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wandoo1 10-10-2010 16:42

Challenge: Moisture Control
Does anyone have any advice on what type of silica sachets/ moisture abosorbing bags to use on board in salt air. we want to put them in our clothes drawers, vaccum bags of extra clothes, around the electrics etc. we definately need bags/sachets. i just didn't know if there are better ones to use for salt air/ moisture, before i go andorder a box of 100.

Blue Stocking 10-10-2010 16:58

This may be a stretch, but if you have a window manufacturer in your area, see if you can get the dessicant with which they fill the spacer in insulated glass units.
It looks like a mixture of kitty litter and silica gel, but has a broader absorbsion and drying range. Or so the warranty says!!

aychbawdy 19-11-2010 06:47

Any boating in warmer climates will , in time, drive a sane person to
purchase an airconditioner. can watch the humidity rot your clothes.

The moisture absorbent just ain't up to the task....and in proximity to electrical can
migrate to contacts....throw it away. You can get a DC or AC unit for very little brainer.

boatman61 19-11-2010 07:00

I found them to be a waste of time and money....
Clothes I put in an airtight bag after dry ironing/folding them... sorted into combinations I like... so its open a bag and there's my gear for the day....
I can fit a weeks bags/drawer.... same goes for sheets, towels etc... come out dry and smelling as fresh washed as they went in.
Electrics is different... I cut a ventilation slot over the main panel which used to condensate a lot around the connectors etc.... and that cured the problem...

S/V Illusion 19-11-2010 15:45

Any desiccant is effective ONLY in its local vicinity in a moderately well-sealed container. A boat typically isn't "well-sealed". Having said that, save your money on the store-bought pre-packaged crap which isn't pure desiccant and buy large packages of calcium sulfate or preferably calcium chloride, both of which are true moisture absorbing compounds and will be much cheaper.

Fill a kitchen colander, placed in a bowl, with the material, change frequently as necessary and remove any moisture collected in the bowl.

It might help but the real solution is to save your money and effort and instead, ensure good ventilation.

perchance 19-11-2010 16:54

moisture control
Calcium Chloride is one of the better desiccants. It is the same stuff used on gravel roads to control dust but that is the liquid form. You can buy it in 40 kilo bags as flake or prills. Yes 40 kilos is a bit much but it may be available in smaller quantities in your neck of the woods. I used to get mine at the co op but any farm supply store should do. CaCl will dry out leather and will corrode metal with a vengeance so be mindful of where dispose of it.

Extemporaneous 20-11-2010 18:00

Has anyone tried Diatomaceous earth as a desiccant?
Good to kill ant too!!


MoorOrLess 21-11-2010 03:51

I use to have an Alloy boat, and condensation was a real problem, as the boat was closed up on its mooring during the week, trapping the moisture inside. Mid-week I used Calcium Cloride, and it worked well. It stopped that mouldy smell that occurs on closed up boats. I bought some household moisture absorbing packs from the supermarket (to get the containers) and then used Calcuim Cloride purchased from pool shop. Went through about 2 cups per week. It was good for a closed up boat, but not really and option for clothing areas like draws and cupboards, and definiately no good if underway.
The kitty litter appearance desiccant mentioned by Blue Stocking, I may be wrong but think is clay desiccant, and is great for use with clothing (no chemical smell). It is non-corsive, so also good for use near elctrical gear. It can be re-charged in the oven at relatively low temperatures (from memory 160 degrees). I have used it in house but not on boat. When I first purchased it, I thought they had given me kitty litter :)

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