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MylesK1 22-02-2012 17:49

Northern Lights Generator
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Low hours, superb condition.

If you're interested please let me know.
3 x Cylinders diesel engine
Model M753 – 110 V & 50 Hz single phase
Location Forward cockpit locker
Power 8 kW
Engine hours 45 Hours
Fuel filter Racor water separator
Cooling Fresh water cooled to heat exchanger w/ raw water strainer
Exhaust type Wet exhaust w/ G.R.P. muffler
Start 12 V starter from own start battery

Fair winds,

Overlord 22-02-2012 18:17

Re: Northern Lights Generator
How much are you asking?

MylesK1 22-02-2012 18:21

Re: Northern Lights Generator
Really not sure what it's worth. I'm new to this.

What would be a fair price?

Overlord 22-02-2012 18:26

Re: Northern Lights Generator
A fair price ? It depends on how and who determines what's fair to them and what there budget allows. $1000 might be fair to me but Joe might think $ 10 000 is fair.
Normally the seller has a price in mind......
No one likes to start guessing what you want
So make it easy and straight forward to the Cf

knottygurl 22-02-2012 18:30

Re: Northern Lights Generator
couple hundred bucks, :thumb: Oh does that include delivery and install :whistling:

MylesK1 22-02-2012 18:30

Re: Northern Lights Generator
I'm sorry--I'm really not trying to piss anyone off. I've been trying to research this all day. Some sites say $13K and another I just looked at says $3,850.

So, how about we say:
$2K or best offer. Plus you have to arrange for shipping. She's currently on my boat in Charleston, SC.

skipmac 22-02-2012 18:31

Re: Northern Lights Generator

Originally Posted by MylesK1 (Post 893426)
110 V & 50 Hz single phase

This spec does not really make sense. 50 Hz is the AC frequency in Europe and some other parts of the world but is normally 240 V

If is a US rated generator it would be 110V 60 Hz.

MylesK1 22-02-2012 18:34

Re: Northern Lights Generator
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Skipmac, I'll have the mechanic confirm for me. I know it's 110v but I'm no expert in electronics.

See photo in first post.
I will add it here also

MylesK1 22-02-2012 18:40

Re: Northern Lights Generator
Thank you to cotemar for posting the photo for me!

I couldn't figure out how to do it.

skipmac 22-02-2012 18:52

Re: Northern Lights Generator
If you want a point of reference, found a new Northern LIghts 6 KW on eBay for $9800 and a new 9 KW for $11,800.

MylesK1 22-02-2012 18:58

Re: Northern Lights Generator
Well, that would pay for a new chartplotter. Or a few months of daycare for my daughter. Hmmm.

s/v Jedi 22-02-2012 19:05

Re: Northern Lights Generator
This genset looks exactly like my 6 kW unit. You can jumper between 120 and 240V service but I'm not sure on how to change between 50 and 60 Hz. You will have to adjust the rpm's obviously but there might be more to it.


MylesK1 22-02-2012 19:09

Re: Northern Lights Generator

Ironically, I was just reading this article: Five Leadership Mistakes Of The Galactic Empire - Forbes


justsurf 23-02-2012 10:01

Re: Northern Lights Generator
How old is this and what year?

MylesK1 23-02-2012 10:07

Re: Northern Lights Generator
I was told it was a 2010.

Hold tight everyone--I'm getting more info (as she just came with the boat I bought).

I'll post more as soon as I have it.

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