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bdbcat 10-07-2010 15:36

OpenCPN Version 2.2 Beta Test
Hello Team....

I have started this new thread for discussion of the Version 2.2 Beta builds.

I'd like to keep this thread manageable in length, primarily populated with Beta release notices and associated notes.

Please limit your posts here to issues related to the build process and Beta releases themselves.

We will have a separate thread for Beta bug postings and discussion.


bdbcat 10-07-2010 15:38

Hello again!

OpenCPN Version 2.2 Beta Build 710 is available.
(Well, not quite...I am having upload troubles to Beta server....)


1. Relax debian package install dependencies.
2. Implement basic PlugIn functionality.
3. Adopt Jean-Eudes patches for RouteManagerDialog and context menu improvements. Very Nice!
4. Adopt Jean-Eudes patches for enhanced AIS Rollover graphics and options.
5. Add Portuguese_Brazil language support.
6. Minor changes to facilitate Mac build.

Source pushed to git origin.


2. The big one here. A separate thread will be started for discussion of PlugIns.
However, there are some points to note here.
a. Windows build has shifted to a DLL linkage model for the wxWidgets libraries. This is required in order to support a dynamically loadable plugin scheme.
This means that Windows source builders will need to build a DLL set of wxWidgets, and make sure these dll's are in the right place for debugging if required.
The Windows binary package contains prebuilt dlls which are installed in , e.g. {Program Files/OpenCPN/}. This approach works for at least Windows XP. This may not be the final home for these dlls. We may need to formally "install" them, in the Microsoft sense of the word, into the SXS tree, and use manifests for version control. I'm prepared for breakage here.
linux is "nicer" here, and just does the right thing (as usual...)

3/4. Thanks so much to Jean-Eudes (sethdart) for the excellent code work improving the RouteManager dialog and rollover rendering. Look at Toolbox->AIS for rollover options. Also, be sure to note route segment rollover function.

Thanks in advance for the testing effort.
Good Luck

bdbcat 11-07-2010 11:39

2.2 Beta 710 Windows Binary now available

Good Luck

nohal 12-07-2010 09:15

from the following I'm getting an impression that the plug-ins are built too early in the entire process.

4>Generating Code...
4>Generating Code...
4>Compiling manifest to resources...
4>Microsoft (R) Windows (R) Resource Compiler Version 6.1.6723.1
4>Copyright (C) Microsoft Corporation.  All rights reserved.
4>LINK : fatal error LNK1104: cannot open file '../../Debug/opencpn.lib'
4>Build log was saved at "file://c:\WORK\opencpn\source\opencpn\build\plugins\demo_pi\demo_pi.dir\Debug\BuildLog.htm"
4>demo_pi - 1 error(s), 0 warning(s)
6>------ Build started: Project: opencpn, Configuration: Debug Win32 ------
5>Generating Code...
5>Generating Code...
5>Compiling manifest to resources...
5>Microsoft (R) Windows (R) Resource Compiler Version 6.1.6723.1
5>Copyright (C) Microsoft Corporation.  All rights reserved.
5>LINK : fatal error LNK1104: cannot open file '../../Debug/opencpn.lib'
5>Build log was saved at "file://c:\WORK\opencpn\source\opencpn\build\plugins\grib_pi\grib_pi.dir\Debug\BuildLog.htm"
5>grib_pi - 1 error(s), 0 warning(s)

Still have some more problems with the compilation but it's probably because of my ignorance before finally switching from my custom build solution to cmake...


bdbcat 12-07-2010 12:23


You are correct. opencpn.exe must be built before the plugins. The plugins need to link against the opencpn export library. A Windows quirk...

Not sure how to force this in cmake. Some dependency setting, probably.

I usually do this manually. Make opencpn first, then the plugins, by right-clicking on the individual projects. I rarely use the full solution make.

I'll look at this some more. cmake is often opaque to me....


bdbcat 16-07-2010 07:57

Build 716

Opencpn Version 2.2 Beta Build 716 is available


7. Correction for Windows cm93 quilting zoom crash.
8. Correct Windows Setup program to always copy wxWidgets DLLs on all install types.
9. Correct cm93 cell calculations for 64 bit processor
10. Correct .mo file install location for duplicate language locales (e.g. pt_PT and pt_BR)
11. Correct GRIB PlugIn Toolbar tool tooltip display.

Release Beta 716

git pushed

Good Luck

Gilletarom 17-07-2010 03:36

First use of 212 716
2 Attachment(s)
Hello, Bonjour,

1 I renamed the two folders of the 210 install.

2 I install completly new 212 716.

Then :
a) In the toolbox, / Chart, see the little problem with "Program files" (Attach file "Affichage incomplet)
b) In toolbox / Verctor charts, with "Marinersstandards" the windows for choice the objetcs was empty. See attach file Affichage vide) And the buton "select all" not operate.

Best regards.


bdbcat 17-07-2010 07:32


Thanks for the note.

The Mariners standard items will not appear on initial load until a Vector chart (ENC) is actually loaded for the first time. It is confusing, and I will look at improving this......

In future, please post bug reports on the
"OpenCPN Version 2.2 Beta Test Bugs/Discussion" thread.


petermoree 18-07-2010 04:21

Fontsize not functioning
OCPN 2.2 build 716 under Vista using CM93 chart set

As I try to avoid putting on my reading glasses while navigating I did some testing with the font sizes settings under the toolbar/language-fonts tab.

Laguage setting is English.

I changed the font size for each available option to 24 points
(the largest available). Nothing appears to change.
I closed/opened OCPN again.
Font settings remained set at MS Sans Serif Regular 24 points
but the new fontsize does not appear in any of the changeble items.


bdbcat 23-07-2010 19:26

Windows Setup Application

I would like to enlist a volunteer to help refine and ultimately take responsibility for the Windows Installer build process.

I think it is a good idea to use cmake/cpack for all platforms, even if there are some changes needed in the application to do so. CPack supports the NullSoft NSIS scripting installer package. Seems very capable, if overly complicated for simple projects.

I have succeeded in building a functional Windows installer using cmake/cpack/NSIS.

Here are the basic steps:

0. Modern Windows system. ( I have tested this code on XP running under VirtualBox on Kubuntu 8.04)
1. MS VS2005 or better.
2. cmake 2.8
3. NullSoft NSIS 2.46.

Process: (all on Windows)
1. Install NSIS
2. git latest source... Notice new file NSIS.template.IN in opencpn base directory.
3. Run cmake (GUI)
4. Load project in VS2005
5. Build targets in following order

This will produce opencpn_22_setup.exe

I find that the toolchain of cmake->cpack->NSIS is a bit fussy and opaque about variable names. Much trial and error is necessary. And of course there is yet another scripting language to learn...

Anyway, it will be a real improvement to have an accessible Windows installer build process as part of our package. I expect we shall do the same for the Mac packaging when that comes up, though with a different generator, obviously.

So, how about it? Any volunteers?


bdbcat 08-08-2010 12:22

OpenCPN Beta Build 2.2.808
Hello All Testers....

OpenCPN Beta Version 2.2.808 is now available for download and testing

12. Improve Cmake scripts to reduce build artifacts in source tree.
13. Correct fault occurring when GRIB dialog is open on application close. (FS#11)
14. Correct Mac Quitting flag inconsistency.
15. Correct Mac GPSD include file "policy_t" typedef collision.
16. Correct fault on delete track/route/waypoint while RouteManagerDialog is open (FS#26)
17. Do not show route segment rollover if the route is invisible. (FS#6)
18. Do not show chart bar context menu ""Remove this chart from quilt" unless in quilting mode. (FS#24)
19. Update celestial navigation PlugIn
20. Integrate Dashboard PlugIn prototype.
21. Implement Waypoint visible/invisible toggle in RouteManagerDialog (FS#21)
22. Shift Windows build process to MS VS2008, using VC90 Toolset and NSIS installer
23. Correct file location error found using azimuth sight in celestial navigation PlugIn.
24. Implement Garmin GRMN(Host) mode for waypoint and route uploading.
25. Improve Windows installer package for correct language support, shortcuts, etc. Thanks, Gunther.
26. Correct default values for GPX import of waypoints with no symbol specified in GPX file. (FS#20)
27. Correct UserIcons load directory (FS#43)
28. Correct Route Activate in RouteManagerDialog to use "best" routepoint to start. (FS#7)
29, Correct crash when alternately deleting routes and tracks in RouteManagerDialog. (FS#10)
30 Correct crash on deleting the "virtual" mark created during Route->Activate. (FS#8)
31. Correct bug losing all tracks after deleting one route or track. (FS#9)
32. Correct mark name rendering after change in MarkProp dialog. (FS#36)
33. Correct redraw of mark after Cancel in MarkProp dialog. (FS#35)
34. Correct Toolbox->Language to allow only those languages actually available for opencpn. (FSFeature #19)
35. Correct AIS and Route segment rollover window display near right side and bottom on screen. (FS#16)
36. Correct Rollover multiline text rendering for MSW platforms. (FS#4,5)


General Note: Thanks to all for the Flyspray bug/feature tracker use. It makes my life easier, at least when I have a good internet access. Note the (FS#??) notations in the Changelog.

24. The most significant feature enhancement of this Beta. If you are a Garmin user, please see the related thread on the forum. Also please note that GARMIN native USB devices are not (yet) supported for waypoint and route uploading. This Beta supports serial Garmin GPSs, whether or not interfaced to the PC via a USB/Serial converter. There are hundreds of Garmin models out there, and I expect quirks.

Open items for discussion:
a. Still looking for a Mac build maintainer for the project. If you are interested, let me know. The Mac port is in pretty good shape, I think, but I have no way to build, test, and upload a package for Beta download.

b. RouteManagerDialog crashes on Win7 64 bit. Dunno why. We need a developer type with VS2008 installed on Win7/64 to do some building and tracing/debugging. Anybody like to give this a try? We can walk you through it....

c. Many thanks to Gunther (Netsurfer) for taking on the Windows installer maintenance role. He is continuing the refinement of the installer script, and managing the final build and upload of the Beta Windows installers. Thanks, Gunther!

Thanks, and good luck testing

dacust 08-08-2010 13:45

"OpenCPN has stopped working"
Win 7 64bit

I did install without checking the box to remove logs, etc.


15:38:54: 2010-08-08
15:38:54:  -------Starting opencpn-------
15:38:54: Version 2.2 Build 808
15:38:54: SData_Locn is C:\Program Files (x86)\OpenCPN\
15:38:54: Using existing Config_File: C:\Users\Dan\AppData\Roaming\opencpn\opencpn.ini
15:38:54: Setting Viewpoint Lat/Lon 41.1923, 31.4577
15:38:54: Setting Ownship Lat/Lon 32.7805, -79.955
15:38:56: System default Language:  en_US
3:38:56 PM: Opencpn language set to:  en_US
3:38:56 PM: looking for catalog 'opencpn' in path './share/locale\en_US.WINDOWS-1252\LC_MESSAGES;./share/locale\;./share/locale\en_US.WINDOWS-1252;C:\Program Files (x86)\OpenCPN\en_US.WINDOWS-1252;./share/locale\en_US\LC_MESSAGES;./share/locale\;./share/locale\en_US;C:\Program Files (x86)\OpenCPN\en_US;./share/locale\en\LC_MESSAGES;./share/locale\;./share/locale\en;C:\Program Files (x86)\OpenCPN\en'.
3:38:56 PM: catalog file for domain 'opencpn' not found.
3:38:56 PM: Using s57data in C:\Program Files (x86)\OpenCPN\s57data
3:38:56 PM: Using Tide/Current data from:  C:\Program Files (x86)\OpenCPN\tcdata\
3:38:56 PM: Setting Viewpoint Lat/Lon 41.1923, 31.4577
3:38:56 PM: Setting Ownship Lat/Lon 32.7805, -79.955
3:38:56 PM: NMEA Data Source is....Serial:AIS Port (Shared)
3:38:56 PM: AIS Data Source is....None
3:38:56 PM: Using WVSChart datafile: C:\Program Files (x86)\OpenCPN\wvsdata\wvs43.dat
3:38:56 PM: NMEA AutoPilot Port is....None
3:38:56 PM: PlugInManager: Loading PlugIn: C:\Program Files (x86)\OpenCPN\plugins/celestial_navigation_pi.dll
3:38:56 PM: PlugInManager: Loading PlugIn: C:\Program Files (x86)\OpenCPN\plugins/dashboard_pi.dll
3:38:56 PM: PlugInManager: Loading PlugIn: C:\Program Files (x86)\OpenCPN\plugins/demo_pi.dll
3:38:56 PM: PlugInManager: Loading PlugIn: C:\Program Files (x86)\OpenCPN\plugins/grib_pi.dll
3:38:56 PM: Loading chart db version: V016
3:38:56 PM: Chart directory C:\charts

Wester 08-08-2010 16:36

I have the same problem on Win XP


Netsurfer 08-08-2010 16:43


Originally Posted by Wester (Post 499113)
I have the same problem on Win XP

What does it mean?

Are you also running a 64 Bit version?
Does the program hang on startup (at the same stage as dacust's version)?

@Leif + dacust
Have you tried it with the option "reset the config + SENC files ..." enabled?


ChuckSK 08-08-2010 16:55

Try deleting the CHARTLIST.DAT file.

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