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wind rose ll 08-05-2007 09:16

End of the dock mooring
My 40' sailboat is situated at the end of the dock and has a single mooring ball about 20' off the dock about midship.
l experience a lot of wind and wave action when tied to the dock and it is causing considerable wear between the fenders and the hull.
What would be the best solution to utilize the single mooring ball and what would be the best way to "pick it up".
Wind Rose ll

CSY Man 08-05-2007 10:12

I would run a line from the bow and one from the stern.
Get the boat a foot away from the dock at medium tide, then it should not touch at low.

We do the same in the canals here in Ft. Lauderdale when we have hurricanes coming...Seen lots of damage on boats NOT pulled away from docks.

(Rubrails and coamings are the first to go, next is stanchions and life lines..Have also seen big holes in the side of boats...Dock pilings grinding straight through the hull, not pretty)

GordMay 08-05-2007 12:32

Dag’s method works.

You might also consider Mooring Whips, as an auxiliary appurtenance :
Monarch Mooring Whips
Several others (Taylor etc) also make whips.

Or see Mooring Arms: Safe Harbor Marine

senormechanico 08-05-2007 13:13

We used to do the same thing with our 35' mono when we kept it on a non tidal dock (with salt water access). There was about 5 miles of fetch to the SE for winter winds, so the boat really got a workout during the storms.
The end of the dock was designed to face into the SE fetch.

We used conventional lines on the starboard side, and a single line to the mooring ball from the center chock on the port side. We had snubbers on the port line and both bow and stern lines on starboard.

This kept the boat about 4 to 5 feet away from the dock, and we didn't even need to use fenders.

Steve B.

GordMay 08-05-2007 17:11

Longer lines., like CSY's bow/stern springs. work better than shorter breast lines, particularily with the offshore mooring so near.

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