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Charlie 27-05-2007 18:41

Fuel Inspection Ports
Hello All:
After reading thru these threads I have come to the conslusion that I need inspection ports on my fuel tanks. I want to put them where I can reach them w/o tearing apart any cabinet work to get to them and I want one in each baffle placed so that I can scrub the tanks if needed. Is it best to: 1) buy these inspection ports (and if so where) 2) make my own (can any one explain how they did it?) or 3) something else? Oh yes I have aluminum tanks. 2 -- 35 gallon tanks.

cat man do 27-05-2007 19:52

Hi Charlie, what makes you think you need inspection port's????

If it is diesel bug, maybe just a quality fuel scrubber/filtration system will suffice.

Don't get me wrong, I have port's on my tank's, but now think keeping the fuel clean in the firstplace will be a better thing.


AnchorageGuy 27-05-2007 20:12

Charlie, You are on the right track. No matter how hard you try, stuff is going to build up in your tank. Tank cleaning should be a regular scheduled maintenance but most don't do it until there is a problem. I have never seen pre-made ports. We had them put in our tank when we had a new tank made. This would mean your tank need to be emptied, holes cut and the fasteners installed and then plates with gaskets. You can empty the tank into jugs or barrels then pour it back in when the job is complete. Sounds like a lot but it isn't.

Boracay 27-05-2007 20:24

My inspection ports....
I have several "inspection ports" on my two 220 litre aluminium tanks.

They are just aluminium plate bolted to the top using stainless steel machine screws taped into the aluminium of the tank.

I had a fuel filler cap welded to a plate on each of my tanks so I can check the fuel levels.

I had a look inside the tanks when I took the plates off. All I could see were aluminium shavings from where the tank had been made.

If your tanks are made of thick aluminium then it would be very difficult to cut in place. I ended up using a hole saw and a drill press. The big holes need a very low speed.

If you have a look at my blog from a few months ago you will get some idea of what I have.

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