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off-the-grid 19-06-2010 11:27

Micron 66 ?
I've seen a few threads here where people are claiming up to 3 years with it.


The stuff sure isn't cheap, it's a PITA to work with. I still have a gallon left, that I'm dreading. And I've talked to plenty of people who are getting 2-3 seasons with much cheaper paints.

If you went with the West Marine PCA for example, even if you had to haul every year, you're saving $100/gallon. The stuff is much easier to work with and you probably won't need as much of it either, since it rolls and brushes better.

yardpro 19-06-2010 12:30

make sure to figure in the extra haul out fees, your extra time, etc...

here it is $8-10/foot to haul out, pressure wash and block...

so if you save 200 on paint, the extra haul out would make it not worthwhile...

also consider your time... i would rather spend an extra $200 on paint if i can get an extra year or two from it.

Windgeist 20-06-2010 07:07

Not a fan of any of the Micron line, used them for several years and switched to Pettit SR40 and have no issues, love it. By this time of the season using Micron Extra or 66 I would have slim build up, nothing with the SR40. Many around here (middle Chesapeake Bay) use Pettit Hydrocoat as well and love it, easy to work with too :) (water based)

ronbo1 20-06-2010 07:45

I was thinking of using Micron 66 since Practical Sailor gave it a very high rating but after checking the high price and coverage (significantly less than the other Microns) I decided it wasn't worth it.


cchesley 20-06-2010 07:56

Well, I've used Micron 66 here in the PNW for several years. Just hauled this year and re-did the bottome again w/M66. In two years I had minimal, but some, slime build up and NEVER used a diver for scrubbing the bottom during those two years. My Micron CSC previously used required significant bottom cleaning for slime build up every 3-5 months. HOWEVER, I'm suspicious that 3 weeks out of the water during shipping from Fl to PNW may have essentially stopped the CSC from working due to drying out during that time. I'm also told that freshwater does the same thing. Good news, bad news, we're still salty here but more often brackish due to rain runoff, esp in winter. So far, I'd say I was happy with the M 66. Certainly I got 2 full years out of it, might have been able to go another year but I'll gladly pay extra for the paint to avoid the whole hassle and expense of an annual haulout. More than two years would require some cleaning and zince replacements as well as some special attention to the sail drive intakes as that paint didn't really stop the hard barnacle growth and more than two years would have been a serious problem.

MarkJ 20-06-2010 08:33

We had Micron 66 on this boat first up and it was great.
Couldnt get it nin Austrealia so used Micron Extra which is crap compared.
Next paint will be with 66.

And maybe a 'lil bottle of the good stuff :thumb:

barnakiel 20-06-2010 10:17

We have used both Micron and Petit (Trinidad, but I think this is Petit). Petit did not work. Micron did. Once the boat stopped, the Micron stopped working. I bet it does not deliver on a boat in the marina.

Here many boaters get (illegal) paint from the fishing fleet. After one year immobilised at the dock the boats come out on the travel lift ... clean ...


off-the-grid 20-06-2010 20:53

yardpro - I'd actually be saving closer to $400-500, when you factor in the price difference, plus needing 1 more gallon of the micron due to it's coverage vs other paints.

Also, I'm factoring in the, as Windgeist said, "easy to work with" factor.

At this point, I guess I'll just see how it holds up and decide for myself if it's worth the PITA of working with the stuff.

Windgeist 22-06-2010 09:54

Mainsail has pointed out in several boards that many of the ablatives paints do not wear until the boat reaches 7+ knots consistently, since I don't experience 7+ knots often enough I made the switch, although SR40 may have not been the best selection based on Mainsails info, I am still having much better results than I have had with Micron products. (don't quote me on this info either, but I believe it is close to what he has posted elsewhere and perhaps here as well?)

My $.02

fstbttms 23-06-2010 08:39

If Micron 66 has a performance drawback, it's a lack of durability. If your boat lives in a place where regular hull cleaning is necessary, Micron 66 will not last for years. Here in the Bay Area, about one year seems to be the norm for sailboats using it. Mostly racers.

off-the-grid 23-06-2010 09:25

Windgeist - Thanks for the suggestion. I LOVE Hydrocoat!

Performance aside...I let you all know in a year. The hassle of an annual haul out will still be offset by the ease of use compared to the Micron. And the cost may even be offset, or at least close to even, once you factor in the price difference plus the far better coverage you get with the Hydrocoat.

I have a funky camouflage looking bottom, but at least I'll get a true side by side comparison.

fstbttms - That's a tough one to answer, since I plan on becoming a snowbird in the fall. More like places. NJ/NY summer and FL/maybe Mexico winter.

Acadia 30-07-2010 17:12

Didn't last in Florida
I Painted my boat 20 months ago with M66 and it's now full of barnacles. Slime showed up before a year and barnacles at the around the 14 month mark. I had put 2 colours on top of the interlux bonding primer to see when the paint was due but didn't make it past the first layer. I also gave it the odd light scrub but the problem now is that when I try to scrape the barnacles, the paint comes off. I see now that it didn't even make the PS 18 month cut. The boat was kept in Tampa bay and didn't get as much use as I would have liked (2-3 times a month). Thinking of trying Trinidad SR next.

Now if I could figure out how to keep the prop barnacle free... that would be great. Prop speed lasted about a year, although I think I didn't do the best application.

fstbttms 30-07-2010 17:54


Originally Posted by Acadia (Post 494459)
I Painted my boat 20 months ago with M66 and it's now full of barnacles.

You had an unrealistic expectation about Micron 66's performance. Not surprising, however. There are boatyards here telling customers that Micron 66 never needs to be cleaned. :rolleyes:

Acadia 30-07-2010 18:22


Although in a different part of the country you seem to be hanging off the bottoms of boats a fair bit....What would you recommend for a boat that does not move much in warm Florida waters? T-SR a good Choice? any cheaper alternatives?

I would probably be better off getting a regular dive service but I just dive my own boat when it needs it or when we are going on a trip. Can't find the time to do it every month.

fstbttms 30-07-2010 18:31

Trinidad SR is the best paint available, IMHO. Great anti fouling properties and as durable as they come. I recommend it above all others.

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