing). I will be moving the most intensive site off in the next 24 hours and we should be back to normal.

Once again, I appologize for the issues and will try to get them resolved ASAP. I will post an update here shortly.

delmarrey 19-06-2007 20:08

Thanks Andy,

I thought I might be having issues with a new OS I installed last week. No one else had complaits, that I know of.

Kai Nui 19-06-2007 21:23

I am traveling and at a hotel with the worst internet connection ever. I did not notice any problem at all. In fact, this is about the only site working right now.

Tropic Cat 20-06-2007 16:39

This site has been down most of the afternoon here in central Florida

Rick in Florida

seafox 20-06-2007 16:47

It has only just started working again in NZ. I bet Wheels is having withdrawal symptoms.

Tropic Cat 20-06-2007 16:52

Yeah, here too, and I think most of us have withdrawal symptoms :D

Rick in Florida

Laidback 20-06-2007 17:09

Started to load only 2 minutes ago

Kai Nui 20-06-2007 18:23

I guess I am used to such a bad connection that if it loads a page a day, I consider it good;)

Alan Wheeler 20-06-2007 22:43

Yeah I was worried for a while last night. Couldn't get on the board at all. I thought I was going to have to spend the evening with the wife and do something....what was it again....Oh yeah, COMMUNICATE!!!!

mudnut 21-06-2007 00:05

Darn,us people on dial-up, miss out on all that drama.Well,"we don't notice it so much" .Mudnut.

seafox 21-06-2007 01:31

Just got an exta GB per month on my Mobile Broadband for extra $10 a month. $60 total. Dam good deal. It is with Telecom.

Andy R 21-06-2007 07:22

We should be moving faster here in a few minutes. Sorry for the poor performance in the last few days.

Originally Posted by seafox
Just got an exta GB per month on my Mobile Broadband for extra $10 a month. $60 total. Dam good deal. It is with Telecom.

You dial up users and people who have to pay for bandwidth used should consider installing a system like Google Web Accelerator. It caches images and other common elements from pages so your computer does not have to fetch that element (graphics, flash, even HTML) each time you request the page. It even works well for broadband users. You can check it out here:
Google Web Accelerator Download

Oh yeah, it's FREE!

Alan Wheeler 21-06-2007 12:18

Just to aleaviate frustrations for the odd few, it doesn't run on Win98.

DeepFrz 21-06-2007 14:33

Win98? Nothing runs on Win98...<G>

seafox 21-06-2007 15:01

Is it not a bit rich telling Google every page you are looking at and sending your passwords and email addresses through their site?

Just another intrusion into privacy isn't it?

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