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Northern Pike 11-08-2011 22:30

I Need Volvo MD2B Part
My Volvo Penta MD2B was damaged due to an oil pump failure. I am now searching for a crank-shaft and fly-wheel for the engine. It has less than 100 hrs on it, so is worth restoring. Can anyone help with sourcing these parts; say from another block with a different set of issues?:banghead:

Chief Engineer 12-08-2011 07:03

Re: I Need Volvo MD2B Part
Contact Vosbury Marine in Annapolis.....As for Dick

Northern Pike 12-08-2011 07:17

Re: I Need Volvo MD2B Part
Thanks Chief. I'll give then a try.:)

othernametaken 05-09-2011 23:31

Re: I Need Volvo MD2B Part
My MD2B died a while back, not sure the state of the crank, but the flywheel is sure there, big and green(ish) as ever. I will look into the crank shaft when I can get it out, probably not very soon though.

boden36 06-09-2011 02:27

Re: I Need Volvo MD2B Part
Unless you can get the parts for near nothing don't throw good money after bad. Buy something new.

kolbywhite28 06-09-2011 02:41

Re: I Need Volvo MD2B Part
You must take care of your Volvo MD2B Part so you dont have to buy again and again. Just make sure that you know how to handle it with care.:whistling:

Northern Pike 06-09-2011 11:39

Re: I Need Volvo MD2B Part
Thanks for the input friends. I did get my hands on a used MD2B. The crank-shaft and fly wheel were in perfect condition. The repair went well. The engine was re-installed and it ran for about an hour, then something sounded strange and BANG! The engine was removed and taken back to the Marine Mechanic (I could have and should have done the work myself. I know that engine like the back of my hand but didn't have the window of time necessary, so I let a local Marine Mechanic do the work) The diagnosis was that the governor flung appart and a piece fell into the timing gears and busted teeth and broke the main crank-shaft gear. They were given a chance to re-visit the repair and accept some responsibility for the damage. The engine is ready for re-installation. The story is on-going. I'll keep you posted. :banghead:

SVTwilight 01-10-2011 23:12

Re: I Need Volvo MD2B Part
I have three of these engines, two are for parts (no tranmissions and may be siezed), but off fresh water boats so very little rust. One is still running, burns no oil and has a newer starter; w/transmission, just more rusty. It was running fine when I took it out it just needs a new seal at the back of the transmission. roughly 450 hours smoh. Also has a fully operationl instrument panel which is hard to find. $1200 for all three. Just the fuel and water pumps and injectors are worth the price of admission here, plus I have many other spare parts, gaskets, rings, pistons, etc. Located near Cape Cod MASS.

GordMay 02-10-2011 07:52

Re: I Need Volvo MD2B Part
Greetings and welcome aboard the CF, SVTwilight.

Northern Pike 02-10-2011 11:32

Re: I Need Volvo MD2B Part
Thanks so much for the response my friends. As I wrote in my last post, the engine has been re-installed and fine tuned (valve clearance once warmded up). It is running very smoothly.

BTW-there is no way that the governor just flew apart and destroyed the gears (and it was the cam-gear not the crank-gear). As far as I can tell from all of the parts, the cam-gear may have had a hair-line fracture from the previously damaged and violently vibrating crank-shaft/bushings. Once re-installed, the engine ran smoothly for about an hour then the gear opened up and flung sections of itself into the governor and crank -gear.

I have a parts engine on hand now(purchased through this forum for $300 US). It had all of the components to repair mine. This engine is of the 1974 era, but has only seen about 100 hrs of actual service, as it was stored away in a shed for 30 years.

Now we get to enjoy the last few weeks of the season (Ontario Canada - we lift out the boats for winter storage in October). Thanks again.

"If it was easy, everyone would do it!":thumb:

SVTwilight 02-10-2011 19:07

Re: I Need Volvo MD2B Part

Originally Posted by GordMay (Post 787985)
Greetings and welcome aboard the CF, SVTwilight.

Thanks Gord, I enjoy the forum. I may post these on the regular classified site in case someone can use them.


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