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hummingway 28-04-2011 13:39

A Little Windy
Looks rough out on Lake Ontario today. Hope everyone's snugged down: - VideoZone

zeehag 28-04-2011 13:48

Re: A Little Windy
is a gale warning here as well-- to be 45 kts outside where i wanna be sailing at present...will prolly be deadcalm when i am able to again drop lines and sail..LOL

kenny chaos 28-04-2011 14:03

Re: A Little Windy
Gusts up to 60mph took the roof of the old smoke house which 'bout
gave poor Bruno a heart attack. Sucks to be those down south though.

Connemara 28-04-2011 15:32

Re: A Little Windy
Didn't see the lake, but it was some windy in my back yard 1,500 metres north.
I was half expecting to see some of the trees come down.

Calm now, though.


witchcraft 29-04-2011 04:04

Re: A Little Windy
It certainly was windy, hit 77knts at the local yacht club for several short periods of time! Traffic lights blew off the standards, truck or two overturned. My outside display of inflatable boats broke their mooring and took off for some land sailing! windy this morning, but not that windy certainly.
Fair Winds

Connemara 29-04-2011 07:21

Re: A Little Windy
Globe sez bunch of high-schoolers were rowing in Hamilton harbour when it hit. Blew the support boat away from the rowers and capsized a scull. No one hurt but a close call.


gonesail 29-04-2011 07:44

Re: A Little Windy
the killer front came thru north florida last night .. but it had nothing left but a few showers. we had much needed rain and now beautiful :thumb:

zeehag 29-04-2011 14:37

Re: A Little Windy
uhoh....more coming.. sorry, safe.

1000 islands 03-05-2011 08:43

Re: A Little Windy
Lots of downed trees and missing shingles........thankfully we just lost our pagoda.

knottygurl 04-05-2011 02:51

Re: A Little Windy
I was in port Dover and watched 4 boats get blown over, gusts to 75 mph was incredible

SurferShane 03-06-2011 03:07

Re: A Little Windy
The western side of Lake Macquarie NSW Australia coped a hiding over the last few days as a vicious low formed off the mid north coast. It is the first time my dingy has entirely filled with rain water (then more than once). Gladly, the skies are now clearing and the howling east to south winds have abated to a gentle offshore.

imagine2frolic 03-06-2011 06:16

Re: A Little Windy
We had bumper boats here in the anchorage in Panama. It only got up to about 25 knots. I think the problem here is lots of people on a short scope due to the tidal range of 15+ft., and it was close to high tide.......i2f

Phisher 03-06-2011 06:29

Re: A Little Windy
We are in the keys trying to catch some Mahi and it is 15-25 knots with higher gusts! 10 foot plus in the gulfstream!! Guess we will have to chase some Tarpon..

Phisher 03-06-2011 06:30

Re: A Little Windy
Welcome to CF Richie.

*In case you're wondered, Richie was a "sig spammer" and is no longer with us.

boatman61 03-06-2011 06:38

Re: A Little Windy
Well its pleasant enough here in Portugal right now... but there's gonna be a SW on the nose for me late Wens onwards as I bring a 29ftr across the Biscay next week from the Brest area.... "Baylocks....:banghead:"
Just hope its no stronger than the 25-30kts forecast so far...:rolleyes:

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