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MoonlightSailor 13-06-2010 12:25

What Would Your Offer Be ?

I have a fellow boater friend at my marina who has an unopened GPSMAP 5212 ($3050) and GMR 18HD radar($1099) for sale. He bought them in June of 2008 but never had them installed on his sailboat.

I've called Garmin and inquired about the warranty. It's transferable but the units only have a two year warranty on them, therefore, no more warranty remaining on these items.

The greatest risk I see with making a purchase like this is there isn't any warranty left in the event that something fails. I'm sure you'll agree.

So, here's my question. What would you offer for the units without any warranty remaining? I think the warranty is HUGE! I'm thinking it warrants an offer at 30-40% of retail. I don't want him to feel insulted with a low-ball offer but he needs to understand the my assumed risk without a warranty.

Any comments/suggestions are welcome.

SkiprJohn 13-06-2010 12:54

Just my opinion but if he's a good friend just ask him what he wants for the units. If it is way higher than what you are willing to pay then tell him you'll talk them up with your friends and don't buy them.
I always say to friends, "Just out of curiousity, what would you be asking for that?" If it is way too high I say, "I'll tell my friends about it." If it is close to the price I want to pay then I'm willing to give a friend a bit more. If he won't give you a price then make an offer just a bit above what you want to pay.

MoonlightSailor 13-06-2010 12:57

I asked him what he wanted for them but he wouldn't say and preferred me to make him an offer. I'd consider him more to be somewhere between and an acquaintance and a "friend". We've chatted only a little. He is currently trying to sell his sailboat at the marina and wants to sell the misc stuff too.

MarkJ 13-06-2010 12:58

Are they current models?

The HD radar thingo is developing very quickly at the moment isnt it?

Were you about to buy them anyway? Or just nice to have if cheap?

I would offer 50% and probably wouldnt get them. However, if I am outlaying that sort of wad I want new, up to date and exactly what I have rersearched and decided is best.

If they are the latest models and you were going to go buy them tomorrow...... but then theres no warantee....

Chief Engineer 13-06-2010 13:27

Preserve your friendship and walk away.

Some people think their stuff is worth more than it is.

Search for the unit on the intenet and see if you can get a price.

MoonlightSailor 13-06-2010 13:30

They are current models that are still on the market. The 5212 is the touch screen version. I've toyed with both the push button and the touch screen. The only difference is the touch screen is about $1000 more. Either form factor is fine with me. If the touch screen wasn't available via my friend then I would go with the cheaper push button model for sure.

And yes, as my luck would be, these are the items I was seriously looking at getting anyway. Yes, I'm trying to have my cake and eat it too. But not at the expense of getting him pissed at me for a low-ball offer.

osirissail 13-06-2010 14:19

Your prices in post #1 are about $100 and $50 respectively above the "street prices" for these units. So asking for the current street prices should not be over reaching considering the warranty is expired. But why buy a unit "out of warranty" when you can get new ones "in warranty" for $150 less?

MoonlightSailor 13-06-2010 14:49


Originally Posted by osirissail (Post 468570)
But why buy a unit "out of warranty" when you can get new ones "in warranty" for $150 less?

Because I'm going to offer no more than 50% of the retail price for the units. Big savings but risk without warranty.

osirissail 13-06-2010 21:59

That sounds like a good plan. . .

MoonlightSailor 13-06-2010 23:32

Almost 150 views and less than 10% have an opinion..:whistling:...Let me feel the fiber of your fabric!

maxingout 13-06-2010 23:37

Preservation of friendship is more important than a good deal.

Have him name a price, and you can then decide yes or no.

If you name a price, and he doesn't like it, you could lose a friend.

sww914 13-06-2010 23:55

I'd explain that he can probably get more on ebay, but I'd be willing to go 50%. Friends can do business and remain friends, IMO, if nobody's trying to take advantage of the other and if they're all big boys. I make deals with friends all the time. If I happen to come out way ahead once I try to make good the next time. If I lose, I try to forget about it and not be bitter.
I have one friend that I do business with every week. He sells parts and I buy them. He's given me plenty of good deals so last week I gave him some used parts that he needed for free. I got them for free, they're worth about $150.00 but I gave them for free just because. We both feel good about it and nobody loses.

idpnd 14-06-2010 00:12

I think the OP pointed out this is a chatting acquaintance as opposed to a friend. :devil:

They are new but wont be replaced if found to be faulty or if they fail early, which is quite common in this day & age.

50% is a nice round number and should cause no offence to anyone..

forsailbyowner 14-06-2010 04:04

I second 50%, your paying a lot for that warranty on a new purchase.

MoonlightSailor 16-06-2010 10:48

Well, we offered 35% of cost and he countered at 66% of cost. Not good enough for me. We will pass and go with the 4000 series GPSPMAP chartplotter for less than what he we will get a warranty on the new stuff. Thanks for the feedback!

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