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LeifErickson 09-07-2010 08:00

South Florida to the Virgin Islands - Now (Late Summer, Early Fall 2010)
Need help to take a 34' Hunter sloop on Van Sant's thornless path asap. This is probably a one-way trip. Shared cost for ice/food/fuel should be less than $20/day. Depending on weather, our luck and experience duration will be from several weeks to several months. Weather permitting, departing asap. Need someone ready for fun and adventure that will not abandon me prior to arrival at the final destination (This is very important). Boat has decent electronics, applicable charts, a 10' rib w/2004 10hp outboard, 2005 yanmar 20hp, good sails, dodger, davits, lines, etc. Thanks for reading. captleif at :viking:

CharlesFCook 09-07-2010 10:05

I wonder why everyone else is going the other (north) direction?

raygering 11-07-2010 06:15

Greetings from Fort Myers, Florida
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I am a 46 year old male currently going through a divorce. I could take a fews months off of work.

Nearly 10 years of successful bareboat experience.

Do you still need someone? Lets talk or perhaps meet.

Raymond Gering
raygering <at> yahoo <dot> com
Send me a PM for my phone number

sailcapt 12-07-2010 05:44

We have been doing the same trip and am sitting in Culebra right now. (Spanish Virgins) We took our time, played, and delt with the weather. So far, we have out 8 months. We left from the keys and have no reason to hurry. Good luck and be sure you understand the winds and island effects outlined in Bruce's book. (BTW, say hi to Bruce in Luperon) .

We could have done this trip in a few weeks if we wanted. But why hurry? Any questions?

LeifErickson 14-07-2010 14:19

Thanks, Steve. Planning on heading south to Miami then crossing the gfstrm. changing the oil, provisioning, dealing with a dysfunctional ice box and getting things ready. Pointers are always welcome. Can't wait to cast off. Leif

flatspaddler 15-07-2010 08:59

Man, I Wish I knew how to sail and had some experience. This trip really sounds like one I would enjoy, and I have nothing but time on my hands. I have only recently decided to learn to sail and this website has provided me with much motivation. Even if I cannot afford a boat right away I will be able to help crew and provide some service as a cook (another passion of mine). When are you planning to cast off? Please try to post updates on your progress.

LeifErickson 15-07-2010 16:32

thanks, flatspaddler. I'd like to take off before the end of the month. There is no set time-frame for the trip. The vessel is equipped with decent electronics and is seaworthy. Whomever accompanies me on the trip needs to be 100% through thick and thin, so your military experience counts as a big plus, even though we both long for an enjoyable experience. Providing we can take advantage of weather windows and night lees (sailing at night, for early arrivals is best), juggle 3 hour or agreed to relays at the helm, we can handle it.

sailcapt 16-07-2010 05:45

I would recommend getting the ice box taken care of before you leave for the Bahamas. Where in the Bahamas are you planning to visit? Most of the passages there are day sails. You wont have to do the night lee thing until you are on the other side of Long Island. (if you chode this route). Be sure to read the part about heading North to go East. Take the time to enjoy Conception and be sure you bring snorkel gear. Have fun!

LeifErickson 18-07-2010 06:40

Thanks, again, sailcapt.
pretty much going by Bruce's book n this one is the plan, but nothing ever goes as planned. changed oil, oil filter and fuel filter yesterday. installing zinc and scraping hull this afternoon. waiting to hear back from a/c guy on existing unit to determine if a reinstall or new purchase. can't leave without a fridge. i've heard horror stories on mayaguana and mona, which are areas i'll deal with carefully. if i'm lucky enough to pick Bruce's brain in Luperon, i might get more pointers for mona. have a great day. tks 4 the pointers.

John A 18-07-2010 08:28


Originally Posted by CharlesFCook (Post 482737)
I wonder why everyone else is going the other (north) direction?

The Hurricane season is from June Thru November. If you really like to bash into wind and waves for weeks, now is the time to go south!

sailcapt 18-07-2010 08:41

We had problems with our frig before we left too. I found that I could replace the 30 year old system with a couple of Engel boxes for a fraction of the cost. We use one for a refer and the other as a freezer. I am very happy with the units.

Mayaguana to Turk and Caicos is just as Bruce's book discribes. It is a night passage, and can get nasty entering the banks to Sopadilla Bay. (Be sure to have a wifi setup in Sopadilla, lots of hot spots to log into) If you are in the T&C for less than 7 days, customs will hit you up for $15. If you are 7 days or longer, add another $75 to the bill. As you can see, it is good to get a longer weather window. Plan on a couple of days to get across the T&C banks.

Mona passage, it can be a nice sail, or pure hell. Be sure to go on the outside of the hourglass. If you dont know what I am talking about, let me know. I will give you a few GPS coordinates to keep you out of there. Another way of crossing was used by some friends. They crossed the hourglass at the waist. Then went to Puerto Plata, stayed in a marina, (cheap for dockage, but after adding elec and all the other stuff, it was expensive!) and then crossed from there.
We left from Samana. I cant recommend Samana. They are out to empty your wallet big time. I would recommend stopping in Escontido for a night or two. It is a nice change from Luperon. Be sure you have the weather for this stop! If the wind is coming into the cove, DONT GO IN! Mona can be a calm as a swimming pool if you pick your weather right. Have enough fuel to motor if you have too. Be sure you have enough weather window before you leave Luperon. Keep an eye out for ships. If you have AIS, have it on. When we crossed last, the winds were about 10ks with 3 to 5 ft seas. We motored the entire way. 33 hours. (There can be a current on the nose sometimes. our friend that went to Puerto Plata did not encounter the head current) It was a rather nice night.

Good luck and well keep an eye out for you. We will be hanging about the Virgins for awhile. Heading for St Thomas in a couple of days and then back to Culebra. (need a new camera). Have a great sale and watch your weather....

LeifErickson 19-07-2010 07:16

Might have found a replacement unit for the ice box. I have a 12v cooler for the vegetables. Purchased courtesy/quarantine flags for the bahamas, t&c, dr, pr and appreciate the cruising permit info on t&c. hopefully i'll get lucky, if not, less beer money. I have a garmin chartplotter and charts for the area. also taking waterproof #16 and 53. Coordinates would be appreciated, sailcapt, and the info on Mona. Will avoid Samana. bled the fuel line yesterday and planning to take the vessel to Miami before the end of the month. Things are falling into place. All for now. Thanks again. Leif

sailcapt 20-07-2010 09:49

The coordinates in Bruces book are so close to the ones that I have, that I would recommend them. (Was checking them this morning). Keep your eyes out for Bonnie. We had 8+ inches of rain last night. It looks this little tropical wave might become a little more developed. Winds were only about 20k. But it might become more.


LeifErickson 02-08-2010 05:31

had to replace propane line to stove. 100% ok.
installed new refrigeration unit yesterday. 100% ok. ice ice, baby.
haul-out tomorrow for survey/insurance inspection.
getting ready to cast off.

noahtkeller 03-08-2010 08:43

Are you looking to hire a crewman, or looking for someone that wants to share in an adventure?

I'm 21 male, and have lived aboard my entire life, first home was a 46 ft ketch cat.

Very able seaman, no logged hours, and no endorsements of any kind.

If you're looking to hire someone to help, I could leave today...

If not, sorry for clogging your channel, I couldn't really tell from the post (although I'm getting the impression that you're not looking to hire, I figured it give it a try)

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