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landonshaw 31-03-2011 08:07

Hanging Lengths of Rope off of a Stanchion
I am trying to find out where to purchase an attachment that I saw on a boat that I delivered to Trinidad last week. The owner had a very nice way of storing excess rope lengths so that they did not get in the way. I forgot to get a picture so will try to describe the attachment.
The item was made out of plastic and attached to a stanchions. To secure, two simple half round pieces fit around the stanchion and were screwed together to hold in place.
On the outside of this attachment, facing the inside of the boat, there was a plastic flap that formed a space (circle) of about 2 inches that could be unhooked and one side of a coiled rope could be placed into this opening. This flat flap of plastic would then be latched to the upper piece of the circle that it formed and the rope hung from the stanchion very neatly. This worked well when all you wanted to do was to clean up the long lengths of rope.
I am sorry if the description is poor. If this is unclear, any ideas on how to tidy up the deck from those long lengths of rope? Dave

speciald@ocens. 31-03-2011 08:15

Re: Hanging lengths of rope off of a stanchion
I have one. I bought it at the Annapolis Boat Show. The company made all kinds of plastic devices. Unfortunately, I don't have the name of the company but they have a website catalog.

GordMay 31-03-2011 09:04

Re: Hanging Lengths of Rope off of a Stanchion
Nylon Stanchion Cleat (Barton #PLB52100)
MarineStore: Barton Stanchion Cleat Nylon 111mm

Stanchion Mount Cleat
Stanchion Mount Cleat

landonshaw 31-03-2011 11:02

Re: Hanging Lengths of Rope off of a Stanchion
Thank you for the suggestions. This device was not a cleat. You would place the rope inside a plastic loop that opened at the top and then snap it closed with one side of the coiled rope in it. It is probably sold at boat shows if still available.

landonshaw 31-03-2011 11:20

Re: Hanging Lengths of Rope off of a Stanchion

This is close to what I am trying to explain. Except for the material here holding the rope is an adjustable fiber. I was trying to discribe the same thing in plastic that does not adjust. This was from the site GordMAy gave. Thanks.

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