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Catamount 10-01-2011 04:30

Some Ads Are Really Really Slow . . .
The Network Solutions advertisements in particular are really, really slow to load, and put my browser into total stasis while waiting. Can anything be done, like dropping that advertiser or getting them to develop faster-loading ads?

mintyspilot 10-01-2011 05:17

Use Firefox for your browser and install the Adblock Plus add-on (click Tools | Add-ons then "Get Add ons" and enter AdBlock Plus" and follow the instructions)

After installation, AdBlock will appear as a small red octagon in the top right. By clicking this it presents a menu and select Open Blockable Items and it gives you a list. Click on the offending advertiser and select either just that advert or a more generic name to block an entire advertising service no matter which website it appears on.

It's amazing how much your browser speeds up..... AdBlock will even install a generic list on installation if you tick the appropriate box.

sww914 15-01-2011 10:35

Thanks a lot! That helps. I didn't even know about it.
I guess I need to geek up more, or geek off, or geek out, or maybe geek around?

CraigInMpls 15-01-2011 11:05

The trick I use is to install Google Chrome and allow absolutely no add-ins, especially Flash. For the occasions when I need to allow add-ins, mostly for video, I use Internet Explorer with Flash and other add-ins enabled.

Flash seems to be the major culprit in browser crashes and slow loads. works just fine with zero add-ins. Plus, Chrome seems way, way faster than I.E. for typical web browsing. Chrome downloads and installs quickly and effortlessly.

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