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DaveOnCudjoe 24-07-2011 12:05

Cat Design Wanted
I'm looking for a cat design in the 40ft range with standing accommodations in the hulls but only berths with sitting headroom between the hulls. All help is appreciated. Dave

rberrey 24-07-2011 13:42

Re: Cat Design Wanted
I looked at a lot of sites when I searched for plans, I cant recall running across a cat in that size range that would fit your requirements. You might have to modify plans or look at tris, maybe the tristar xrc,s

Factor 24-07-2011 16:39

Re: Cat Design Wanted
One of the prettiest boats I ever saw was Elevation - It was 12 meters but was only 1.5 in the bridgedeck, Was based on schionnings wilderness design.

AntiqueTri 24-07-2011 17:18

Re: Cat Design Wanted
I saw a Kurt Hughes design, I believe it was the fast cruising 40, which was pretty much like that. sleek looking boat.

Blue Stocking 24-07-2011 17:32

Re: Cat Design Wanted
I have the study plans somewhere (had them more than 30yrs) for a Lock Crowther 37ft cat. Standing h/room in hulls, pop-top for bridge deck, with daggerboards. Looked like a big Tornado. with reverse sheer and transom hung rudders. PVC core with glass.

Howaya 24-07-2011 17:34

Re: Cat Design Wanted
Richard Woods' Banshee may fit the bill well. You may also look at several designs by John Shuttleworth.

Factor 24-07-2011 18:05

Re: Cat Design Wanted
BTW - Elevation was owned and built by Chris Watts at affinity multihulls in Victoria I am sure he would be happy to chat.

cat man do 24-07-2011 18:21

Re: Cat Design Wanted

Originally Posted by DaveOnCudjoe (Post 736490)
I'm looking for a cat design in the 40ft range with standing accommodations in the hulls but only berths with sitting headroom between the hulls. All help is appreciated. Dave

Almost every design fits the criteria, if you remove the turret that gives standing headroom.

Shawn Arber did do several designs close to 40ft with about 1.5m in the bridge deck area
Mark Pescott has done some as well

Abaco 26-07-2011 12:05

Re: Cat Design Wanted
I believe The Scape 40 fits your description.

mikereed100 26-07-2011 17:05

Re: Cat Design Wanted
Kurt Hughes has a couple open bridgedeck designs:

Kurt Hughes Multihull Design - Catamarans and Trimarans for Cruising and Charter

You might also look at the Searunner 40:

spiritcat 26-07-2011 18:25

Re: Cat Design Wanted
Check out Malcolm Tennant designs, they have a proven history and although he died recntly, the plans are still available.


jokinjoel 31-07-2011 10:08

Re: Cat Design Wanted
Ditto on the Kurt Hughes, Shuttleworth suggestions. Hughes' 36 looks like my dream boat. And the time savings for one off hull forming is attractive. The Moxie 37 is finally a production cat built like you describe. I hope they are successful. Simpson and Tennant have some cool looking designs too. I've been wondering about building in the Phillipines or Thailand even though I'm in Mexico right now. IMHO you are making good decisions. You apparently appreciate being able to go to weather. Seaworthy and standing head room on the bridge deck don't go together till you get well over 45'.

DaveOnCudjoe 31-07-2011 10:49

Re: Cat Design Wanted
Thanks for all the suggestions, the Hughes 36 is close to what I have in mind but just doesn't excite me as it should. If I proceed It looks like a custom design will be the way to go. Dave

Abaco 04-08-2011 11:24

Re: Cat Design Wanted

Jokinjoel made a good suggestion. Take a look at the Moxie 37. It's a pretty interesting open bridgedeck designed performance cruiser. Hull # 1 is on the market, in Fort Lauderdale.

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