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Tomtom39 04-03-2012 13:17

Battery Monitor Showing Discgarge ???
Hi all
Very confused
I have a NASA bm1 compact battery monitor installed on my battery bank: all seems installed correctly through shunt and when drawing power when lights on seems correct and likewise when charging through battery charger it seems to read correctly. Now where the confusion starts!!
When my wind generator spins and delivers power to my wind regulator this shows discharge and NOT charge!!! I have just wired the regulator directly to my batteries and think this is where I have made a mistake. Should the negative from the regulator be wired also to the shunt?
Can anyone help???

Thanks nick

btrayfors 04-03-2012 13:53

Re: Battery monitor showing discgarge???

The negatives from all DC charging sources and loads on the house batteries should go to the load side of the shunt.

However, even if you connected the negative from the wind generator's regulator direct to the battery bank without passing thru the shunt, I don't believe you should be seeing a negative indication on the monitor.

Are you sure: (1) the wind generator/regulator is indeed putting out current; and (2) you haven't inadvertently reversed the positive and negative leads?


Tomtom39 04-03-2012 14:14

Thanks Bill
I will check when on boat again
Thanks for your quick response

Nemo55 04-03-2012 14:16

Re: Battery monitor showing discgarge???
Do you know for sure whether that wind generator ever worked?? Did you replace the Prop blades recently.
It is possible that the blade rotation is wrong,,,meant for a different armature.
I have seen it happen on water pumps,,impellers installed which where meant for different rotational direction,,,result: no pumping action. in your case your generator could be working backwards.:confused:
Long shot,,but ya never know. Good Luck..:viking:

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