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Jackp 27-07-2011 10:27

Coastal Cruising - Atlantic - Late November
:rolleyes: I am heading south for the first time to winter in the Bahammas from Virginia. My plan was to go to Beufort, NC and try to head south outside to Stuart, Fla. Any suggestions on weather windows? I am anticapating 5 to 7 days in a cruising cat.

SAMPATICO 27-07-2011 17:10

Suggest u leave from Ft Pierce. Stuart is quirky, river has shallows, don't know your draft.

zeehag 27-07-2011 17:19

Re: Coastal Crusing-Atlantic-late November
keep a weather eye out-----especially if you are leaving at this time of year.

Tom.B 27-07-2011 19:25

Re: Coastal Crusing-Atlantic-late November
Stay at Morehead City Yacht Basin and not the Beaufort Town Docks! (unless you are going to anchor)

Jentine 27-07-2011 20:03

Re: Coastal Crusing - Atlantic - Late November
I strongly recommend the advice of a weather router, i.e. Chris Parker or Herb Hilgenberg. Each has a good handle on the weather and will provide excellent guidance on your southward trip.

Bella Sera 28-07-2011 07:33

Re: Coastal Crusing - Atlantic - Late November
Have jumped off from Beaufort several times, but usually direct to Green Turtle Cay. Fort Macon is a good place to anchor if waiting for tides/current. If you do go along the coast, plenty of places along the way to duck if weather becomes an issue; have ducked in Masonborough Inlet, Winyah Bay, Charleston, Savanah River, Fernandina Beach, and St Augustine.

chuckr 28-07-2011 08:04

Re: Coastal Crusing - Atlantic - Late November
second Jetine - the big issue is the wx -- if you have ssb you can subscribe to chris parker and it will be the best $$ you ever spent - specially if you are going to spend the winter in the bahamas as there are few if any wx broadcasts there - unless you have a sat phone or some other device
and by the way the ssb becomes the party line to find out where everyone is and if you have a problem it is your way out or in as there are lots of folks down there that have them are would be happy to help
just our thougths and yes we do subscribe to chris
chuck patty and svsoulmates
currently in cartagena colombia

CruisingWriter 28-07-2011 08:49

Re: Coastal Crusing - Atlantic - Late November
I strongly agree with SAMPATICO. Use Fort Pierce Inlet instead of St. Lucie Inlet (near Stuart, FL). This latter seaward cut has been suffering through HUGE problems lately. Take a look at:

Cruiser's Net Archive Photos and Reports, St. Lucie Inlet, AICW Statute Mile 987


Cruiser's Net Archive St. Lucie Inlet NOT Recommended As Staging Site for the Bahamas (Statute Mile 988)

Good luck and good cruising!

Skip20 01-08-2011 11:13

Re: Coastal Crusing - Atlantic - Late November
I need help in finding a marina's name and address in Beaufort, South Carolina.

Bound south, turning left out of the Coosaw R. into Brickyard Cr. one comes to Lady's Island bridge, at Beaufort, South Carolina. Just before the bridge lies Factory Creek on the left. Turning into Factory Creek, what is the name of the first marina on the right?

Any information: name, address, telephone number would be so helpful.

Thank all ya'll in advance for putting on your thinking caps. Skip

CruisingWriter 01-08-2011 11:27

Re: Coastal Crusing - Atlantic - Late November
Hello Skip20:

You can find full details on Ladys Island Marina at:

Cruiser's Net Archive 36A. Ladys Island Marina

And, info on all Beaufort SC Marina faciltieis at:

Cruiser's Net Marinas SC9 – Beaufort, SC (Statute Mile 537)

Good luck and good cruising!

Scott730 02-08-2011 07:29

Re: Coastal Crusing - Atlantic - Late November
If you don't have a SSB onboard, you can buy a reciever for about $100, use it to listen to Chris Parkers reports, Staying just off the coast you will have no problem receiving VHF weather reports. The Gulf Stream is far enough off shore not to worry about and you may pickup a counter current to help you along. Your biggest problem will be watching for traffic. Lots of BIG boats take this route, night sailing can get interesting. Know your inlets and try not to enter with the wind against the current. Try to use class A inlets, like St. Mary, Port Canaveral, Fort Pierce, Lake Worth etc...

AnchorageGuy 02-08-2011 08:50

Re: Coastal Crusing - Atlantic - Late November
It's been a week since the original posting and the OP has not responded to any suggestions. If he has not left yet, a good eye on Emily might be in order. Chuck

Skip20 03-08-2011 08:04

Re: Coastal Crusing - Atlantic - Late November
Good morning Cruising Writer,
That information will help validate an article about a visit to Lady's Island Marina thirty years ago. Knowing about the Cruisers Net is invaluable for planning an upcoming trip along the ICW.
Wishing you a wonderful sailing season, Skip

CruisingWriter 03-08-2011 08:10

Re: Coastal Cruising - Atlantic - Late November
You are entirely welcome. Please let us know if we can supply you with any additional data, such as anchorages, bridge schedules or how to check cruiser to cruiser information exchange ("Cruising News") on our site.

Good luck and good cruising!

AnchorageGuy 03-08-2011 10:59

Re: Coastal Cruising - Atlantic - Late November
We lived at Lady's Island for a year and a half recently. It is the one of the best Marinas we have used and is much closer to groceries, hardware and other stores than the downtown marina in Beaufort. Great protection and a friendly staff. We highly recommend it. Chuck

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