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SpeedoWarinFrk 16-08-2011 13:11

Am I Nuts ?
Well basically I only want to make one purchase of a sailboat so I am looking at currently a 1978 Formosa 51. I have done the research and know what the headaches are with that vessel.

Now am I nuts for going so big with my first boat? I plan on having a licensed captain train me and my wife on the vessel for at least 20 hours before attempting to sail her myself. I am not new to boating just to sailing lol. Eventually after getting a couple years in the north east under my belt with a couple friends that sail, I would bring her south from New York to Bermuda then down to FL, Bahamas then island hop the Caribbean. I can work from anywhere as most of what I do is online and over the phone so money isnt really an issue.

Should I get a smaller vesel to learn on then step up or should I just learn on the one I plan to keep?

sailorboy1 16-08-2011 13:35

Re: Am I nuts??
I don't think you are nuts to get the big boat to start with (I started on a 39'). But I think you should plan on having more experienced help in learning the sailing portion than 20 hours.

SpeedoWarinFrk 16-08-2011 13:59

Re: Am I nuts??
I have friends that sail that will be helping us along I just wanted the first 20 or so hours with a licensed professional that may have more patience than a friend lol

What do you guys know about the Formosa's I know they are chinese made and prone to some issues but do any of you have expierience sailing one? how do they sail? smooth? How do they handle at anchor? when at the dock do you need a ton of bumbers because they move alot?

capttman 16-08-2011 14:00

Re: Am I nuts??
We are all nuts....

Wavewacker 16-08-2011 14:38

Re: Am I nuts??
The boat sounds great! When you solo, make sure you contact the CG for the proper mariner warning for the area. I don't think you can have enough "bumpers", :D make sure they are all deployed before approaching the docks.:popcorn::popcorn::popcorn::popcorn:

Anzo 16-08-2011 14:43

Re: Am I nuts??
Is it the Captain Ron 51?

Bob Bitchin also had one. Seems you'd be in good company!

newboat 16-08-2011 14:45

Re: Am I nuts??
don't mind the negative types - if you are careful and respectful, take your time and don't "be a cowboy', you can learn with a big boat like that and enjoy yourself without killing yourself or anyone.
I would advise taking it slow and getting good advice, coaching and help from knowledgeable people. Those boats can be great and they can be a real nightmare with poor systems and lots of leaks etc. She is not going to be much of a light wind machine but very comfortable. Good luck and I hope you learn a ton and have a great time doing it-take it slow!

SpeedoWarinFrk 16-08-2011 14:54

Re: Am I nuts??

Originally Posted by Anzo (Post 752596)
Is it the Captain Ron 51?
1978 51' Formosa for sale in Clear Lake Shores, Texas USA

Bob Bitchin also had one. Seems you'd be in good company!

I was thinking about it but that one needs quite a bit of refurb for the asking price. It would have to survey really well in order to purchase it for the nostalgia lol.

Personally I just love the lines of that type of vessel keeping my options open but it would be cool to own the Wanderer.

SpeedoWarinFrk 16-08-2011 14:56

Re: Am I nuts??
Taking it slow.......... Isnt that the whole point? :thumb:

VirtualVagabond 16-08-2011 14:57

Re: Am I nuts??
Welcome to CF.
These are great liveaboard boats.
I just had a look at Yachtworld and there are a few 1978 models there.
If you are looking at Wanderer in Kemah, Tx, be prepared to throw a lot of money into the project.
On the other hand, if you are looking at the dark hulled one in Tacoma, Angelique, it's an excellent boat.
I happen to know 2 different people who know these boats well and have done restorations, who have looked at them. Just passing on their feedback.

There is also an owners group with people with loads of experience and helpful too. Force 50 and Formosa 51 Owners Group

David M 16-08-2011 15:06

Re: Am I nuts??
No...he is. :)

SpeedoWarinFrk 16-08-2011 15:14

Re: Am I nuts??
Thank you I will check them out over on the owners site as well. still waiting for a reply to post guess becasue I quoted a link...

bumoko 16-08-2011 15:16

Re: Am I nuts??
Wow what a great question. I am making a bid on a 41 foot Formosa tomorrow. have no sailing experience but have been on boats most of my life. i am currently taking all the classes possible. I plan on taking the boat out of the water for about two to three years so i can put hands on every inch of the boat. Also it will give me more time to sail on friends boats. I want to sail it to the south Pacific from Southern California.
Good luck on your adventure, I am looking forward to mine.

Noname1 16-08-2011 15:16

Re: Am I nuts??

so money isnt really an issue
If money truly is not an issue then what you want to do is workable .
remember a boat is a hole in the water in which you throw money.
That is a Big hole in the water.:thumb:
20 hrs isn't much. that's a big boat - don't underestimate with what you must deal

x-ray 16-08-2011 15:44

Re: Am I nuts??
20 hrs ???
well, make it 20 days, and you-ll be fine

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