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Visionary 25-06-2012 11:22

Picky. Picky.... I know
I've been looking on here for some crew positions and finally decided on letting others know I am looking. Just like most everyone else I want to get more sailing experience and I am willing to go almost where ever I can get it. Now for the part that separates me from most other "Available Crew Members".

After spending the majority of my online time for the past 8 months sifting through cruisersforum, sailnet, sailingforum, cruiserslog, etc... (btw cf is much better and much more active than most others- and that is directly related to the active members on here:cheers:) I believe I know what I want/need.

I am looking for crew positions aboard 35'-40' sailing vessels of all makes. I really would like to learn from those singlehanders out there since that is what I would like to end up doing. I am great company unless I get a creepy "ax murderer" vibe from you - then I am just "ok" company. I am 6'3" and have the build of a linebacker. I know a great many things but just to name a few of the more useful ones: bilingual- english and spanish, spent the last 5 years in the medical field- everything from running on ambulances to patching up dogs hit by cars, I have some mechanical aptitude but not as much as those "gear heads".

So for any of you singlehanders out there that would like to show a thing or two to a beginner- the do's and don'ts that you have learned along the way, finding out if that fancy gizmo that can make it real easy to attach to a mooring ball is really worth buying or just another piece of clutter- please send me a message or email me at austinfigueroa "at" hotmail "dot" com.

I only have one standing obligation but I am free for most of the forseeable future.

Jim Cate 25-06-2012 15:15

Re: Picky. Picky.... I know
G'Day Austin,

A couple of comments:

Being specific as you were seems like a good idea, but you have left out at least one important fact -- your location! Not much point in hooking up with someone on another continent (like us I suspect, for instance).

And secondly, while I appreciate your interest in connecting with a singlehander, many singlehanders are not so interested in taking on crew, 'cause they are singlehanders by choice. You may strike it lucky here, so give it a go, but don't be too disappointed if those weird guys/gals ignore your plea!

Good luck,


David_Old_Jersey 25-06-2012 15:20

Re: Picky. Picky.... I know
and probably mentioning that willing to put hand in pocket for at least beer money (if not also for skittles!) would likely open up your choices....

....not to stereotype solo sailors.........

cat man do 25-06-2012 15:21

Re: Picky. Picky.... I know

Originally Posted by Jim Cate (Post 977882)
Not much point in hooking up with someone on another continent (like us I suspect, for instance).

Might want to re word that Jim ;)

Urban Dictionary: hooking up

Visionary 25-06-2012 17:42

Ha, leave it to CF to make me laugh :-)

I am based in the Philadelphia area and am willing to fly the America's and other nearby (ish) ports

Beer money is a given (forgot to mention under useful attributes is bartender- worked various pubs and night clubs). Money to help out with other little things I can do as well- but I do not want to charter a sail boat!

I have also learned through all the sifting the difference between a crew position and a personal ad looking for a different kind of position- hooking up I can stay clear of for the time being

Jack Little 26-06-2012 10:53

Re: Picky. Picky.... I know
First, my number keys are'nt functioning so. Sailing from Key West to Isla Mujeres, MX, possibly as soon as Friday. On a nineteen seventy three Islander thirth six. As time approaches, we just lost a crew member that was lined up.

zeehag 26-06-2012 11:09

Re: Picky. Picky.... I know
visionary--what is your age and can ye make a proper painkiller???

Visionary 26-06-2012 17:50

Re: Picky. Picky.... I know
Zeehag- I am a 36 yr old that just moved out of the desert after living there for close to seven years (I need some water!!)

As for a proper painkiller- just do away with those watery "mixers" and drink it strait as it was intended :-D Now if there is only a way to have a still aboard a boat- hmmm you guys would be the ones to figure it out!

Ltwud 26-06-2012 18:35


I too have been watching the crew area in CF and it will be interesting to see how you do posting what you are looking for instead of getting in line responding to crew needed posts

My perspective there are two basic type of owners and they each have their unique needs. Cruisers live aboard and most don't need or want a stranger in their home except on a particular time for a particularly difficult passage.

The second are in my opinion the more prolific posters needing crew. They are generally highly successful people who are in the interesting situation of being able to afford a very large boat (so big they are uncomfortable moving it alone) but not being in a situation where they want to pay for crew. They are trying to enjoy their prized possession and willing to temporarily take on strangers who can help them in their quest.

In my opinion the best way to get on the latter type of boat is to realize you need to almost assume an employee type role in helping the captain how they want to be helped. They aren't looking for friends but will trade access to their prized boat for getting the help they need. You may make a friend if you serve them well but their primary goal is to have the most fun they can the little bit of time they get to spend on their boat and all the while money is flowing out their pockets like mad.

I don't know about getting onboard with full time cruisers as I haven't done that yet. Im most comfortable trying to help the rich guys enjoy their toys

Good Luck


callmecrazy 26-06-2012 18:45

Re: Picky. Picky.... I know

Originally Posted by Visionary (Post 978592)
Now if there is only a way to have a still aboard a boat- hmmm you guys would be the ones to figure it out!

How To Make Ethanol (Moonshine) Beginners Guide Part 2 - YouTube

Visionary 05-07-2012 16:49

So I am at Isla Mujeres and I am so pleased with how everything went I decided to see if anyone else has some crew positions open in the 35-40ft range. I absolutely love blue water cruising and look forward to the next opportunity!

Visionary 05-07-2012 16:51

I will be back in the Philadelphia area Monday and can leave later that week.

Seachase 26-07-2012 06:30

Re: Picky. Picky.... I know

Call me one of those rich guys LTWUD refered to if you wishbut here I am. Oh, here is on the Gaspe peninsula about to jump off for Newfoundland and then Nova Scotia and back to Annapolis in the Fall. I am 100T USCG lisenced captain who has been in sail and power vessels throughout the east coast and Caribbean over the past 40 years. I have a lot of knowledge of both sail and power boats to share. While I am not looking for a new best buddy, I am not looking for a slave either.

My last crew member had to return home due to a family enmergency and may not be able to return. I am looking for someone now. If you want to learn more about this nusual opportunity to explore places most sailors never get to see, call me at 202-359-0781.

BTW, my boat is bigger than you are looking for and it is a power boast. But, the sea is the sea and if you are looking for quality sea time this is a great place to get it.

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