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44'cruisingcat 11-11-2006 18:20

"Very Inneficient Multihulls?"
Last paraghraph of an interview with Juan Kouyoumdjian .(Designer of some quick boats)

At end of article they asked: "What is future of canting-ballast

He replied:
"It depends on acceptance. I could argue that a canting-keel monohull
is a very inefficient multihull. Imagine canting a keel to leeward
and instead of ballast you have air. You would achieve the same
increase in righting moment in a lighter solution, and in fact you get a
multihull. Our sailing community is divided, and choices are made on
style or fashion; otherwise we'd all be sailing multihulls"

So are monohulls really just poorly designed multhulls?

Tropic Cat 11-11-2006 18:41

I love it

Rick in Florida

savvy 11-11-2006 21:11

That's great!

Canibul 12-11-2006 04:11

I thought monohulls were multihulls that ran out of money...

amberdell 12-11-2006 10:53

that's why they're called 'half-boats'

RandyAbernethy 12-11-2006 16:34

Please make sure that my stateroom is in the main hull, not the canting one...

GordMay 13-11-2006 10:41

Monofoil ~ designed to reach top speed in excess of 100 knots

Designed by UK aero-engineer Jonathan Howes, the Monofoil has a (single) fuselage that lifts out of the water during acceleration, causing the boat to fly across the surface of the water. A rigid wing structure provides the lift and drive, and the foil is the only thing that remains in contact with the water. The Monofoil, which begins to fly at speeds of around 46kt, will compete with catamarans, trimarans and monohulls and is set to challenge every short course ocean passage and race record.

According to the company, initial testing of the Monofoil has produced exciting results and construction of the full-scale version is already well advanced. Together with a full-scale mock-up, the main wing has been built and all the molds for the main composite components have been produced. The build schedule is expected to be completed in September 2007, with Monofoil set to make its first record attempt the 500 meters outright speed record in April 2008.
For more information, visit the Monofoil website at

cat man do 13-11-2006 18:33

2 Attachment(s)
Maybe something similar to these Gord

44'cruisingcat 13-11-2006 19:51

Wow. Interesting sailplan.

It has "whiskers" and "paws" sounds like a cat to me....

yotphix 13-11-2006 21:10


Imagine canting a keel to leeward
and instead of ballast you have air. You would achieve the same
increase in righting moment in a lighter solution,
Or to look at it another way, you guys are sailing around in monohulls with fancy keels. Kind of like the difference between the tension spokes of a bicycle wheel and the compression spokes of an automobile wheel.

GordMay 14-11-2006 00:18

Except it's wind-powered.
Goto their website - it's a rather odd looking creature.

GreatKetch 14-11-2006 16:16

On the other hand...
I could turn the original point around and suggest that if the boat design was REALLY good in the first place it would only have required one hull! :devil:

Tropic Cat 19-11-2006 07:23

Gord, if ya need a pilot's license can it really be called a monohull?

Rick in Florida

44'cruisingcat 19-11-2006 15:13

I would call it a fuselage, not a hull.

mudnut 19-11-2006 22:54

Well,the Polynesian's will be glad to know that the out-rigger still exsists in modern technology.Mudnut.

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