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alexleclainche 12-06-2007 21:50

Catching Fish
Just curious to see if anyone has any pictures of their catches while under sail or bottom fishing off their boat? Spearfishing? Intend to do it all very soon!

GreatKetch 13-06-2007 01:01

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We fish from our 40ft ketch all the time in the San Francisco Bay area. Not catching the exotic fish like tunas and mahi-mahi, but we do still OK.

Sometimes people are surprised to see us fishing from a sailboat. Once we were boarded as part of a routine inspection byt the fish & game department. The boarding officer asked us "You brought a sailboat all the way out here to go fishing????"

cooper 13-06-2007 01:33

Sorry dont have pics, but are very lazy. Trolling lure out the back,line tied to the rail, loop in line with a clothes peg. Peg comes off its either a fish or weed...either way you pull it in and do it again. Only way to fish.

GordMay 13-06-2007 02:49

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Definitely NOT me.
Craig O'Connor in the waters of Guadalupe Island off Baja California with his 77-pound, 4-ounce yellowtail, taken while spearfishing.

beau 13-06-2007 03:06

My experience is that very few cruisers "fish" They may throw a line off the back and hope they catch something but few put much effort into fishing. It would be interesting to know why?

ssullivan 13-06-2007 05:00

We are now fishing since I live in an area now where it is possible. I stink and haven't caught anything (lure was too big for the fish I saw biting it).

I'm learning...

But with a good freezer, it seems a great way to suppliment the grocery budget.

sv_makai 13-06-2007 05:32

Sailors do catch
Catching or not may depend on the area and the lure. We used only 4 lures (red & blue cedar plug, green and blue squid) in 8,000nm and we almost always had a freezer full. Wahoo, Black fin tuna, Spanish mackerl, king fish....We generally gave away as much as we caught. My favorites were a 5 foot and 4 1/2 wahoo.

We outfitting we were at a small fish shack in cape fear when the owner asking what my wife was loading up for. They chatted and he relayed that for the speeds we were moving that those lures and keep them on the surface about 65-75 feet in back of the boat in the wake will catch fish. When ever we left an island we had the lures out as soon as possible as fish like the ledges of an island on any under water humps.

Unless it was night or a heavy trafficed area we always had the lines out and we were rewarded.

Cruising Fish Pics

Entlie 13-06-2007 05:55

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On Sunspot Baby we use a 100 ft. cotton hand line with a pink lure. We don't bother with the clothes pin. Pink is the best color. It's a medium sized lure, and has a weighted head. I tie foil thin strips from a mylar wine bag to the head of the lure to add interest.

We also have a salt water trolling rod, but don't use it much, the hand line is just easier. The objective is to catch a nice sized fish that will feed us for a few meals.

I almost caught a lovely wahoo off Cat Island with a jointed lure my Dad made. It was long, and trimmed with bright orange feathers. The fish jumped clear out of the water, came down on the lure, and cut the line. I have heard this is a wahoo tactic.

Sailing Catamaran Sunspot Baby

JusDreaming 13-06-2007 06:25

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these are from this year

alexleclainche 13-06-2007 07:43

awesome pics and stories, will have to take plenty while in the bahamas!

Vasco 13-06-2007 07:52

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OK my buddy caught it, not me. Good size mahi mahi.

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W32PAMELA 13-06-2007 13:24

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The Kingfish and Dolphin in the top 2 photos were caught offshore but since most of my time is spent at anchor I use the light spinning rig shown in the middle bottom photo to catch most of the fish I eat.

The bottom left is a Mutton Snapper caught in the late afternoon while on a mooring a Caja Muertes, P.R. The inset is a Bar Jack that was caught while trolling in the dinghy that morning. It provided lunch for 4 plus the bait that caught the snapper latter in the afternoon. The middle picture is a Lane Snapper caught at anchor at night in Bequia and the left hand picture is a Permit caught at anchor in Bakers Bay, Abaco, Bahamas. The Permit was just for the fun of it and was released.

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Attachment 1325 Attachment 1326 Attachment 1327

Bob Stewart

Entlie 13-06-2007 14:38

JusDreaming, the photos reminded me that enjoyed some delicious kingfish caught by JusDreaming when we met up with you on our return from the Bahamas in Fernandina. Tasty!

Sailing Catamaran Sunspot Baby

captden 18-06-2007 07:05

Grand Slam
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Attachment 1353

Attachment 1355

Attachment 1356

Attachment 1357Hi all here's some pictures of the fish we caught while doing a delivery from Ft Lauderdale to St Vincent. We were told that we qualtified for what is called a grand slam in the fishing world for catching three different billfish on this trip. What a trip it was.

Captden :D

GordMay 18-06-2007 08:40

Many people, including Maggie & I, don't like to eat Kingfish (king mackerel or cavalla) because it has such a strong & distinctive “oily” taste. It's my least favourite "edible" fish.

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