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SkiprJohn 16-01-2007 10:32

Sincere Appreciation!!
I would like the people who make this forum possible know that I appreciate everything they do. I truly have been given invaluable advice and references by folks who visit this forum daily. I sincerely appreciate it.

Please, if you are a member of the forum and it is suggested that you have infringed the rules, apologize and don't do it again. Don't defend your actions. If you feel you've been wronged, be the bigger person and let it go. Join the discussions again using a different tact.

Thank you all for doing a great job keeping this forum alive.

Kind Regards,


Pblais 16-01-2007 14:05


Cruisers Forum is a great place because the people that actually know this stuff like to come and post here.

The staff here just sweep up and put the magazines back in the rack and try to pick up the beer cans. We all really do want this place to look good because it is a place you should want to come to so you can discuss issues with all the members here. We take this place as serious as most of the members that like to come here do.

We are nearly 4,500 strong. That makes for a lot of diversity and spans most of the globe. If you took all the boats and placed them end to end .... .

Zeus 16-01-2007 21:07

If I may, as someone who has zero experience on any s/v I have found the site to be very informative. I have noticed a few members/mods getting a bit testy but at some point we all do. I would have to agree with John. If you get in trouble learn a lesson. One thing I would like to see is when Mods get a little out of line another Mod/Helper should let them know. This is probably already being done with PMs, and that is the it should be handled. Again, thanks to all who make this formum what it is...Mods and members.
Thanks, Zeus

svHyLyte 17-01-2007 05:47

I have found this Forum to be very informative and helpful with a number of technical issues beyond my skill/experience level. I must add, however, that in the last few months it seems the BS Coeficient on postings has gotten rather high, particularly on matters entirely subjective. With this the Vituperance Coefficient also increases which eventually leads to decreasing participation, at least of the thoughful. Hopefully our moderators will "moderate" this effect. s/v HyLyte

Pblais 17-01-2007 07:25


Hopefully our moderators will "moderate" this effect.
Sorry we can't make posts any better than they start out. If you want really good stuff to read then we have to ask your help to find folks to write it. Perhaps the absence of material can encourage others to post new material they had not thought to post in the past. The alternative is to ask thought provoking questions that might generate something of interest.

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