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troppo 15-03-2011 01:51

12vdc Vacuum Cleaner ?
Any suggestions for a small 12v vacuum cleaner? I want one for general floor cleaning in my boat; sand, hair, dust and fluff. My wife has long hair and at home it gets into the rollers on chairs, vacuum cleaner head, etc and binds them to a stop. I am thinking if I let that go down into the bilge, the pump aren't gunna last long.

I had thought of something like this would be good: Captiv12V Portable Vacuum - Floorcare - In The Home

However, it needs 240v to charge up its 12v battery. Unless I change it from 12v internal battery power and make a cord to plug it straight into the boat battery then it is not much use to me.

Then there is this one:

I have seen similar being sold via dubious junk auction sites so do not know if it is any good or if there are heaps of copy types and somewhere there is an original type which works well.

Any ideas?

Wand 15-03-2011 02:01

Re: 12v Vacuum cleaner?
The 12 volt gear isn't up to much imo troppo. But I do recommend the 18 volt Ryobi One+ package. The one battery powers lots of tools (drill, sander, grinder etc) and a vacuum. It's a good little sucka! See here: Ryobi - 18V ONE+ Hand Vac

Johnathon123 15-03-2011 02:55

Re: 12v Vacuum cleaner?
Hi mate, I had the whitworths one on an earlier boat. It does nothing, is noisy and is all in all better as a fruit bowl IMHO.

Mark Johnson 15-03-2011 03:42

Re: 12v Vacuum cleaner?
Of the 12v corded vacs, Practical Sailor reviews favored the Black and Decker PAV1200W.

EllanVannin 15-03-2011 03:44

Re: 12v Vacuum cleaner?
Gifts For The Home - Portable Vacuum Cleaner :: EziBuy (NZ)

We have this one, plugs straight into 12v socket. Fantastic sucky motor, picks up all my icky hair. Large dust collection in bottom half. One downside is the hose is quite rigid and does not bend when you are using it which drives me to distraction so I intend to marry up my flexi hose off home vacuum when we move aboard next month. (Diameter of regular hose may however affect performance of said sucky motor!)

I see they are sold out where I got mine, but maybe the pic will help you identify a similar model else where.

Good Luck
S/V Ellan Vannin

Pblais 15-03-2011 03:57

Re: 12v Vacuum cleaner?
The battery pack versions are going to have more power. We like the Swiffer rechargable vac. It does dog hair. The non powered Swiffer dust mop is pretty effective and for a boat can get in between things easier than a real vac could. Uses both wet and dry pads. The dry pads are statically charged and the mop collapses small. This is a good tool to have. Cheap light and no electricity required.

We do also have a small dirt devil AC vac I use on cars and take to the boat as well. Too big to tote along on a big trip even though it is smalll. You'll never get enough suction on a 12 volt unless you could get one toy crank up 50 amps or more.

amytom 15-03-2011 04:26

Re: 12v Vacuum cleaner?
I've had good luck with a DeWault 18V hand vac. The little hand one no the small shop vac size. They are quite proud of it though $$$$$$.

tartansail 15-03-2011 04:50

Re: 12v Vacuum cleaner?
If you can find it, this month's Practical Sailor reviews both 12v plug-in and handheld rechargeable vacs. I don't have it with me so don't recall all the details. In general, they preferred the rechargeable cordless to the corded 12v. Among the rechargeables, their suggestion was that, if you already have 18v cordless tools, go with the associated vac. I have the Makita on order since I already have the charger and spare batteries. As Mark said, they liked the Black and Decker of the corded vacuums.

goboatingnow 15-03-2011 04:51

Re: 12v Vacuum cleaner?
I fitted an invertor and now use a small domestic electrolux, never going back


kenny chaos 15-03-2011 07:39

Re: 12v Vacuum cleaner?

Originally Posted by goboatingnow (Post 643408)
I fitted an invertor and now use a small domestic electrolux, never going back


120v Bissell 3 in 1

Olorin 15-03-2011 07:51

Re: 12v Vacuum cleaner?
We've got an inverter and a Hoover upright.
The girlfriend loves it, I hate it.
It draws 65 amps at 12 volts out of the batteries.
When she's running it you can almost see the solar panels bending trying to keep up.:D

troppo 16-03-2011 02:01

Re: 12v Vacuum cleaner?

Originally Posted by Mark Johnson (Post 643375)
Of the 12v corded vacs, Practical Sailor reviews favored the Black and Decker PAV1200W.

Interesting, I have checked the Australian Black & Decker site and they have a PAV1205 model. I have emailed them to ask if it is the same and who sells it. I did a search for sellers in Australia and can't find any.

clockwork orange 16-03-2011 05:59

Re: 12vdc Vacuum Cleaner ?
I have Ryobi 18v one plus system also which i find perfect for the boat as it has real drills,impact drivers etc comparable in quality any other brand but also an excellent flashlight and two different vacuums,the little handheld shown in post#2 and a very good wet or dry shop vac style one which has the usual attatchments such as brush and crevice tool which are useful on boats.I really like this stuff as the batteries are half the price of most and ive got over 4yrs out of them using them every day in a boatbuilding setting with the old batteries and when they upgraded to lithium iron they still fit with the old tools just reqiring a different charger which was only like $30. I have a charger which charges the batteries off the 12v boat system. They also have a hand held spotlight.

capn_billl 16-03-2011 07:16

Re: 12vdc Vacuum Cleaner ?
I use the Ryobi also, the beam light, drill, and hand vac never leave the boat. The 18v battery pack charger runs off of the inverter, and always has a battery charging on it. I have a dust devil vac in a hold also, but never seem to use it. The Ryobi vac is too handy.

Wakadui 26-03-2011 19:37

Re: 12vdc Vacuum Cleaner ?
Buy a Dewalt DC515B 18V Cordless 1/2 Gallon Wet/Dry Portable Vac .

Works great and gives you an excuse to collect more of those cool yellow cordless power tools!

Practical Sailor notes it is a bit noisy... but have you ever met a quite vacuum?

Here is the link...
DC515B 18V Cordless 1/2 Gallon Wet/Dry Portable Vac (Tool Only) | DEWALT Tools

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