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Burls 03-08-2010 11:51

Lagoon 380 - Need Throttle Cable - Help Please !
It looks like the port engine throttle cable on our 2002 Lagoon 380 has just snapped (internally), leaving us pretty much stuck in a ‘not so cheap’ marina here in Sicily. It snapped just as we were manoeuvring into our assigned spot with a 15+ knot crosswind, which made for a few fairly exciting minutes indeed! We would really like to get back on our way within the next couple of days, so I was hoping to receive some quick advice please…….so does anyone have any suggestions on the following:
> How I can find the part number for this cable? (Does Lagoon have a technical support line? I can only find a ‘web contact’ form on their website, which I fear will not be so fast.)
> Any recommended suppliers in Europe who would hold such a part in stock?

FYI, the boat’s got Volvo 2030’s installed.



Tropic Cat 03-08-2010 15:08

I would pop on the Volvo website to locate a distributor in Sicily and give them a call. A throttle cable is a throttle cable after all. Even aftermarket auto stores have these as generalized replacements.

donradcliffe 03-08-2010 15:40

You should be able to find a replacement Morse cable at any chandlery. We even found one in Huatlulco Mexico--just showed it to the taxi driver, and he said "Yamaha!", and proceeded to drive us to the jet ski distributer, who had one on the back shelf.

colemj 03-08-2010 16:18

They aren't a Volvo-specific part (although they will sell them to you for $$$). They are just common Morse or Teleflex cables. Determine the size and length you need and get it anywhere that sells control cables. Change both of them and keep the still working one as a spare. Might want to consider replacing the shifter cables also - they too are Morse or Teleflex.

Can't help you with finding them in Sicily.


Burls 04-08-2010 07:39

Thanks very much to everyone for the input.
I was in fact planning to ‘run around’ the shops in the area looking for anything that would work, I just thought if there were any quick tips out there regarding technical support for a part number, it would be good to pursue this in parallel with the local running around, in case I came up short. Fortunately I was directed to a place which had a control cable in stock which was made by a different manufacturer, but it fitted quite nicely indeed, although just slightly shorter than the original. :D
Just in case another Lagoon 380 owner with Volvos installed has the same drama, here are some of the details I picked up during this little saga……
Control cable manufacturer: Teleflex
Port side throttle and gear selector control cables part number: CC313-0800. (Qty 2) (8 metres long)
Starboard side throttle and gear selector control cables part number: CC313-0950. (Qty 2) (9.5 metres long)
Possible initial contacts for Teleflex in Europe: (FYI: I didn’t end up having to try these numbers, so they could be totally wrong!)
TFX Scandinavia
S-421 23 V. Frölunda, Sweden
Tel. + 46 (0) 31 89 44 50,
Fax + 46 (0) 31 45 74 64
TFX Marine
1 Factory Road Upton, Poole, Dorset BH 16 5SJ, England
Tel. + 44 1202 632882


Errantries 01-11-2014 15:54

Re: Lagoon 380 - Need Throttle Cable - Help Please !

I know this is an old thread, but "Burls" we owe you one BIG TIME!! Thank you so much for posting the details of the throttle control cables. We also just snapped one in two. For us, we were leaving the dock... also had a very exciting/dramatic few minutes getting tied back in so we could examine the issue.

Your info here was priceless! We were able to quickly order our parts before having to dig out the old throttle cables and measure them. Thank you so much!!

Just wanted you to know that taking the time to write up the specs here was a lifesaver for us.

Thanks again,


Burls 03-11-2014 06:43

Re: Lagoon 380 - Need Throttle Cable - Help Please !
Hey Miranda, I'm very happy to see that my post was helpful! :thumb:



Moontide 15-11-2014 19:08

Re: Lagoon 380 - Need Throttle Cable - Help Please !
Most of the cables have a series of numbers every so often along the cable. Usually it is the type and the length in either mm or cm (forgot which).

Hope you already got a solution, but if maybe this will help.

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