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Iain 09-12-2006 16:09

What type of Marine Speakers should I buy?
What type of sterio speakers would you recomend???
I have been looking mainly at box speakers because I don't want to drill any more holes in my boat then I have too. Should I be worried about speakers messing with my compass and autopilot??

Alan Wheeler 09-12-2006 20:26

What sort of music quality do you require. If just good alround quality, I would go for the little box type speakers you can get from your local appliance shop. They usually (and ensure you do get) have plastic cones and are plastic boxes with a plastic or similar grill. I have found these to be very good on boats. Most of the consumer electronics like Panasonic, Sony etc have good versions of these. If you want to spend some money, there are dedicated Marine versions. And really that is a good rule of thumb. Pretty much the more you spend, the better the quality. Bose have a very small satilite speaker, but very expensive and you have to have the sub to make it perform. So then you are int0 a system and Bose is expensive. Majestic make a copy of the Bose satilite speaker and it is sold on its own. I haven't heard it, so I don't know what it is like. It is designed to be run on a "car radio" system. Any speaker will run on a "car radio" system, so don't think you can't run a home HiFi speaker.
I can name many if you want inwall/ceiling mounts, but not so many have box speakers. And I think most of the car box speakers sound crap.

Talbot 10-12-2006 00:39

I bought 4"x6" JBL car speakers and then mounted them in bespoke 5/8" marine ply boxes. The resultant sound quality was great. Frequency response would have been better with bigger speakers, but these were less intrusive, and perfectly acceptable compared to most systems.

Jon D 10-12-2006 06:01

While you won't get deep bass from these Niles and B&W both make a real good outdoor box speaker. Not cheap but we have used the Niles in the past and were very statisfied. Most of the music we listen to is Jazz and Rock & Roll.

senormechanico 10-12-2006 10:14

I bought some Babb 6 x 9 marine speakers back in '93 for about $100 each. After making sure the compass was out of range of the magnetic fields, I got real brave and cut holes in the cockpit coaming facing out which put them into unused spaces in the boat. I then stuffed the space with sound deadener insulation, sealed the speaker interface with the boat and had killer sounds in the cockpit. The boat was sailed offshore and the speakers often went under green water, but they survived perfectly intact. I don't even know if the company is still in business but I loved those speakers.
At anchor in Mexico, we used to watch movies in in the cockpit in VHS Hi Fi stereo while eating popcorn and sitting in our bean bag chairs. Ah, memories!

Alan Wheeler 10-12-2006 10:29

Talbot, the freq response has nothing to do with the speaker size. The main issue with Car speakers is that they are designed to work in a space that is not sealed well. So they don't tend to work well when sealed in a box. There are some tricks that can be done to extend the low freq cutoff, but to do it right is complicated and you have to know some specs of the speaker that is not readily available to the consumer. I have a special $10K programme that works all those specs and tells you what to do for box volume and porting and so on.

The absolute minimum distance should be at least 3ft away from a compass and the further the safer.

Weyalan 10-12-2006 14:49

It is definitely worth buying "marine" speakers. I have some Sony marine speakers that are great. Bear in mind that (a) it is important to match your speakers impedance to suit your stereo. It is also not worth putting huge high-powered speakers unless you have a battery bank the size of lake michigan!

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