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cat man do 28-07-2011 16:07

Re: How Safe Are Trawlers in Big Seas ?

Originally Posted by ChristiGrab (Post 739563)
I cannot believe you had the audacity to call me a liar

Can you point to the post where I called you a liar?
I think you lying when you say that I did

when I said that when we were there in 2008, we were told we'd be jailed if we didn't leave and that another sailboat crew was indeed arrested for returning due to big seas.
1) I have posted plenty of information saying that you can be arrested, but only if you have outstayed several Visa extensions, and usually by more than 60 days. Up until that point there is a fine.

2) If what you claim was correct, especially the arrest, surely there would have been some mention of it on sites like Noonsite: Indonesia

3) Here is an excerpt from a yacht that was there in 2008, they had no difficulty, I wonder why you were singled out?

Indonesia. We obtained our CAIT and support letter for our Social Visas through Bali Marina who were
helpful and efficient. Note that it is important to get a social visa as this is initially valid for two months
and can then be extended on a month by month basis for up to six months; we had ours extended in Ambon
with no difficulty.
Our visas were issued by the Indonesian Consulate in Kota Kinabalu; there is a
consulate in Tawau which can also issue visas. The visa took 24 hours to issue.
There are many accounts of yachts in Indonesia in 2008
None mention the difficulties you say you encountered.


Here is another excerpt from my upcoming book
You do mention this a lot
Perhaps you have embellished your account of what actually happened in the hope that it sells more copy?
Perhaps you simply misunderstood what "could" happen.

IslandHopper 28-07-2011 16:12

Re: How Safe Are Trawlers in Big Seas ?
I can guarantee more yacht crews have been rescued by (real) trawlers than the other way around....

hummingway 28-07-2011 16:51

Re: How Safe Are Trawlers in Big Seas ?
Thread closed.

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