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lawdawg 29-08-2010 20:58

Privilege 37 vs Lagoon 37 - Price / Value / Seamanship
I am narrowing down to three boats, all 96-97,
Privilege is in good shape and needs about 30-40k in refit on top the 150 price tag b
Lagoon 37- two of them, very well-equipped, could get one around 145.
So prililege at 170-190 or lagoon 37(s) both about ready to go at
150k total

The plan is two years solo, first in caribbean for a year, then will get help with the crossings and friends will come down.
I know there have been other threads and have read most of them all, but trying to get an idea of if this financial caparison makes sense and would greatly appreciate opinions.

Factor 30-08-2010 04:50

All other things being absolutely equal, apart from the price, then it would be the Privilege for me

shnean66 30-08-2010 07:21

One thing to note:
I recently chatted with a close friend who has been watching the smaller Privileges on the market for about a year now.

Only one (1!) has been sold and another one has been taken off the market for unknown reason. Only two of them had been marked as "reserved" on yachtworld for some time to indicate that an offer was placed on them.
He concluded that P36 or P37 seem to sell very badly compared to similarly priced other boats (he has been watching Lagoon 380 and Maxim mostly so other boats / sizes may of course differ).

His information is based on continously monitoring yachtworld and other sides plus some tire kicking to get a feeling for the quality of the boats in the market.

I'd say: The small Privileges seem to sell very slow if at all. If you know you will sell the boat anytime I'd go for the Lagoon, especially if it's the TPI version as these seem to sell pretty fast.

JusDreaming 30-08-2010 07:25

both are good boats, we live on a Lagoon 37 and sail with a Privilege. I prefer the Lagoon mainly for the straight shaft and prop, compared to sail drives. So price would almost be the determining factor.
And one other note, the Lagoons seem to hold thier value very well. We have had our's for seven yrs. and they are still selling for around the same price :)

lawdawg 30-08-2010 08:17

Thank you very much for your thoughts to all.
Denny and Diane- I was planning on looking at both of them the end of the month, I haven't had a chance to see either in person yet. Since you also sail with a Privilege, what do you think of the two different cabin layouts compared? I'm particularly curious how you think the Main Cabin of the Privilege with the larger single berth compares to the space you have in your Lagoon. Thanks again!

JusDreaming 30-08-2010 08:29

that is something that I really like about the Privledge. The main cabin is very nice. Our's is a queen size and works for us. :). But I like my saloon lay out better, as our Nav station is down, which gives us more room for entertaining

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