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Sand crab 08-10-2010 13:10

Don't Bogart that Roach, My Friend
Hl. I'm a newbie here. I paraphrased a popular song from the past to get your attention. I see a lot of sails described as full roach. So, I know a full roach sail when I see one but what is the technical criteria for defining a sail as full roach? Is there some standard percentage increase involved in sail area? And is there a partial roach sail? Or did we smoke all those in the 70's. LOL

Dave 08-10-2010 13:37

I believe a full roach means the entire luff is outside the straight line from sail head to clew. There are partial roaches when only a portion of the sail is extended using either full or short battens. Typically at the top, I've always called them "fat head" sails but I'm sure there is a more technical term. Regarding the 70's I think we used to eat them and wash them down with bong was usually pretty late by then.

rebel heart 08-10-2010 14:24

Hey guys remember it's not funny to talk about pot but drinking and boating is hilarious and tolerated. :whistling:

zeehag 08-10-2010 14:24

"Regarding the 70's I think we used to eat them and wash them down with bong was usually pretty late by then."

that sounds like barf time. eeewwwww.

one would NEED something decent and heavily alcoholic to get that thought out of mined....LOL

Sand crab 08-10-2010 14:26

Thanks Dave. Well, I've seen some sails with big roaches and some sails with not so big roaches. I guess if the entire aft portion of the sail extends beyond the leech then its a full roach. Most of the new cats feature a square topped main. They look kinda roachy. Is this full or partial? Just wondering? BOB

Sand crab 08-10-2010 14:28

I think my ashtray is kinda roachy.

Bash 08-10-2010 14:31

the roach is the deviation of the leech from the straight line between the head and the clew. It can either be "hollow" or "full."

doug gardner 08-10-2010 15:29

a sails roach can be full, or hollow, full roached mains will have battens to support and controll the shape of youre mian and controll the twist,as in twist one up.

boatsmith 08-10-2010 15:47

Any body quaffing bong juice needs to be cut off. JMO

delmarrey 08-10-2010 19:56

It's funny how fast the heads go up the mast at the slightest mention of a roach. Some of them don't even have a clew. But, some are good at leaching off the luff. :rolleyes::rolleyes:

kismet 08-10-2010 20:37

New thread..Pot on board?

daddle 08-10-2010 23:35

I think full roach means it's as roach-y as practical. On a monohull this might mean it needs help tacking past the backstay. Perhaps by easing the backstay. On a multi it might indicate it's just as big a roach as full battens can support.

zeehag 09-10-2010 13:33

despite the fact i kinda grew up in the 60s--- i really thought this was another cockroach thread or a sail thread..LOL..... i KNEW nothing else could POSSIBLY be on yer mineds....LOL....

IdoraKeeper 09-10-2010 16:07

If you have a high aspect ratio sail with a substantial portion of the sail outside of the straight line from the head to the clew.....does that make it a "bomber"?

Anyone drinking bong juice should have a batten sown in their pants.

jmo64 10-10-2010 05:32

In the event of a squall how many reefs do you put in the roach?

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