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benjiwoodboat 18-02-2007 18:32

Need 10 pin waterpoof connector at mast
I have a 10 pin connector for my RADAR wires at the base of my mast which crapped out; it was a soldered connector. It would require some serious soldering skills to replace the connector as it were. Wondering if there are any other options. I've searched a bit, haven't come up with anything that fits the bill. I need a 10 pin connector/junction box that i can easlily connect and will tuck up inside my mast at the base and is waterproof.

Does anyone have any recomendations, seems like it would be a common need to me. I must not be searching properly.

hellosailor 18-02-2007 19:21

Ben, waterproof connectors are few and far between. You could use something readily available like a DB-15 computer pair but that requires soldering on both sides and accomodates small gauge wires, if you are looking for coax or power leads it would be unsuitable. And of course, you'd have to wrap it in butyl tape or liquid vinyl to seal it. is one source of commercial grade waterproof connectors, some use crimp fittings instad of solder. Ain't gonna be cheap but they have connectors that you won't find at the local chandlery. Electronics distributors usually carry them, if you find the part you need ask them for a (US presumably?) distributor. I think Newark Electronics or Mouser carries them.

Sandero 18-02-2007 20:16



I used some of their products for my Solar panels. They seem to be very similar to what the marine mfg's use for their cables.

sv shiva

delmarrey 19-02-2007 00:45

The old Army Jeeps use to have waterproof multi-pin connectors. You might try a Jeep forum................._/)

Sunspot Baby 19-02-2007 01:49

Consider using a couple of 5 pin or more connectors with fewer pins. Then heat shrink over the connectors. These smaller connectors should be easier to tuck into the mast one at a time than a large 10 pin. I haven't done it with radar, but have had luck in getting pretty water tight connections with heat shrink.


aboon 19-02-2007 04:13

Unless you need to remove your mast regularly, why not solder the wires together. Stagger the joints to minimise the bulk of the completed joint. Sleeve each soldered joint individually with small diameter heatshrink tube, then cover the whole lot with one or two large heatshrink sleeves. Wrap the whole lot in self-amalgamating tape if you like, but a good heatshrink cover will be waterproof. More reliable than any but the best connectors and you're no worse off than you were in the first place.

Andrew Boon

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