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Safari38LH 04-05-2011 18:15

Rule Mate 500 Auto
I have just installed a Rule Mate 500 Auto pump in my bilge on a Little Harbor 38. The bilge is not that large and the pump might be 4-5 or so feet below the outlet which is above water. I first installed it without any check valves but the pump when on auto will not turn off after pumping everything out. If I switch it to manuel and then back to auto it does stay off. I thought maybe the "head" of water still in the hose was causing this so I did install a check valve. Unfortunately the pump still will not shut off on it's own. I did try the pump in a bucket and it does turn off correctly after 5-10 seconds when taken out of the water so then float does work in perfect conditions.

Any ideas? This is the new Rule Mate 500 with the special no oil float.

GalvestonBay 04-05-2011 19:47

Same problem here. Spent a lot of time and money on trying to make this work. Strangely enough the second pump I installed at a higher level works without problems. Just today had a call with the mechanic and we decided to give up and go back to the traditional separate float switch connected through the three way switch (on/off/auto). My guess is that these pumps are very sensitive to even a minimum of dirt. I didn't like the lack of testing possibility without getting in the bilge and pushing the little test button.

Juniper 05-05-2011 06:46

Re: Rule Mate 500 auto
I had one of those, it's not a float, it's a load sensor, that water in the hose keeps a load on the motor, it may stop some times, other times it won't,
These things are not good, use a float or electronic switch,
thy one of these SEASENSE #UNM-50010425 PUMP BILGE 800 12V AUTOMATIC PUMP 3/4" OUTLET

HopCar 07-05-2011 17:08

Re: Rule Mate 500 Auto
Hi Juniper, I don't think he has one of those Rules with the load sensor. You're right, those were awful. They turned on for a couple of seconds every two minutes or so. The noise would drive you nuts!
I think Safari38LH has one of the new Rule-Mate RM500A pumps. It has some sort of magic water sensor. Here is how Rule describes it:
"When water enters the bilge and reaches a certain height (2-3/4 inches) a sensor turns the pump on. After the water is pumped out, another sensor shuts the pump off.
The sensor's unique "field effect" technology is programmed to recognize the dielectric constant of water only. In the event of an onboard oil spill, straight motor oil that enters the bilge will not turn the pump on." I don't know what all that means but Johnson and Whale have come out with similar systems. The older Rule-Mate RM500 had a real float switch in it and was pretty reliable. I work in a marine store and sell these things so the feed back from the real world that I get here is very helpful. On a personal note I did install one of the new "Magic" Rule-Mate pumps on my boat and it works fine. It does seem to run a little longer than it needs to. Maybe the magic sensor needs time to dry? I have no check valve in the discharge line so water does run back when it shuts off. If you are unhappy with your Rule-Mate take it back to the dealer. Jabsco / Rule has a very liberal return policy.

amytom 07-05-2011 19:30

Re: Rule Mate 500 Auto
Along this same line...

what is the preferred float switch? It's time to replace the switches on my boat as they don't always turn on when they should.

capngeo 07-05-2011 19:57

Re: Rule Mate 500 Auto

Originally Posted by amytom (Post 682191)
Along this same line...

what is the preferred float switch? It's time to replace the switches on my boat as they don't always turn on when they should.

I like Sure Bail

GordMay 08-05-2011 06:09

Re: Rule Mate 500 Auto
Ultra PumpSwitch

TEF-GEL - Ultra safety systems - Home page

amytom 08-05-2011 19:03

Re: Rule Mate 500 Auto

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