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GordMay 27-04-2004 03:23

Soooo Glad
I'm so glad to have the Cruisers Forum back!
Hope Gisel tells us all about his trip to the Seychelles.

irwinsailor 27-04-2004 05:56

I was lost for the past few weeks! I can return to my old way of doing things again!

CSY Man 27-04-2004 06:01

Hi Gord.

Yeah, me too, had almost given up and declared this horse dead.

Hope more and more folks check in so we can spool up again and have lively discussions constantly.

Perhaps there is a way we could all chip in and donate a few dollars to the maintenance of the board so nobody can pull the plug again in the future?

Jeff H 27-04-2004 06:46

Welllllll, This is good news. Does anyone know why the site has been down?


exposure 27-04-2004 08:23

I am also glad to have this forum back. Other forums seem to have too much noise, and/or they are more about weekend sailing than cruising. I was sorry to see the board go offline just as it was reaching critical mass.


mpk 27-04-2004 11:25

I, too am happy to see that someone paid the bill. I wanted to review all of the advice people had kindly given. This weekend we are going to Ft lauderdale to see a couple of boats. We're down to the wire since we have until the end of July in Chicago and have gone through 2 bids on boats that didn't go as planned. Frustrating... We've picked a rowdy time to visit since the Air and Water show is in Lauderdale this weekend as well. Hopefully we'll drive to Naples to look at an Athena 38 if we can get on it.
Fingers are crossed!

CSY Man 27-04-2004 12:56


Private message from Ft. Lauderdale in yer mailbox..

Skylark 27-04-2004 16:11

I am glad to see this board back as well.

After the board went down and stayed down as if it were permanently gone, I built the Cruising Sailor Forum, at:

I just wanted to say that the new forum was not built in competition to this one, it was built after I thought that this one was permanently down. Hope there are no hard feelings!

29cascadefixer 27-04-2004 18:20

Yepper. It is good to see it back up and running. Now I can pester all'a ya somemore.

delmarrey 27-04-2004 21:22

Man, I was going threw withdraws! I thought I'd never get another fix on this site again.

It's funny how one can get so dependent on a way of life. With the site down, I was actually getting some work done on the house. As for the boat, it has first priority over the house and cars.

Glad to see it up and running again.:jump: :cheers:
.................................................. ......................................._/)

Gisle 28-04-2004 09:48

Thank you !
I'm very sorry for the downtime. I was embarrassed to see the site suspended from the server due to lack of payment. My VISA-card had expired without me knowing.

I'm honoured to have YOU onboard.


MelissaK 29-04-2004 09:20

My, a busy place here already. I'll have to check in occasionally, tho' not as much as I'd like to, because I'm in a $$$internet cafe.

My "Mr. Fixit" just left. He was good for the boat, but not so good for me. Owell! I AM the worst human possible: owner-captain-cook. Whatta nightmare!

And, phooey, my new KISS just got here. Maybe I can install the beast myself without doing something wrong with the wiring and burning Vinga down.

Cheers, everyone,

s/v Vinga, Lagoon 42
St Croix, USVI

sjs 19-05-2004 14:57

I had given up and just found out by accident that the site was back. Very glad to see you all again. Oh yeah, almost forgot, bought a Catalina 270 in the interim, pending a survey.

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