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shellback 23-03-2007 15:59

Aquameter Gemini Compass - Help!

Need cruisers help here.

I have an Oday 27, which had two, identical Gemini builkhead mounted compasses. I've removed them during the Great Lakes Winter months, because the 4" globes are so fogged over, UV attacked the daylights out of it, can't read the card anymore.

well, I'm curious, from what I've learned, Aquameter isn't around anymore but Rule Industries bought it out or something. For the price of repairing these compasses, I could buy new ones and my question is to anyone here: Does the Rule Industries Saturn model compasses looks pretty close in comparison. Has anyoneused the Saturn model compass to replace the Aquametter Gemini (in terms of mounting size, hole pattern for mounting etc.). I like the fact that the Saturn bulkhead mounted compass is dual read card.

Any feedback is appreciated!!!

Mark Reiland

Pblais 23-03-2007 19:21

There are independant compass experts that rebuild a compass as required. I can't say anything specific about yours but a google search on "compass repair" will bring up a few sources. I would explore that option as it is possible to repair a compass more than you may believe.

GordMay 24-03-2007 03:08

The “Saturn” is a bulkhead mounted compass, whereas the “Constellation” Family Series are flush and binnacle mounting styles.

Goto ITT (Danforth and Aquameter) compasses:
Danforth - ITT

See also the Plastimo “Contest” series bulkhead compasses:
Plastimo USA

shellback 24-03-2007 05:01

Gemini compass
Yeah, my twin Gemini compasses are bulkhead mounted. The constellation series is not what I have.

I have already contacted a few compass repair shops, most seem to be in MA! Was quoted for repair, which I still might do, Always good to have 'em around for later us, but I like the Saturn bulkhead mounted ones, dual read cards, etc.


Charlie 24-03-2007 07:57

I have had my compass repaired by Nor Cal Compass. It worked out really well. My compass is a Ritchie Binacle Compass. Replacement Cost is around $575 and up. One of the tradesman had broken the glass on the compass. I had the glass replaced for $276. Now I have to swing the compass. But it was less than half the cost. But in my research I could have bought the bulkhead compasses for less than $276 but I didn't know about the quality of those less expensive bulkhead compasses.

trenthightower@ 01-06-2009 09:12


Curious to know what you decided to do on this one. I have the same compass (Gemini). The glass is so hazed I can't see the card anymore. And this morning I noticed it had dumped half it's oil out into the cabin. Did you end up getting your repaired? If you did decide to purchase a new one which one did you go with? I'm curious about the hole size.



OS2Dude 04-06-2015 13:53

Re: Aquameter Gemini Compass - Help!
My Aquameter Gemini is a pedestal mount. It was also clouded and hazed. I removed and carefully dismantled it. I used the stuff for fogged headlights to clean the dome and gently washed the card and other internals. After reassembly it was refilled with Ritchie Compass Oil. Mine took about 750 ml. Now it looks and works great.

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