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Latitude9.5 29-03-2007 18:52

Just Ordered an Interphase v90 Forward-Looking-Sonar Unit
Just ordered one for the next boat, figure it will make for less stressful entrances into my favorite st lucie inlet. Certainly nice to have in any case, anyone else used or own one of these units?

Extemporaneous 09-03-2009 19:38


Originally Posted by Latitude9.5 (Post 75159)
Just ordered one for the next boat, figure it will make for less stressful entrances into my favorite st lucie inlet. Certainly nice to have in any case, anyone else used or own one of these units?

Can you share how your Interphase is working out for you.
I'm thinking of getting one. Do you like it? Has it saved you from grief?
Have you had forward looking before?
Now that you have had the v90 for a while, would you buy the same one again?

Any info would be great.


Kamaloha 09-03-2009 20:29

Practical Sailor had an "owner's review" of the unit last summer. It was somewhat equivocal. They said it had a long learning curve. The problem as I understood it was that the horizontal range is roughly 1.5x the current depth. Thus if you were in eight feet of water you could only see twelve feet ahead. That would not give you much time to "see and avoid". OTOH Jimmy Cornell loves his FLS; read his current book "Passion for the Sea" where it is frequently mentioned as having saved him from damage.

David M 09-03-2009 20:31

It seems that if you are going dead slow ahead it might be useful.

meyermm 09-03-2009 21:22

David M - might I suggest that if you were in any unknown area the wise idea would be to proceed slowly regardless of equipment being used including your eyes

vacendak 10-03-2009 01:19

As far as I know there may be a 'frequency conflict' between FLS & depth sounder,
assuming they both use 200KHz; this is specially underlined in FLS User Manual.
So you have either to choose a depth sounder with other transducer frequency
(IMHO TackTick has one), or install some kind of switch between two units.

Artful Dodger 10-03-2009 01:57

Have been using one for 4 years now, purchased through Ray Marine products it came from Britian, I believe the name is echo sounder, but have had great success with it, and have had plenty of time for respond, as it has a view of 500 meters forward and a sweeping forward angle. It does come now with colour but guess I've got used to my model. I might also say have had no problem with either it or my depth sounder, as for support, I must say really good, as when I had a same problem their support staff where there to help at once and got the parts I needed from them in 4 days from England. I must say all in all have had no bad experience in my past four years.

Roy M 16-03-2009 16:56

I have the Interphase SE 200C aboard my 40' trimaran. It uses twin transducers that provide 180 degree horizontal sweeps and horizon to below me in vertical mode. Yes, the range is depth dependant. In 20 feet of water I have 75-100 feet of range. In deep water, forward range is under a 1000'. It takes minimal time to learn the adjustments. It plugs into the video port of my Raymarine E-series, and I also have purchased a cockpit display (yet to be installed) from Interphase.

The danger of these things is that they are so cool you feel compelled to have one and play with it. Eventually, though, you stick it in vertical mode, set the alarm, and forget about it until a reef, whale, or thick school of fish gets in the way. You can then switch over to horizontal mode to figure out your escape options.

Pictures of the transducer installation are in my gallery. The view is of the leading edge of the "mini keel", a projection below the main hull which protects the centerboard. The furthestmost forward transducer is the DSM 30 fishfinder. There is no apparent interference between the transducers as one operates at 200, the other 50.

s/v Jedi 16-03-2009 23:46

I have the Interphase iScan 180, much like Roy's. We like it a lot but I really need some time getting the feeling for it's gain setting. I don't like the auto-gain for finding the cut in the reef, but for underway it's okay (but I tend to switch it off then).


Pacey16 26-08-2009 08:04

I had the twinscope for a few years until a Chinese gybe smashed it up, cant say it was a great deal of use unless you are very slowly picking your way through a tight channel but even still I managed to touch a few times.
Can remember nearly hitting reef at the Abrolhos trying it out, by the time it picks up an obstacle it's too late to avoid it and thats if you are looking at the screen full time which you will never do while sailing normally. cant wait to lift her out and remove the big lump of a transducer that is costing me .2kt, LOL.

Nirvava 26-08-2009 08:36

I have an Echopilot FLS II, older obselete unit. If it performance is any example of the newer ones-it's great. Also about 1/2 the costs of Interphase and has been in business longer.

meyermm 26-08-2009 14:55

I think the newer ones are far smaller and greatly improved just like everything else these days. Would you judge broadband radar on your 10year old conventional unit?

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