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Wavewacker 24-02-2012 04:29

Stepping up the Stator
I'm wanting to cruise rivers, the Great Loop and remote areas. The boat will be using a small OB, probably 9.9 maybe up to a 25hp. I have read they barley keep a battery charged using a VHF. Can you increase the output with anouther stator/alternator.

I would probably have 2 batteries, maybe up to 4. Any suggestions keeping the bank charged. Not sure a wind gen would do much good along river banks.

My needs would be lights, radio, then my wants would be a fridge. Yes, there would be a computer and cell phone maybe a flat screen and player to watch movies.

Just in general, don't need to get into Ohms Law, but about what requirements would be necessary...what most cruisers do. I could have a gen set, but don't want to run one all the time, rather not have to and be self sufficient on the hook.

Blue Stocking 24-02-2012 05:06

Re: Stepping up the Stator
Just in general, won't go into Ohms Law :rolleyes:, add up the wattages of everything you would be running at the same time. If it exceeds the engine generating ability, it won't work.

Nemo55 24-02-2012 05:13

Re: Stepping up the Stator
If you exceed the load which the Outboard can handle including the boat maneuvering demands, then the engine will certainly overheat and bog down.
It is better if you consider other methods of power generation while underway, such as a towable generator,,,,as you can even make these yourself.

Tow Generator

Nemo55 24-02-2012 05:20

Re: Stepping up the Stator
Here are some DIY systems,,pretty simple really.
How to build a marine wind generator

Wavewacker 24-02-2012 10:12

Re: Stepping up the Stator
Thanks, I love projects....I'll check them out!


LOL, I don't know what the load will be because I don't the fridge, GPS, lights, etc....mainly cause I don't have the boat yet....:banghead:

The boat we can say would be a 30/32' scow or sharpie with minimal OB requirement. Say a 9.9 Honda, what I have heard/read is that they don't put out much juice.

That led me to think I would need to supplement power production for a battery bank. The DIY stuff is probably what I'd need to do too, thanks!

Even with a low power requirement, being out for days, weekswould be working the battery bank and still need to recharge.

Wondering if solar was efficient and worth the effort and money, I see that many cruisers rely on solar to some extent.

If I really knew what might go on the boat I could figure out the requirement, so what ever is usual and customary for two people cruising and gunkholing the rivers might be an approximation of actual needs...:confused:

Sailmonkey 24-02-2012 10:21

Re: Stepping up the Stator
Your problem with an outboard alternator of that size isn't going to be operating a gps/vhf while underway. It's recharging the batteries after a day or two of anchoring. If it was me, I'd look at keeping the idea of a small outboard alive for propulsion and let it charge it's own start battery. Then for the house loads I'd put in a 40ish amp charger and run a honda generator once a day for 2-3 hours. The eu1000 is a perfect fit and won't burn near as much gas as the outboard. As you add more loads you may need to run for another hour a day.......a whole lot cheaper than any other option though.

GordMay 24-02-2012 10:24

Re: Stepping up the Stator
FWIW: Honda specifies that their BF9.9 Outboard provides 2 Amps at 1000 RPM and 12 amps at 3000 RPM.

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