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Wishful Woman 23-09-2011 16:01

Wishful Woman Indeed !
Hi all,
I'm a newbie for sure, but with LOTS of enthusiasm and ready to learn a lot here and on my own with books, videos and more. I also look forward to the day I can give back to other new boaters! Here's the scoop ... a friend and I are looking at fulfilling a dream to have a live aboard boat in a warm climate. We'll continue to have a place in Virginia because of work and family members, but ideally we'll find a used motor yacht (40' ish) and choose a marina in Florida. We're leaning towards Ft. Myers area or northernmost Keys, but haven't really researched that yet either. I'll be posting questions in all the appropriate categories to seek tips on the best way to get it from it's origin (e.g. NJ) to Florida (trailer vs. cruise) either this winter or next spring, broker advice, tax tips and just plain old good advice you people have to offer! Is this just wishful thinking? I hope to fulfill my wishes and his too. We're great friends and life is too short not to act on our dreams. I know from all the threads I've read here you probably agree! Oh, and about 20 years ago I co-owned a Grady White 20'-21' 'Overnighter' but all I did really was sip wine and take naps while I got motored around on afternoon fishing trips. :whistling:

Looking forward to getting to know lots of you!

Khagan1227 23-09-2011 16:03

Re: Wishful Woman Indeed!
Welcome to CF W.W. :whistling:

Ask away!

Unicorn Dreams 23-09-2011 16:08

Re: Wishful Woman Indeed!
Welcome Aboard Cruisers Forum

GordMay 23-09-2011 16:13

Re: Wishful Woman Indeed!
Greetings and welcome aboard the CF, Wishful Woman.

Wishful Woman 23-09-2011 16:56

Re: Wishful Woman Indeed!
Thanks to all ... I'll be offline a while but not far away.

sailorboy1 24-09-2011 05:33

Re: Wishful Woman Indeed !
You live in VA but want a boat in warm weather. To some of us that is hard to understand! ;)

Wishful Woman 24-09-2011 07:14

Re: Wishful Woman Indeed !

Originally Posted by Don Lucas (Post 782257)
You live in VA but want a boat in warm weather. To some of us that is hard to understand! ;)

Yeah yeah yeah ... but do you know how cold the winters are here? Brrrrrrrr!!!! The warmer the weather, the less layers we have to wear. Just sayin' :whistling:

Ocean Girl 24-09-2011 08:58

Re: Wishful Woman Indeed !
Go for it, I don't know motor vessels too well but try posting a thread in the powerboat section.
Have fun!
Mrs. Rain Dog

delmarrey 24-09-2011 10:42

Re: Wishful Woman Indeed !
Some advice:

Warmer weather usually means more extreme weather conditions. As for the boat, unless your mechanically inclined a 40' power boat is going to be a mechanic's dream unless you have the funds for a new boat, or a well maintained older boat. At least they have heaters but wouldn't need it in FL. And learn to handle docking lines. That will save you some embarrassment right off!!!!! :thumb:

First thing you'll need to learn is the glossary/language for boating (not the swearing part :whistling:) then get your boating safety courses, even if they are not required. Then get some experience even if it's on someone else's boat/dock.

easterly38 24-09-2011 11:09

Re: Wishful Woman Indeed !

Originally Posted by Wishful Woman (Post 781941)
Oh, and about 20 years ago I co-owned a Grady White 20'-21' 'Overnighter' but all I did really was sip wine and take naps while I got motored around on afternoon fishing trips. :whistling:

Sounds like heaven to me!

Wishful Woman 24-09-2011 13:35

Re: Wishful Woman Indeed !
All good (and welcome!) advice, comments and more! :whistling:

I'm happy to report that I do stay awake at night reading books and iPad apps full of terms and the like, have already signed up for a safety course (even though it's not required) and know lots of spicy language! :devil: And while I don't have an ounce of mechanical knowledge in me, "I did sleep at a Holiday In Express last night!" Lol! Seriously, my better half knows just enough to have the nerve to take this plunge. But we both hope to learn more.

I was about to post about asking advice about using a buyer's broker but after searching the term, found prior threads on that topic. Hopefully a broker will have both expertise and access to records to help us find out more about some older ones we're considering making offers on, or even find something else that suits just as well (40' aft salon motor yacht $50K-ish), especially since the fee comes from the seller's side and it's rare that a seller won't work with a buyer's broker. We're not opposed to buying directly from a previous owner if the situation seems right, but we're leaning toward using a broker.

I did post about how the heck would be the best way to get a 40'-er from NJ (or elsewhere) to FL. A couple other boats we've seen online are in fresh water lakes. I just don't know what "problems" to look for. Wondering if there is there is a registry somewhere that we could search a history similar to the way you can search a VIN on a car for flood damage, etc.?

Oh well, I've gone on too long again. Thanks for reading.


David M 24-09-2011 14:00

Re: Wishful Woman Indeed !
There is no registry for looking up previous problems. What really is the most accurate thing to do is to find a boat you really like and are considering purchasing and then have a professional marine surveyor have a look. Hire your own surveyor so you know the survey is legitimate. It will cost you a few hundred dollars. It is worth the cost so that you know with certainty what you are purchasing and any possible problems which you or the seller needs to correct.

I don't think you need a buyers broker since there are so many sources for locating boats for sale. Why have one more finger in the pie plus you would not do this were it a $50,000 car. All you really need to hire is a surveyor before you make your purchase.

chris07732 24-09-2011 14:05

Re: Wishful Woman Indeed !
You need to be aware that he size of the powerboat you're looking at, 40' ish, almost automatically means expensive shipping. You won't find many 40' boats with beam less than 14' or heights less than 12' (bridge structure). Shipping will require over size load permits due to width and height, specialized handling at both ends, etc. $10k might be an estimate. Spending the $10k instead for a boat already in Fla waters will dramatically improve the condition/newness of any boat you could consider within your $50k budget.

Sam Plan B 24-09-2011 19:25

Re: Wishful Woman Indeed !
I don't know much about motor yachts. But if you would consider a motor sailor there are some good old boats around. A search for a Morgan 41 should turn up lots of boats. Also a Gulfstar 41 could meet your needs. Both are center cockpit with staterooms aft and forward. Lots of them wre built in the mid to late 1970's. Prices now would be from $30k to $65k depending on condition. You should keep in mind, any boat older than 10 years - regardless of condition - will be cash only. You will not be able to finance it conventionally. You may be able to borrow against your mutual funds account or something like that.

delmarrey 24-09-2011 20:16

Re: Wishful Woman Indeed !
For $50K, don't get your hopes too high. Concentrate on the running gear and stay away from wood at that price. It'll be a hard find for a 40' @$50K.

And yeah! Go to FL to find the boat at that price. you'll get a better deal and will not have to move it far. And diesels will be unlikely.

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