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pbmaise 16-05-2010 08:11

4.5 Month Trip - Thailand to Hawaii - Divers' Paradise
This is an opportunity to sail with me on my large, completely retrofitted, fast trimaran. I'm headed home to Hawaii from Thailand and stopping at my favorite remote islands and diving spots. If you are interested in more information send me an e-mail. The places I go vary from big city to a remote Pacific atoll. I go to places divers, surfers, photographers, and sailors consider to be paradise. You name it, Blue Hole, Blue Corner, Wall dives, rain forests, Little India, China town, fancy marinas, and tiny atolls where just 4 people live. We do it all.

Additionally, while undergoing the retrofit you have an opportunity to help out and learn how to do yacht maintenance. You get to learn new skills, and enjoy Thailand at the same time. Depending on skill sets I can pay for your help while you are here and give you room and board. Again e-mail me on that.

Paid charter positions are not projected to be available until after I am back in Hawaii. They are only open to US Citizens or green card holders.

A 4.5 month trip from Thailand to Hawaii - Estimated Departure July 25th, 2010
Stops at Thai Islands, Singapore, Brunei, Malaysia, Palau, Federated States of Micronesia, Marshall Islands and anticipated arrival Hawaii November 29th, 2010. Each of these places is incredible for its own reasons, and diving is possible in most locations.
4. May 2011 Begin dive/sail charter business in Hawaii.

Among the upgrades to the boat this stop are, all new exterior paint, new deck lids, new pilot house glass, new mast, and rigging, new sails, a new oven, Thai artwork, and of course a brand new touch sensitive piano.

E-mail for full details.

In general food aboard tends to be low fat, high protein, and complex or low carb. In regards to meat, unless there is fresh fish, we generally thrive on canned tuna in water, salmon in water, and breast of chicken in water. Once in a while someone usually wants to make a meal using the canned roast beef. Breakfast is typically simply oatmeal, raisin bran in skim milk, or if I'm motivated, I will bake fresh bread. Problem is I bake fresh bread very well and like to eat it too. We share cooking duties, and on the way to Thailand we never had a formal setup as to who cooked when. It just came together and someone always felt like making something. Fresh fruits and vegetables are a yes when in port, and unfortunately most have to be eaten soon after leaving port. The one exception is good old healthy squash. Squash keeps well! Squash Thai style is very nice, and I will bake it in the oven with just a tiny bit of brown sugar.

My boat is big. It sleeps 12, however, we will do not travel long distances with any where near that many. This allows a space and a good mix of guys. Those that are able to contribute a nominal amount toward running costs in addition to their share food expenses are more likely to be selected to come. The amount depends on which part of the trip you attend and where you elect to stay. This said, I still screen paying passengers and already rejected 2.

I allocate space to a few crew that can only cover their own travel and personal food costs. These spots tend to be for younger sailors that have not earned money to go on a trip like this. I will not need to hire crew to go on this trip, paying crew is for what I go into charter business full time.

About Captain/Owner
48 U of M grad BSChE, resident Hawaii. Pacific sailor (one end to the other). Former catamaran racer, windsurfer, crew member on rowing teams, Hawaii outrigger paddle club. Longer sailing trips include: Hawaii to Canada, Thailand to Marshall Islands, and then Marshall Islands to Thailand. This will be my third trip across the same waters and each time I am getting to know which islands are the best to stop at and enjoy.

I'm gay. I'm not looking to meet a partner on via this site. I specifically want to discourage you from coming if you are hoping for a relationship of some sort. What I care about is whether you are a good member of the crew and help make the trip fun. A good member of a crew is always asking around if they can help out another crew member, and can set aside any personal task they are doing instantly to address an urgent need. Many hands make work light. Many hands that are available without giving 2 days notice and begging for input makes for both light and enjoyable work.

Note: I'm busy employing almost 3 dozen Thai workers, and coordinating several major projects at the same time. I apologize in advance for delays to requests for more information.

Ludmila 14-06-2010 01:20

Hi :),
My name is Ludmila. My husband and me are dreaming to sail. We have never been on a sailboat. We would like to join your company not just for wonderful rest, we want to learn how to sail. We are yang (26 years old), active, sociable, smart and hard working. We are athletic and non-smoking. Now we are learning theory: parts of yacht,rigging, engine control, ropework, rules of the road, safety and many other important things.We prefer to travel to Asia: Thailand and Malaysia.
So now I would like to know your schedule from march 2011.
Looking forward to hear from you.
Best regards,

Gibnut 02-07-2010 11:48

Hawaii to Thailand
hello! your trip sounds amazing! But unfortainatly I am looking to sail in the opposite direction. Do you know of any other captains looking for crew who are going from Hawaii to Thailand?

Thanks for your help!

spencer311 03-07-2010 00:40

Ok, I'm new to this whole sailing thing but I know that I was born to be on the water or very nearby.

Being that I am new to all of this, I'm hoping some nice people could point me in the right direction to make my dreams become a reality. So, where to start?

I want to live on a boat for at least a year and see what life is like on the sea, preferably sailing in the tropics. My friend and I are looking to learn to sail so that we can one day own our own boat so we can go to the places we want to go. She is a certified scuba instructor and I just have the motivation to learn. (I have so many thoughts in my head now, I don't know what to type first.) I am going to school for marine biology and she is a dive instructor. We want to find someone who needs some deckhands or any sort of help so that we can learn, preferably free of charge. We are both ready to drop everything we have tying us down to the mainland so that we can get out on the water. We both have no sailing experience but are extremely eager to learn.

If any of this can be easily understood and you know what we are trying to accomplish, we would love to hear from you.

Thank you for your time and I'll post more when I get my thoughts in order.

pbmaise 03-07-2010 19:40

Aloha..about the question to go from Hawaii to Thailand.
This is not a very common route..if you have the time I recommend looking first for someone headed from Hawaii to French Polynesia. There are many that sail West from FP and you may end far South of Thailand. Then you need to find someone headed from that Southern point up to Thailand. All told if you were embark upon a trip like this with the goal being Thailand ... I would expect about 1 to 1.5 years of travel time including time spent at ports waiting to find a boat going in the right direction that needs a crew member.

p.s. As of July 2010 I have quite a large crew sailing with me from Thailand. However, most get off in Palau. I could squeeze in another from Thailand..however, it would take some good incentive to do so. I am interested of course in sailors from Palau to Hawaii.

spencer311 04-07-2010 07:24

If I were to purchase a plane ticket from the states to Palau, do you think I could join your crew?

Keith Robbins 06-07-2010 20:41

Hello My name is Keith. I am currently in Honolulu, I am interested in any leg of your trip. I have 10 months in the Caribbean aboard a variety of hull types, racing, cruising, and charter. I look forward to extending my experiences to include the Pacific. I eventually wish to captain my own boat around the world. I am an ASA certified keelboat and bareboat instructor. I too like to share cooking as well as other chores. My recent past includes youth at risk counseling, and two decades as a professional musician.

Spiral 09-07-2010 06:58

Hello there!

Whilst looking for hitch-hiking on boats and land forums, I came across this forum and found your post. This is amazing what you are doing but the dates you are leaving is to soon for me and I don't think I would qualify for the trip anyway.

Little about me:

My name is Ben and am currently living in Portugal after moving from Wales in the UK. I'm 19 years old and currently helping to run a business based on Permaculture and related topics hosting Permaculture Design Courses and workshops from straw-bale buildings to solar panels.

My hobbies are traveling (by any way), photography, being in the garden, catering and construction... many things really :)

I wouldn't say I have had a lot of experience on boats, but from the age of 1 - 4 I grew up on narrow boats and a Dutch Barge. Then from the age of 14 -16 I helped work on a ex-fishing boat In Wales repairing and adding keels.

The only trips I have been on were a five day trip from East UK to Wales making a total of only 550miles and the other was a little more involved -

I took up the opportunity when I was 18 to help sail a 90ft. 80 year old sailing ketch called the Keewayden, from Wales to France for an annual boat show. The whole trip took us 2 weeks as we had to stop off for a few days to repair the keel, rudder and a small leak in the engine room. The traveling conditions were VERY poor. The first night and a few nights following, we had up to gale 13 winds and very rough sea. This was an amazing experience for me, to be out in the open and have total freedom and sometimes the most relaxed place I could ever be. I enjoyed every minute of it even if we did only have 4 hours sleep each night which most was spent mostly on the deck.

Sorry if I'm rambling on, I have never had the chance to share this experience with someone that would understand.

As I can't join you on this trip, I was wondering if you could let me know when you will next be doing this because I will be traveling to Thailand soon as It's the first destination on my travels. I don't have a lot of money but I would be willing to help contribute to food costs and other things the best I could and I'm a hard worker, follows orders and works well in teams.

If you could please reply to this via my e-mail:

I would love to hear back from you!


Keith Robbins 12-07-2010 15:17

would love help with refit. currently in Hawaii. Would like more information. I have a CV available upon request

lokas0506 13-07-2010 06:45


Originally Posted by Keith Robbins (Post 484377)
would love help with refit. currently in Hawaii. Would like more information. I have a CV available upon request

same here baltimore ireland doing a refit (volunteer) so unfortunately unpaid position since its a volunteer boat and its underfunded so there is plenty of root its ok at the time being and i am supossed to learn woodwork but still am on the good all scraper scraping and painting - nothing wrong with that so am a coastal skipper and look forward to hear from u lokas0506atyahoodotcom

pbmaise 13-07-2010 20:45

Off Board Replies
FYI...I am trying to reply to posts that people make by private e-mail.

Date out of Thailand is probably now closer to August 25th, 2010. Therefore, add about 3 weeks to dates in first post.

Retrofit is taking longer, however, boat is starting to look incredible. I have made a modification to the rigging design to make the boat safer. Also there has been over 24 different carpentry projects to improve overall fit/function.

martijn de lief 16-07-2010 07:15

thailand palau
hi absolute wind,

i read you are planning to leave to palau in august.
do you have more info on the trimaran some pcis, and what kind of crew is joining you.
i am experienced sailor. but never done long trips like this. always regatta sailing and some ofshore, phuket kings cup, HK corum cup, and cowes week. that is probably not much of use.

i am looking for a creative place to finish my book. and best is on the water on long trip like this. plenty of time to write i assume next to being a crew in yr team.

my mail is martijn()

hear from you

Ela 17-07-2010 15:35

Hello Absolute Wind,
I would like to join your crew for the entire trip to Hawaii, if you would have me. I am a 50 year old woman, financially self-sufficient (at least as long as I don't try to buy an blue water boat!).
For a good number of years I had given up sailing, diving, rock climbing, and a lot of other good things for the sake of a project that didn't click. I am free now, and wish to press my freedom to the full. Btw, I am PADI open water certified, and would love to go back to diving.
I am only an amateur sailor. Sailed since my teens (got cerified in Poland), but only on inland waters. I had experienced some rough weather, choppy water, boat tossed around every which way, me and my pale crewman hanging on for dear life, but it usually lasted few hours, not months. I am tough though. I am also loyal, considerate, caring and a pretty good cook. I believe I would make a good addition to your crew. I am presently enrolled in beginner ASA courses at a local yacht club. I was aiming for ASA 108, but got stuck having to make all the prerequsites first (*groan*), but won't complete them before you sail out.
email elwiras at yahoo com
Hope to hear from you.

VanDeman 24-07-2010 21:32

My name is Doyle W. Van Deman. I am 36 years young. I am also a resident in Hilo. I just moved here a month ago to work my design business with my partner Jacob Medina. I am seriously considering buying a sailboat. I am a complete beginner. I figured the best thing to do is hit up the local sailors and see if they would be interested in trading any marketing work, website work, photography, illustration work, including deck hand work for and kind of sailing experience. Your voyage sounds amazing and naturally I would love to join. That being said, even if you are full or have no place for me due to my lack of sailing experience, I would like to hear from you A.S.A.P. or even when you arrive in Hilo. I do photography and I would love to document one of your trips sometime... I just opened my account to reply to your post. I will be filling out my profile periodically.
I have grown up on the water. I have been on my sea trials with my father on many large boats. I have also worked on a dive boat as a cook and deck hand. I can cook. I have a BFA with a major in Communications from Texas Sate. I can also play guitar and sing you a song or two.

If you wanted to meet in palau in august, that would be great

For now you can see what I am about at my website...

Van Deman Design. There you can see some photography work.

Here is a song to:

YouTube - Reflections - (Together All Alone by Doyle Wayne Van Deman Jr.)

Best to you,

Joe Sosna 28-07-2010 02:49

If you are still looking for crew I would be intereted. I am a 40 year old marine biologist, dive instructor and long time sailor. I owned two multihulls myself, last a searunner 34 in Hawaii, where I lived for almost 10 years. Currently I am in Germany - where I am a resident. I do speak french, englisch, spanish and german. Experience with with long term deliveries, engines and sailboats in generall. I have been to Asia a few times. I have plenty of time and don t need to be paid. I am very easy going and a team player, like to cook and most people don t complain to much about it , haha. OK so far about me - sounds like an interesting trip - even it s against the winds.
My email is sosnajo()

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