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jesperrosenberg 12-07-2011 03:57

Inexpensive in the Mediterranean
Could anyone guide me....?

Because I now live in Europe, I want to sail my 44 foot sailboat from Caribbean to the Mediterranean Sea so I can have more time cruising...

I have been looking at various websites about prices in marinas and possibilities to leave my boat when I'm not sailing around, and it is a jungle. HELP!!!

Which countries are cheap to leave my boat in?
Either at a mooring, on land or in a marina...

Thank you very much.

- Jesper :viking:

simonmd 12-07-2011 04:48

Re: Med...
I cant speak for the Eastern Med', Greece, etc. but can tell you that here in the Western Med', expect to pay between 30-50 euros on average per day. If you want long term mooring then deals are there to be had, here in Duquesa (Costa Del Sol), they'll give you a 45% discount for stays longer than 6 months. One of the cheapest is the new Alcadesa marina in La Linea (next to Gibraltar) but apart form electric, water and security, there are NO facilities, it's just somewhere to keep it.

Morocco is worth a look as well, as decent marinas like Smir are about 2/3 the price of Spain.

itdave5 12-07-2011 06:44

Re: Med...
Just looked at port smir on line. It looks good to me. My wife has already made her mind up and wants to stay for 6 months! Realy good prices and what looks like good service to.
We will hopefully be there in Late August early September.

jim_thomsen 17-07-2011 16:02

Re: Med...
Smir is a fine marina but there is really very little there. It would be fine if it was your base for other travels, but I think it may be a lonely place for 6 months. In Spain Almerimar is still a good deal I think. A couple of years ago our cost, for a winter stay was less than US$10 a day. It's also not really close to anything but there is a good size cruiser community there over the winter. There are a few pictures on our website: Home Page
Enjoy the's great!

touchngo 18-07-2011 00:41

Re: Med . . .
For the OP;

If it helps, Netsel Marina in Marmaris Turkey is around EUR4000 a year for a 40' berth. Yacht Marin across the bay seems to be a little cheaper.

Nearest airport is Dalaman (well served from airports across Europe) and is about a 90 minute transfer to/from Marmaris.

Cheers, PT.

DtM 21-07-2011 18:58

Re: Med . . .
Are you sure that leaving your boat on the African side of the Med makes a lot of sense in the present political climate?

There is mild unrest in Morocco at the moment but it could escalate.

Capt Phil 21-07-2011 23:13

Re: Inexpensive in the Mediterranean
Try K&G Med. Marina Management for a list of their marina locations. The Greek Islands are unaffected by the troubles that affect the rest of the Aegean continents. Wonderful, generous people who are only to happy to help in your establishment of a new cruising base... Capt Phil

Dockhead 22-07-2011 02:27

Re: Inexpensive in the Mediterranean
Turkey has the best price/value relationship for berthing and other marine services of any place in the Med, in my opinion.

Marinas are generally very modern and very high quality, very well managed. And they are very cheap compared to other places in the Med or even compared to the U.S.

And the Turkish Aegean coast is one of the most beautiful and interesting cruising areas I have ever seen.

Besides that, you have good transport infrastructure and cheap flights to other European countries.

Besides that, you have very good local food, very friendly people, low crime rate, and in general everything is very civilized and yet very inexpensive.

Can't really go wrong with Turkey.

Hampus 22-07-2011 02:59

Re: Inexpensive in the Mediterranean
Just remember that 6 months is the longest the boat can stay in Morocco without you having to import it and pay the tax. It is sometimes possible to extend that period but that has to be arranged beforehand.


simonmd 22-07-2011 03:01

Re: Med . . .

Originally Posted by DtM (Post 734849)
Are you sure that leaving your boat on the African side of the Med makes a lot of sense in the present political climate?

There is mild unrest in Morocco at the moment but it could escalate.

Stop believing everything you see on CNN. Morocco is fine and will stay that way. The present King of Morocco is well liked and respected and the country and it's people are doing well. I've visited a few times in the past year and spoken to many locals, they all are very positive about the countries future.

There was bit of trouble in Northern Island a few weeks ago, should we all avoid the UK based on that?

Hampus 22-07-2011 07:39

Re: Inexpensive in the Mediterranean
I wouldn't have a problem leaving the boat in Morocco for a few months. We spent nearly three months cruising Morocco last year, leaving Agadir for the Canaries on new years eve.

There are a few issues though. It's true that the country is doing well compared to many of it's neighbours but civil unrest in neighbouring countries could spread even to Morocco. There's a severe penalty for criticising the king in public which explains why everyone's so happy with him, especially when talking to tourist.

athene 22-07-2011 10:12

Re: Inexpensive in the Mediterranean
You don't state your national flag, which obviously affects how long you can stay, but I endorse the suggestion of considering Turkey. It's no longer as cheap as when we first went there, but you can still get an annual marina contract for a 44-foot boat for around Euros 3,400 at the Setur Marina in Kusadasi, for example.

beneteau-500 23-07-2011 14:08

Re: Inexpensive in the Mediterranean
i would second dockheads coments having spent 17yrs in greece i have bailed out now from there as costs have risen and all the marina charges will start to rise(oct 16th2011) due to govt tax increases turkey does represent good valve i did consider Croatia for this coming winter but they were some 2800 euros more than what i would pay in turkey for my size yacht

Capt Phil 23-07-2011 14:19

Re: Inexpensive in the Mediterranean
beneteau-500s info on Greece is more current than mine... I would go with his advice... cheers, Capt Phil

jesperrosenberg 28-07-2011 05:03

Re: Inexpensive in the Mediterranean
Thanks everyone for the debate/suggestions. If you have more ideas, please post them... :viking:

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