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Maisso 18-10-2011 13:13

Islander MS 37 with Roberts 36 Rigging

I want to put a rig from a Roberts 36 on an Islander MS 37.

Specs are as follows
Rig Dimensions Roberts

LoA 36.75
LWL 28.75
Beam 11.00
Disp 16,000
Total Sail Area 638

Rig Dimensions Islander

LoA 36.50
LWL 29.00
Beam 10.50
Disp 14,500
Total Sail Area 595

Will this work as it is or is the rig over-powered for the Islander?
Any would be designers out there that could let me know if this would work or would the rig from the roberts have to be modified to more closely match the islander.



way-happy 21-10-2011 11:52

Re: Islander MS 37 with Roberts 36 Rigging
We are cruising on an islander 37, and can say that the stock rig is definitely conservative. My opinion is that your swap would be great. It would give you 5 to 10% more sail area on a taller rig which would help you get her up to speed easier but be more to handle in heavy weather. My impression of the islander is that shes a strong bluewater boat, so a bit more performance would be a nice thing especially if you plan to coastal cruise or weekend.

Maisso 21-10-2011 12:00

Re: Islander MS 37 with Roberts 36 Rigging

thanks - that was my impression as well. What else could you tell me about the islander. I am considering a purchase. Pros, Cons etc.



Maisso 21-10-2011 12:08

Re: Islander MS 37 with Roberts 36 Rigging
Way happy,

I reviewing your blog...You are on an 'Standard' Islander 37 as opposed to the Islander MS 37 which is a MotorSailor version. I believe both were designed by Bruce King and the Hulls are very similar.

way-happy 21-10-2011 13:51

Re: Islander MS 37 with Roberts 36 Rigging
Hi again,

I've never been on an i37ms, but they have the same hull--just a different deck/cabin. Would love to have the MS version, but we have what we have.

My impressions: she's very easily handled. points high, has good turn of speed. Good strong fin keel that can take a grounding. Recommend light wind sails: genoa & gennaker/drifter & spinnaker if you can. She's great for two to live aboard, three for an extended passage, four for a weekend or up to 10 for a daysail.

v berth is very comfortable and im 6'1"
we usually leave the cabin table down as a bed, but you have a different interior.

thanks for checking out the blog!
hey, i set up an islander 37 association web site: Islander 37 Sailboat Association | Information and Resources for Islander 37 Sailboat Owners and Friends in case you might want to sign up there. It is slowly gaining members.


tiburon 21-10-2011 23:01

Re: Islander MS 37 with Roberts 36 Rigging

I am not a marine architect, but do have an Islander 37MS. This is just my uneducated opinion.

I am understanding that you are considering moving the mast, boom, sails, stays and such from the Roberts to the Islander.

I don't think your new Islander "J" will =17.17
The islander has a keel stepped mast and the new mast would need to go in the same location as the old and the fore stay will attach to the same location on the islander's bow as before, so the "J would still =14.5. You would gain a little sail area on the jib from the extra height, but not much. I would not expect the Roberts Jib and Genoa sails to fit as the fore stay of the Islander with the new rig will be shorter then it was on the Roberts, and the clew would be rather high off the deck.

The "E" that you show of 15.5 is for the standard I37 not the MS.
The "E" for the I37MS is 13.5 so you should not have any issue on the main, as it should remain about the same sail area.

The "I" will only =44.83 if the mast of the roberts is about 2' longer then the islander as the Robers and The islander have different mast step to deck measurements, and "I" is from the deck up.

I would also check the mast to chain plate angle for the shrouds to make sure they match up and that the spreader width for the two rigs are the same.

So in general you should end up with almost the same rig as the original, with the exception of about 2' extra mast height. (if the mast is about 2' longer). The Roberts main sail will work and the islander Jibs and Genoas would work with a pendant.

The I37MS is a great boat, but it can be a bit tender and pick up a bit of weather helm with too much sail up, So I might wonder if a higher mast may make it a bit more tender yet.

My I37MS balances well and goes like a bat out a hell to weather, or on a reach with the standard rig, but needs a BIG sail out front to go downwind fast.

I should note that I have rebuilt my rig from the mast step up, and would not change the sail plan much. The original rig was a bit of a put together, and the boat would go fine but become rather hard to handle at all points of sail at 6-7 kts

Best of luck

James S 23-10-2011 00:59

Re: Islander MS 37 with Roberts 36 Rigging
Good stuff tiburon....welcome to the forum.

tiburon 23-10-2011 01:36

Re: Islander MS 37 with Roberts 36 Rigging

Thanks, glad to be here.

After reading you signature I had to take a look at your boat photos.
I was shocked. That is one beautiful boat. Almost made me feel like I was cheating on my old girl.

James S 23-10-2011 02:23

Re: Islander MS 37 with Roberts 36 Rigging
Thanks tiburon...I'd love to see pictures of your old girl...and your boat too :whistling:

James S 23-10-2011 05:57

Re: Islander MS 37 with Roberts 36 Rigging
I just found your pictures...I'm surprised to see an inside helm on a boat that size, very you use it often?

tiburon 23-10-2011 15:27

Re: Islander MS 37 with Roberts 36 Rigging
Only when it is cold, raining, or when I want to freak people out by docking with nobody at the helm.

Actually the inside helm is both a blessing and a curse. The inside helm is where I mount all the alarms and switches that I do not need ready access. But I also have to duplicate displays and gauges and such at both helms.
The radar, fish finder and GPS are hooked to a C-80 display on a swing arm in the companion way so it can be seen from both helms.
The at the helm nav display is a Garmin 4208 with a second GPS, compass, wind, log, auto pilot, and a forward looking sonar tied in with mounting stations on both helms. The display is quickly moved as needed. VHF is at the nav station with a remote at each helm. Setting this up with one helm would have been much simpler.

The steering is manual and the forward helm is connected to the quadrant with a large Morse cable. So I am looking for a bigger wheel for the rear helm. As it can get a bit tiresome to drag the inside helm around when outside. With the reduction gearing on the inside helm I do not notice the rear helm when inside.

But with all that said, on a boat this size on a cold night, or in a squall it becomes real nice to have a pilot house with an inside helm.

Sorry OP for hijacking your thread, I'll stop now......

zeehag 23-10-2011 15:42

Re: Islander MS 37 with Roberts 36 Rigging
if bruce king, is an awesome boat--my ericson is a bruce king design.

wow--i saw a pic of one--awesome cool boat--that looks bruce king-like--looks like the 40 and 44 -- the 44 was a transpac... and trans at boat.... the 40 can go anywhere--why shouldnt 37?? looks like its bigger sisters--i would trust it sooner than most of the modern liikalike-eachothers, actually.

Maisso 27-10-2011 13:17

Re: Islander MS 37 with Roberts 36 Rigging
Thanks for the imput TIBURON... Any pics available of your MS?


way-happy 29-10-2011 14:28

Re: Islander MS 37 with Roberts 36 Rigging
Yeah, the Islander 37 was the last boat that Bruce King designed for Islander before leaving them to design for Ericcson. so the Ericsons and the old Islanders are actually the same pedigree. the only things on the boat that I've found not to be really seaworthy are the unprotected spade rudder and the huge cockpit sole. A breaking wave that filled the cockpit would trap a lot of water. However the steps from the cockpit through the companionway to the cabin are so high that none of the water should have a chance to make it into the cabin. I would prefer a skeged rudder to the spade, but what are you going to do. Everything else is tough as nails. I'm sure that she'd cross an ocean in way better condition than I would!

tiburon 29-10-2011 19:26

Re: Islander MS 37 with Roberts 36 Rigging

I put some photos up and will add some more this week.

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