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pkrawetzky 13-07-2011 12:18

1977 Crusader 454 350HP Engine Alarm
Engines rebuilt in 2004.

After a 3 1/2 hour trip from Mystic to Newport, 1 hour trip to Block Island, and 1 hour to Misquamicut beach for fishing, my starboard engine alarm started buzzing about 20 seconds after starting the engine to move to a different fishing spot for the 5th time.

All gauges read normal (oil pressure about 40, temp about 170 and 14 volts). These were the exact readings (or pretty close) to what I saw on the longer legs of the trip so I know the gauges were working. I checked the engine and found nothing out of the ordinary including hand touching the manifolds (just as hot as the port), risers and elbows. They all compared to the port engine. I know this is not the best possible way to check but it seemed logical.

Having found nothing and seeing the gauges were working, I proceeded back to the dock running at 3300rpm for 45 minutes. All worked well on the way back but the engine buzzer still sounded.

When I got back to the dock I turned off the DC power and disconnected the batteries for an hour on advice from a mechanic. Reconnected the batteries and turn the DC switches back on. Started the engine and the buzzer stayed on. I found the wiring diagram in my Crusader owners manual and it appears this alarm is hooked to the temp, oil pressure and trans temp sensors. I touched the tranny fluid and it was cool.

Since the manual doesn't come with troubleshooting, I'm not sure what sensor to test or how to test them. As long as my gauges are working, how can I override the engine alarm? I know that is not the best solution but I am always constantly checking my gauges.

I am looking for advice and not "you shouldn't have moved that boat with the engine alarm buzzer sounding". Even the manual states to check gauages and it's ok to operate if everything is working.

Thanks in advance for any advice.

motion30 13-07-2011 12:29

Re: 1977 Crusdaer 454 350HP Engine Alarm
well if you know where the sensors are, with the key on and the buzzer sounding disconnect one at a time untill you find the offending sensor replace it or trade it out out from the otherside to be sure it is bad

pkrawetzky 13-07-2011 12:46

Re: 1977 Crusdaer 454 350HP Engine Alarm
I wasn't sure if that would work. Not knowing how the resistence works inside the sensor and if the buzzer works on low or high resistence.

Ok I will definately try that.

Thank you very much for the advice.

pkrawetzky 16-07-2011 09:16

Re: 1977 Crusdaer 454 350HP Engine Alarm

Disconnected the low oil pressure sensor and turn the key on, no alarm. Reconnected, started the engine and the alarm continued. Replaced the sensor with 97767 and alarm no longer sounds! Thank you motion30 for the advice.

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