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SV Sedna 13-03-2012 14:02

Inverter & Charger - Combi or Standalone
My Xantrex Prosine 3.0 died over the weekend after 6 years of service. The failure according to Xantrex, in an over the phone troubleshooting call was probably the auto-switching circuit failed. The display panel shows there is no shore power connected. There is and there is power to the unit itself. The inverter works, so this is where the discussion ended. They offered to sell me a new unit rather that fix this one. That has been discussed plenty on this board by others.

I am in the hunt for a new system and am considering Mastervolt, Victron and Charles as replacements. My question for the group is:

Would it be smarter to install a separate charger and inverter over a integrated or combined inverter/charger unit. Failure of either would not kill the whole system. My up front cost will probably be slightly more but if there was a failure, replacement may be easier. I would change my wiring a bit to select either shorepower or switch over to the inverter when off the grid. In this case the inverter would not see much use until I actually left the dock. The charger would only be used at the dock. I will have plenty of solar, HO alternator and wind to keep things charged up while off the dock. Seems a combi unit is powered on all of the time whether dockside or at anchor.

I will also be downsizing a bit as well as I really don't think I need 3000 watts to run a TV for a movie or a 100Amp charger when wind and solar will be installed. In fact it seems to be more of a dockside use device that when we actually are out cruising the PNW and beyond.

Curious to the thoughts of the collective.

Palarran 13-03-2012 14:23

Re: Inverter & Charger: Combi or standalone
My ProSine 3.0 just blew also. I ended up buying the Magnum unit as a modified sine wave. I don't really have any "sensitive" electronic equipment that needs pure sine wave power. I figure that my old one was a piece of S*%$ so the new one will be better.

My suggestion is this unit:
Magnum Energy MM Series Inverter / Charger

It's $600. $180 for a controller. I think that is very reasonable.

stillbuilding 13-03-2012 18:54

The Victron stuff is high quality but i do take your point about separating the charger and inverter functions. A bit more manual control maybe not so onerous. I will be having three Multis so have some redundancy anyway. If only one then maybe separate functions.

Khagan1227 13-03-2012 18:57

Re: Inverter & Charger: Combi or standalone
I'd split them.

Tom.B 17-03-2012 20:03

Re: Inverter & Charger - Combi or Standalone
Split them up... But take a close look at Iota chargers too. Not "marine grade" but they are great chargers, they are a great price, and are very common on boats.

sww914 17-03-2012 20:52

Re: Inverter & Charger - Combi or Standalone
I bought a Magnum ME 2000 and I couldn't be happier. The folks at Magnum were very helpful in my decision process and actually recommended the less expensive MSW inverter rather than the pure sine wave unit based on my needs.
I bought mine from go2marine and saved a bundle. In my application it was necessary to install a 110 sub panel for the 110 outlets. when inverting there is 200 watts available at the outlets (3000 peak IIRC) and when I'm plugged in the normal 30 amps flows through the inverter without any switching.
I feelmthat I saved time and money up front by using an integrated charger, it's only one set of wires to buy and install and the charger only cost $100.00 more. The MSW works great for everything except my electric knife sharpener, 10% of the time it won't start the first try but that's OK, I rarely use it.
I am completely satisfied with the inverter and go2 marine, no regrets, no affiliation.

bobconnie 17-03-2012 21:55

Re: Inverter & Charger - Combi or Standalone
:DAnd I thought I was bad with my bread maker and electric smoker !! but a electric knife sharpener ?? wow and here Ive been useing stones all these years, gotta get me one LOL just funnin:thumb:

sww914 18-03-2012 13:59

Re: Inverter & Charger - Combi or Standalone
I have an icemaker too. Knife sharpening and ice are great trade items as is diesel repair.

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