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Charlie 10-06-2007 08:45

What's in your Dink
I've been putting together of must have things for my upcomming trip to Desolation Sound BC and was wondering what you guys keep in your dink. I remember a post discussing this but could not find it. Perhaps it was on a different BB. So far I have these ideas :

spark plugs/wrench
spare batteries
patch kit
handheld VHF

What do you guys think is prudent or helpful to put in your dink?

S/V Elusive 10-06-2007 10:26

Cable and lock - Cable to encompass anything that could 'go adrift' and to something fixed on the dink (cleat?), lock afixed to cable and hole that keeps the outboard up out of the water.

AnchorageGuy 10-06-2007 10:36

Charlie, You need the same safety equipment you have on the big boat. Flares, mirror, horn or really loud whistle, life jackets, etc. Not sure what you will do with the matches except to set the dinghy afire to attract attention.

Charlie 10-06-2007 10:50

Thanks Thomas and Chuck:

Didn't think of flares etc. Matches are from my Boy Scout Training and Montana Freeman lives of the past. Not to mention getting caught on shore when we went in on a dink and the tide went out and the mud was so thick that we couldn't get back to the boat and a fire would have been nice to keep us warm.

Pura Vida 10-06-2007 12:10

In the dink

Light kit
Fisherman's Pliers
plug wrench and plug
bailer 1 -1/2 clorox bottle
bailer 2 - big squirt gun (gets water in the corners and you have to have some fun)
outboard lock
foot pump

Optional depending on the circumstances
2 x 20' cable and lock
golf umbrella

rsn48 10-06-2007 12:31

I bought a Fox 40 Marine safety kit which is basic but provides the necessities to keep the Canadian Coast Guard happy.

The container is a 2 litre (2 quart) bailer, SOS mirror, whistle, waterproof flashlight and batteries, and poly rope and float.

To it I had matches, couple of flares, and a very small first aid kit with a very small knife.

I purchased another container bailer in which I keep spare prop, shear pins, and goodies for the motor including spare plug. So two can bail if in a panic.

I also have a very light anchor with line; you might want to fish from your dink.

Outdoor Equipment Guide - Fox 40 Watercraft Safety Bailer Kit

Charlie 10-06-2007 12:37

RSN and PV:

Thanks for the ideas. The list keeps growing. I wonder how much room there will be for people? LOL

Lynx 11-06-2007 01:19

Life vest and an ice chest to sit on.

Tnflakbait 11-06-2007 08:01

We have a quart of fresh water onboard if you get thirsty.

senormechanico 11-06-2007 09:19

A bigger dink to hold all that stuff?

Steve B.

Lodesman 11-06-2007 10:04

No-one has mentioned the requirement for a heaving line yet. The CCG lists what is required on board here: The Boat - The Safe Boating Guide (2005) | TP 511 | Marine Safety
Anything else is gravy.


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