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wgkenney 20-07-2010 07:32

Jabsco Coarse-Mesh Pumpgard Issue
Hi all,

I have a Beneteau 473 and have, what I hope, is a simple problem. Most all of my pumps on board are protected by Jabsco Course Mesh Pumpgards. In the forward head I noticed this weekend that my shower drain was working slowly and the pump was laboring a bit. I can see that the pumpgard is likely clogged. As I tried to unscrew the pumpgard it would just not budge. Given that it is plastic I did not want to try to force it. And being under the sink it is a bit awkward to get at.

Any advice on how to get this open without destroying it. Any tools in particular that would be helpful in twisting this off without damaging the cover?

Vasco 20-07-2010 07:47

If it's this one Jabsco says "one screw disassembly" so I think there's a screw somewhere that you have to unscrew.

nigel1 20-07-2010 07:48

If you can enough access, wrap a rag/cloth around the filter housing and pour very hot water over the rag and leave for a couple of minutes, remove rag, and try to unscrew (wear gliove it will be hot)
Failing that, remove inlet and outlet hoses, remove the two screws holding the filter to bulkhead, and remove the filter body complete, you can then work on the filter in confort. Soak in hot water to help relax the threads on the filter over, then it should come apart, I know mine did

wgkenney 20-07-2010 07:51

That looks like it, but I did not see a screw anywhere. Let me grab the flashlight and look closer.

wgkenney 20-07-2010 07:53


Were there any screws on yours holding it together or is it a straight "lefty loosey" unscrew.

swagman 20-07-2010 08:06

The screw they talk about is simply you screwing the clear plastic top off by hand.

You might not even need tools to remove it to an easier to work location. Most of the more modern Jabsco filters are attached to the hoses using a bayonet type plastic fitting each side of the filter. Ours are both pump and hose side.

If you'rs are the same then this simply push those bayonets open to wiggle the complete assembly out. I think once you have up on a bench top you'll find it a lot easier to unscrew by hand.

BTW when reassembling we always use a little petroleum jelly to lube the O ring / screw and ensure the seal is watertight.

Some some ney-sayer may appear and tell you petroleum jelly could rot the rubber O ring, but my own experience over 5 years doesn't support that.

But the greasing will also make it easier also to remove next time..............


rwidman 20-07-2010 08:28

A couple options here that have not been mentioned:

Go to the manufacturer's website and see if you can find the installation/maintenance instructions.

Go to your local marine retailer and find the identical part in their store. Open the box and read the instructions, then put them back and reclose the box. Most stores should let you do this, especially if you've shopped there before.

As for greasing the O ring, silicone grease should not be a problem. Swimming pool stores carry O ring grease. KY jelly or Astro Glide (drug store) will also work and not harm rubber parts.

nigel1 20-07-2010 08:56


Originally Posted by wgkenney (Post 488244)

Were there any screws on yours holding it together or is it a straight "lefty loosey" unscrew.

Mine must be an older version, the transparent cover is more conical shaped, but there was no other screw holding the cover on, simple left to loosey, but as said earlier, some hot water may well help the cover to expand a little and ease the threads. One of mine as real tight, and the hot water loosened it enough to enable easy removal

wgkenney 26-07-2010 07:59

Hi all,

Thanks for the advice. Got to the boat this weekend and used a small strap wrench. The strap wrapped around the pumpgard just fine and worked great. Turns out the pumpgard was not stuck or bound ... I just did not have enough leverage in the confined space under the sink to us my hand to undo it. It was really just a bit more than finger tight.

Filter was completely clogged ... mostly with what looked like lint from the towels.

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