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Johnathon123 09-05-2011 15:11

Disappointed !
I have always valued this community, many members here have guided, advised, heckled (in good humor), consoled and HELPED.

Recently I asked your collective opinions on a boat which was on the other side of the world from me.

By the time I got my bits and pieces together AND booked a flight it had been a week.

I rang the broker the night before I was to leave.

The boat was sold.

And I quote "some idiot posted a query about the boat on CF and it just went nuts"

The boat sold for $10k more than the asking price!

I don't know if it was a member or a lurker. But I do know I wasn't asked if I was through with it.

I know the old adage, "you snooze you loose" but I thought I might warn everyone about my experience.

It has taken me a few weeks now to "calm down", I may have found another boat, but I cant risk telling anyone except people I can trust via PM.

To those that have helped THANK YOU to those at whom this is directed :rolleyes::p

Blue Stocking 09-05-2011 15:22

Re: Disappointed!
Sorry you lost the boat.

Posting on the InterNet is like feeding pigeons in the park. No mercy there.

David_Old_Jersey 09-05-2011 15:37

Re: Disappointed!
If it's any consolation, thanks to your post I have now discovered CF has a sub forum called "Our Community" :rolleyes:

Johnathon123 09-05-2011 15:41

Re: Disappointed!
Yeah, hopefully I won't be such a fool next time

David: that's hilarious. My work here is done!

hummingway 09-05-2011 15:43

Re: Disappointed!
That's tough James. I don't think you're the first to have it happen to them. Probably when asking questions about a boat you are interested in it's better to do so in a way that doesn't let people find the specific boat. Copy pictures rather then link to them and don't mention the location of the boat or price.

Hopefully the next time it will go better.

John A 09-05-2011 15:44

Re: Disappointed!
Sorry for your bad luck but right now there are 199 members logged on and 1497 lurkers.
This might serve as a warning to everyone of the transparency of remarks posted on a general forum.
Kind of like exchanging private pictures on Utuibe.

WillJacocks 09-05-2011 15:47

Re: Disappointed!

Originally Posted by John A (Post 683271)
Sorry for your bad luck but right now there are 199 members logged on and 1497 lurkers.
This might serve as a warning to everyone of the transparency of remarks posted on a general forum.
Kind of like exchanging private pictures on Utuibe.

You wouldn't happen to know anything about THAT now, would you? :whistling::D

To the original poster, man that really does suck! Sorry that happened to you!

Lancerbye 09-05-2011 15:47

Re: Disappointed!
That's is indeed a bummer. Wish you better success for the next one.

shadow 09-05-2011 15:48

Re: Disappointed!
I hear ya Honathon123, we are currently in the same stage of looking for boats and being in NZ, everything is at least 12 hours flight away. Tons of people here have been amazing at assisting us, but some of the brokers are really flakey, others were outstanding and continue to be!!

We are really learning the hard way some of the sad stories on these boards about brokers being lazy, not forthcoming, etc.. Best case scenario would be that I would have the time and money to be local at all of these sites to check out the boats myself, but that alone would cost more than the boat itself, in the long run...

I wish you the best as we are in the exact same position, not nearly at the point of booking a flight and the night before... MAN, I would be livid too!!! Keep us posted or PM me..

boatman61 09-05-2011 16:10

Re: Disappointed!
Hard luck Johnathan... someone got a free ride there..

Target9000 09-05-2011 16:16

Re: Disappointed!

David_Old_Jersey 09-05-2011 16:17

Re: Disappointed!
Oh, I forgot to ask - do you have a link to "Your" thread / boat? :whistling:

jim767 09-05-2011 16:26

Re: Disappointed!
Sorry about that.

When I bought the Skookum I asked a couple of general questions here AFTER the deposit had been accepted.

The broker, who is now a friend, reported a similar upswing in inquiries and even offers. He has since asked if I could make similar inquiries about other boats, in jest, of course.

You know, "Loose lips...."

Better luck next time.

Dragon Lady 09-05-2011 16:37

Re: Disappointed!
James, I really feel for you.
I know when I was buying our cat, I got quite worried when someone posted that they were following my path to the same model cat.
You really have to play your cards close to your chest when you're onto a good deal.
I really hope this next boat works out for you and maybe it will be better than the one that got away.

Mark1977 09-05-2011 16:49

Re: Disappointed!
Sorry....... but I do like my new boat............

just kidding.... just kidding
Good luck on the next one.

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