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wildbillca 09-11-2011 10:17

Going to Mexico . . .
I'm looking for a crew of eight (8) to go with me down to Mexico...I'm leaving Port Orchard,Washington going through the streights to the Pacific..Turning left and And shooting down the coast 30 miles off streight to San Fransico.This trip is not for the faint of heart..Very rough and cold out there.But also will be going down wind with a fallowing sea not a peace of cake but REALITY is a strong sailing vessel and loves the wind..If you have never sailed on a Porpoise hull you are in for a surprise...When I brought the ship up June 2010 in a very strong storm (Not the brightest thing to do)I was amazed at how well she handled..Not a drop of water came over the bow in 40' sea's.That was my test of what the boat could do and how I responded to my new boat in bad weather .Now I'm ready to take her down to warm water and weather If you have the adventure in your heart and think you might want to look us up.Respond ASAP as I 'm only taking (8) Very few and I mean very few people ever get the chance to sail one of these vessels.The Porpoise hull is truly a amazing rough water vessel.Come one and all and bring your long John's..Capt.Bill..(PS -- This boat is refered to as a Prirate ship in looks and style the cannon is pretty cool too....Arrrrr %$#*@&.

zeehag 09-11-2011 10:48

Re: Going to Mexico...
coool--whenye catch up to me, hail me at solitary bird!!!! where ye headed?? remember you depth!!! check your weather and run , baby , run....catch a prefrontal wind and have a great time!!!!!

wildbillca 09-11-2011 12:03

Re: Going to Mexico...
I'll ring your bell when I get down there..Arrrrr %#$@&%. Ye Scalleywag...:viking:

zeehag 09-11-2011 14:54

Re: Going to Mexico...
ketch me iffn ye can, big boy!!!!! where in mexico ye headed??

wildbillca 09-11-2011 18:19

Re: Going to Mexico . . .
Cabo to start..And have a beer..Then ????

LoveMyWoodie 09-11-2011 18:38

Re: Going to Mexico . . .
Nice vessel-nice trip-you sound like a good pirate to sail with...

as long as yer cannon still fires !

wildbillca 09-11-2011 18:57

Re: Going to Mexico . . .
I love the thill of the unknown...Ha Ha Ha .....You never can tell what the world will through at you and I love to ketch...Sailing ones no bad either....Arrrr....

Ironhorse74 09-11-2011 19:21

Re: Going to Mexico . . .
When are you thinking of leaving?


wildbillca 09-11-2011 19:40

Re: Going to Mexico . . .
About 6 weeks....There abouts...

sailingreed 11-11-2011 15:49

Re: Going to Mexico . . .
Is this a paying position? I recently got off a botched job from hawaii. It was supposed to go to san francisco, but between the boat breaking down and the skipper being an alcoholic we turned around. I ended up basically single handing the 42 foot catalina back to where we left from. Stayed up 36 hours straight due to the captain either sleeping, puking, or trying to douse the sails and float adrift. I would like to get on more work on another boat. I can work for 100 a day. I can handle rough seas and cold water (spent the last two summers in alaska working on commercial salmon boats).

PM me if you still need someone. I am located nearby port orchard.

sif 11-11-2011 16:18

Re: Going to Mexico . . .
This sounds so so amazing, and I am more than interested! I'm a 24-y/o Danish girl, who's currently living in Colombia due to my studies. I have some sail experience from a trip on a 38 foot Colin Archer from Thailand to Egypt to years ago, which also taught me how to deal with rough seas - The Red Sea is a sneaky one! Do not hesitate to contact me for further info.
All the best, Sif

LoveMyWoodie 11-11-2011 16:38

Re: Going to Mexico . . .

Ifn ya hire the fella that has been there and done that and yo hire the little Colombian lady-I ya may have to offer ya some money to pay as a passenger ifn you let me go too

ARRRRRRRRRRR....sounds like a good trip to drive down under and have a beer?

Surely,just getting down to sea Zee..will be worth it all in spades.

So,,, can ya play bridge/and do ya know what a grand slam is in no trump?


How does a pirate underling apply,without papers and credentials?

LoveMyWoodie 11-11-2011 16:54

Re: Going to Mexico . . .
Funny thing how opportunities arrive when ya have hope?

Finally talked ma into going into a home with her sister on the island where they were born.Victoria/ Hawley clan.

Thinking would be a good place to push off and go on a working haliday to go down under and sea ZEE.

Built a hydroplane when i was a kid,sailed and motored up to 40 feeder's.

Can hold me own and hold a course,and know how to read the stars ifn the electrics and the compass go haywire like the Govt.

And would be happy to offer ya money along with my skill since you already bought the boat.

pm me if ya can or ya can reach me at creativesolutions123 at hotmail com


and my cannon can still fire ifn i got something to shoot at!

and as Tina always says-lets start it easy...cause we like it hard and cold.

cj.sternagel 11-11-2011 19:51

Re: Going to Mexico . . .
YoHo Wild Bill, I am a bit of a green horn with the pirate talk but am no stranger with the sea and adventure. I am looking to log more sea time for my captains license and to gain more cruising experience. I am real interested in joining a leg of the trip, don't think I can make it all the way to Mexico. Check out my website to get a little more info about me. If you like what you see send me an email and I'll give you further info.


koryscott 14-11-2011 16:13

Re: Going to Mexico . . .
Tis true that there be many a salt more experienced than me, but of this passage ye speak of, no one knows these waters more than I. She is trecherous and cold of heart, but love her, my sea do I. Here be me proposition, allow me to crew under ye, feed me and give me quarter in the focastle, and I be your man.I've sailed before, and I am a proper gentleman o' fortune who for too long has been rotting in harbor. As they say, sailors like vessels rot in harbor, do they not? Allow me to practice me craft and teach me how to be a true salt. What I know not, I shall learn with great haste, for a landlubber I am not. I've the brawn, the brain, and the courage needed to be an excellent member of your crew. I ask for no pay, time at sea is reward enough. Do we have an accord?

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