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irwinsailor 14-03-2004 11:40

I changed my mind
I'm not taking any guns. I think they will be more trouble than they are worth. I could not live with myself if I shot some kid over a outboard motor.

BC Mike 14-03-2004 20:56

I think you have made the correct decision. Michael Casling

irwinsailor 15-03-2004 04:39

Thanks Mike, I gave it a great deal of thought. Lynn Pardey at the Chicago boat show pushed me the last little bit when she said that she would not like people coming into her country with guns so why should you be able to go into thiers armed.

Sonosailor 15-03-2004 07:25

Both you and Lynn make great points.

You know, at some level, I do want a thief (why call them pirates when they are thieves and home-invaders) having to consider the possibility that the captain of the yacht they are invading might have a gun.

However, at no level, do I think I could be one of those people who do have a gun on-board. For me, there seems to be so many other things for me to do to decrease the risk of theft and violence, and too many ways for the gun to increase rather than decrease the risk to me and my passengers. Let's all us liberal, co-dependent cowards travel together, stay safe, stay out of the high risk areas, and have a good time

walnut 26-03-2004 05:52

I am astonished that anyone would consider carrying a gun whilst sailing. I live in London and I don't know anyone who owns one. How many of you own guns? Do you carry them around with you?

BC Mike 26-03-2004 07:37

In the rural areas of Canada and the US the farmers own guns and I think you will find the same in England. Not all farmers own guns, we don't. We have baby lambs and coyotes so I may need access to a gun fairly quickly. In the big cities generally only the baddies own guns, and I think that applies to England as well. In some parts of the US it is legal to carry a gun, and it is even mandatory to own a gun in some communities. The incidence of ownership varies from country to country. The baffling question is why the US has such a high rate of deaths from guns. Toronto in Canada is increasing the number of deaths from guns. The mentality of the owner is the main problem. Alberta in Canada probably has the highest percent of owners, it is a very rural Province with the farmers the principal owners. They are conservative with their politics and the only Province with next to zero debt. Their murder rate is low. Earlier I said the problem is that not enough countrys play rugby as their principal sport, so agression management is not dealt with. Michael Casling

irwinsailor 28-04-2004 17:59

This is a reply to Walnut. I own many guns. I would need to count them because I don't know how many I have. I would guess about 20. I do not own any assult type guns only small hand guns and shotguns and rifles. Anyone else want to comment?

delmarrey 28-04-2004 19:25

I have 5 weapons to date but have no need to carry. But if the situation becomes that I have to be worried about my life or the families, then I certainly will. althought, it's illegal to carry on your person in some areas or situations. Boats no problem!

It's a freedom that has seemed to survive in this country since it's beginning, and probably will for many more generations.

There was an article in the Philippine news just new last week stating even though it has been illegal to have guns without a special permit, they still have a high rate of murders to guns. Legal or not, killers are killers. It's an attitude, not a permissive law that kills people.
.................................................. .._/)

Swinger5000 29-04-2004 06:10

I changed my mind
I think it's neither right nor wrong to carry aboard...or on your person. It's a choice. As for London, you don't know anyone there who owns one because your government doesn't permit such ownership. And if you did use a weapon to defend your life...and killed would mean a long jail term for you. Personal safety is no longer a defence in the UK. Sad.

We will probably never know how many potential attacks on private yachts have been thwarted by someone simply displaying a weapon or firing into the air. In the US, for instance, it's been reliably estimated that over 2 MILLION crimes a year are prevented. In over 98% of those instances, the weapon was only displayed, not fired.

Again, it you're not comfortable with weapons and know what you're doing with them, you shouldn't have them aboard.

For those who do wish to carry such protection, you should check the laws in ports and countries you're visiting....and have a very secure place on board to keep your weapons, difficult to find.

walnut 30-04-2004 07:33

I think most people in England don't want gun ownership. We don't even want our police to carry them. We accept that farmers need guns to get those foxes. Hand guns and automatic weapons are banned here. But yes, some criminals do carry and use them, and the police can carry them although mostly hidden. I understand that the majority of policemen do not want to carry guns. I have not known of anyone who has been shot in UK waters since WWII. Most of the recent laws on gun ownership have been a result of a couple of nutters who have gone on killing sprees. However, very few people are shot in this country but it is on the increase. The government statistics for 2002 say in the UK: 1045 homicides (including manslaughter) in England and Wales(58% were male). 40% of these knew the main suspect. 58 males & 22 females were killed by shooting. This is in a population of about 50 million. You can draw your own conclusion from this but it seems pretty low to me. Source of info :

Please don't think I am making any judgment here. I do not know what the stats are for other countries.

irwinsailor 15-01-2006 10:29


Kai Nui 15-01-2006 11:14

Gunner, I agree whole heartedly with your decision. I also have lived in places where guns were a necessity. When rattlesnakes, and mountain lions come to your front door, a gun is a must. Not really the case on a cruising boat.
There is one other very important (in my mind) point about not using a gun on a thief. Should it come down to a physical confrontation, beating the tar out of some lowlife that has invaded your boat has a certain satisfaction that a gun battle will never replace. Unlike shooting someone, it carries no remorse, and a complete control over the amount of damage you do.

BC Mike 15-01-2006 11:16

Number of guns
We have two members of the board that own about 25 guns. Guess which country they are in. Not being critical, just observing a fact. As stated from the posts, other folks from other countries think differently.

delmarrey 15-01-2006 12:19

Just so you'll know the regulations here in the US.

Firearm Regulations

irwinsailor 15-01-2006 12:52

I started this thread about 3 years ago. In that time I have not changed my mind. I do own many guns and I do not have any problem with guns but I stand by my decision not to cary any on the boat. It is just not worth the hassel to me.

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